What and when the Tigers can clinch

On my way to Minneapolis this morning, here’s a quick refresher on the Tigers’ clinching scenarios:

  • They’ve already clinched some sort of playoff game after the regular season. If the Tigers were to somehow go 0-6 on this road trip, and Cleveland and Texas both won out, Detroit would finish in a tie with the Rangers for the second AL Wild Card spot, which would force a one-game playoff on Monday.
  • Keeping the above scenario in mind, then, any Tigers win or Rangers loss would
    clinch a postseason berth for Detroit. The Rangers host the Astros tonight around the same time the Tigers begin their three-game series against the Twins. If the Tigers win tonight, or if the Rangers lose, Detroit can do no worse than a Wild Card spot.
  • The magic number for clinching the AL Central title is two. However, the most the Tigers can take off of that tonight is one. A win in Minnesota tonight would clinch at least a tie for the division crown, but they’ll need another win or an Indians loss on Tuesday (or later in the week) to wrap up the division title outright. If the Tigers and Indians were to finish tied atop the Central, they’d play a one-game tiebreaker on Monday, even if the second team were guaranteed a Wild Card berth.

Bottom line, the Tigers aren’t going to do any celebrating tonight, even if they beat the Twins and clinch a postseason spot. The soonest they can celebrate a division title is Tuesday night. If the beat the Twins these next couple nights, they’ve got the Central.

As for seeding, the Tigers are two games behind the A’s for home field in the Division Series, and 3 1/2 games behind the Red Sox for the AL’s top seed. Oakland begins a three-game series in Anaheim tonight. Boston is off tonight before beginning a two-game Interleague series in Colorado (the Tigers aren’t the only team bemoaning losing the DH in the season’s final week, it turns out).


Wear and tear. Jackson, career for september/october:262/.320/.399/.719
So far:262/.300/.357/.657

Where would you rank AJ among AL CFs offensively??

Hey Dan, didn’t we win a bunch of games with Cabrera resting and healing?I like Leyland, but I will be so happy to see a new manager with a different style. Let’s see, I think when Nick played he got 2 hits. How many did 2E get? Go Tigers! Oh, I almost forgot, thanks Jason for this blog and this current thread! You are the best! –Dave

‘Detroit LF Matt Tuiasosopo made an outstanding diving catch for the third out in the seventh, preventing the White Sox from scoring more that inning.’ <–this type of contribution doesn't generate a statistic and is quickly forgotten.

In fact, there are stats . DRS and UZR/150 account for that but fielding stats remain a little suspicious

The most important issue is Miggy. JL asked for fans to eMail him with suggestiions!!
That is funny.
The problem with Miggy is not so much Miggy but how they are handling it. They need to get him as healthy as they can first then worry about playing time/timing.
His timing has been knocked askew already and that happened WHILE he was playing. It’s because he has to favour his groin/hip flexor/abdomen etc even when swinging.
They need to forget about playing him until they clinch. that’s ridiculous. If these guys can’t clinch (and they have shown they can win without him) without him in the lineup then A) they don’t deserve to win it and B) they won’t won’t win anything in the post season when he is with them. He is not a one man show.
Rest him. Period. And if you can’t find it in their pack mentality that they can’t do that then at least have the wisdom to DH him in Minny and use him to PH in Miami.
I’m worried about Miami. He may really want to play there and pressure Leyland to do so. A re-injury there could prove fatal to Tiger chances.
Playing him before they clinch is dangerous too, in the fact that the guy wants to win so badly and contribute so badly that he is quite likely to over-extend himself.
.It is really encouraging to see Prince swinging the way he is is. Couldn’t happen at a better time. Hope he can keep turning on some of the inside stuff occasionally. Those long homers to right can change a game in a hurry.
Our other LHB are giving us some relief and optimism. Dirks has shown he can play at this stage of the drama. Avila is not totally lost anymore and is capable of more than a predictable K.
What has to change though is a star needs to be born in the bullpen (Porcello?). And Veras needs to do more in his opportunities. We are hung out to dry with being able to counter with a southpaw there beyond Smyly.
We also absolutely have to be able to counter the opponents running game. It is nothing less than a gift right now when a hitter with any speed whatsoever reaches 1st base. They have to start doing something about this. I haven’t seen any pitch-outs. I haven’t seen any throws to 1st from Avila.(or Pena).I haven’t seen our pitchers adjust to the situation (other than Max). The biggest offenders are Anibal and JV. I KNOW JV can do better.
We also need Austin Jackson to stop acting like an ordinary ball player and become a star. He has the physical attributes to be one. He just doesn’t think like one.

You can rest Cabrera for two weeks and the first bad move he makes upon his return will result in being back to square one. He needs all winter to heal up. It is what it is. We are going into the postseason with the best hitter in baseball way below par. That makes Detroit significant underdogs.

This is what I’m wondering about. He was practically bouncing around the clubhouse last week, but he indicated Saturday night that he might have tweaked it trying to take second base on Avisail Garcia. It didn’t seem like he did much to aggravate it.

10 days. If you shutdown him for the regular season , he would be out 10 days.The postseason begins 5 days after. The rest ,better take the load over their shoulders.

“Tonight will mark the 500th consecutive game that Prince Fielder has played in the majors” he will break Ripken record by 2027

Jackson by OPS is just the 14th in MLB.He is my favorite player because he replaced Granderson, who was my favorite player, but he cant play a full season at his best level

Phil Coke (elbow) had a throwing session Sunday that didn’t go as well as hoped. “Threw hard, but the elbow was a little tight,” Jim Leyland said of Coke.

Jason:”Phil Coke throwing off the bullpen mound at Target Field. Had been playing catch a minute ago”

Lineup:Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Dirks 7, Infante 4, Avila 2, Santiago 6. Verlander is starting.
Cabrera but no Iglesias

I can’t agree with it. I have had groin pulls and abdominal strains before too. Rest DOES help. PLAYING 3rd base DOESN’T help. These guys are so fixated on having Avila,VMart and Prince in the lineup that they don’t even consider the common sense of DHing Miggy.
It is what it is all right. The problem is who is determining what it is.
I do realize that the BIG rest will be necessary but a LITTLE common sense one also has its benefits. The excuse they are not hurting or damaging him is of little consequence. The philosophy they are using is keeping him at 60% and they could probably get him back to 80% with some common bloody sense.

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