Leyland on Rondon’s status: “Not good” (updated)

When Jim Leyland was asked last night about Bruce Rondon’s performance in his first outing in three weeks, he answered with a measure of trepidation. He wanted to wait to see how Rondon felt today before allowing himself to feel really encouraged.

This is why.

“Not good,” Leyland said today when asked how Rondon is feeling.

UPDATE: Leyland didn’t have anything else on it, but head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said later that it’s elbow discomfort in the same area he had it a few weeks ago.

“He came in today with some complaints of discomfort in his elbow, similar to what he had in Boston,” Rand said. “It’s hard to determine at this point if it’s to that point, so we’re just going to treat him today, try to get it quieted down and re-evaluate it. …

“The question is: Is it just [out of] going back out there again, getting back up and throwing at 100 percent? Is it that, or is it more than that? We have to obviously err on the side of caution and treat him today with an off-day tomorrow and just kind of re-evaluate it.”

Rand did not give a timetable, and he wouldn’t say it’s day-to-day. He did not, however, use the same outlook as Leyland.

“I would say Jim said not good because he doesn’t have him available tonight,” Rand said. “It’s never good when I walk in [to his office] and tell him you haven’t got that guy for tonight.”

Whatever the issue is — he missed three weeks with a tender elbow — he’s not available tonight. Neither is Al Alburquerque (four outings last five days), and Leyland would like to avoid using closer Joaquin Benoit. So it could be an interesting night as the Tigers attempt to clinch the AL Central, depending on how far Max Scherzer pitches into tonight’s game.



If the bats show up the bullpen won’t matter tonight. Playoffs? That’s another story.

How is taking 2E to the post season justified?

Okay, how many sliders did he throw last night??? The answer is too many.

Albuquerque 6 outings in 8 days( only one inning adding the two first outings)
Rondon already has pitched 58.1 innings but last year he pitched 53 in the Minors plus 18 in Venezuela. Four sliders.

Big problem for Detroit. (BullPen). There are no saviours around other than Porcello.
Ramon having some trouble getting the ball to Prince. Other than that, he is pretty steady.What is the scuttlebutt surrounding Joe Church?

looked great too! S#%&!!!!

Washburn redux? The Tigers knew about his knee and still signed the Boras client thinking he would be OK.
Iglesias was injured before the season and still the Tigers pulled the trigger thinking some ice will be enough. Add 11 HBP in the season , the last in the hand and there is another desperation move that does not look good as now. They wanted him since 2011 , without Biogenesis they could have traded for him in the offseason with time to evaluate his health properly

Tigers never signed Washburn, they traded for him and then let him walk.
Iglesias was a move for the future as much as 2013. He is special.

Sounds harsh. Hope he works out better than you think he might. First I heard about the knee. I thought it was just shin splints.

Sorry Ii did not expressed my idea clearly, the knee was reference to the Washburn deal who had an injured knee before the trade.
iglesias was hit in the hand on september 18th and his shin splint are a consequence of his workout routine during the offseason
He was sidelined after being hit in the hand

I dont doubt he will be good for the next 10 years, but we need him now

knee the Boras client: Washburn

Ya I’ve only heard about shin splints but getting hit by a pitch? I think it’s going yo turn out to be good.
I tell ya though 1-9 have got to put up a good amount of runs tonight against a subpar pitcher. They cannot do tonight what they did last two. The pen is very short and I don’t want to be counting on the likes of Reed Bonderman and alike. Do your jobs and get a bunch of runs….we need almost a laugher.

Seems like the only laughers we have had lately are the post game interviews.
Oakland lost today. Be nice to finish ahead of them though it looks pretty sceptical at this stage.

Avisail just pounded one against Salazar. Literally.


Be a perfect day if Max can go 7 in a “laugher” and give up only a run or two.
Finish the season with 21 wins and a sub 3.00 ERA. and clinch the deal for his team while avoiding the pen.

I would keep Smyly in to pitch to the lefties.

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