Cabrera day-to-day with groin soreness

The Tigers’ incredible comeback win Saturday night gives them a chance to clinch their third consecutive division title as soon as Sunday. If they do, they could soon have a decision to make on resting Miguel Cabrera, who left Saturday’s game in the 10th inning with soreness in his groin area.

It’s the same injury that sidelined him earlier this month, and the latest setback in an injury-plagued second half for the American League batting leader. Just how bad this latest aggravation is remains to be seen.

“I don’t think it’s too good,” manager Jim Leyland said.

Cabrera wasn’t sure. He wanted to wait until he returns to Comerica Park Sunday morning before determining the severity.

“It’s a little sore,” Cabrera said. “We’ll see how it feels tomorrow.”

Between groin, abdominal and hip flexor issues, Cabrera has had limited mobility since the end of June. He had been looking healthier this week, dancing in the clubhouse on occasion and moving around better in the field. His slow turn around first base on his fourth-inning single to the right-field corner, however, was a bad sign.

Cabrera tried to stretch the hit into a double, but right fielder and former Tiger Avisail Garcia easily threw him out at second. When Cabrera came back up to bat in the seventh, he was noticeably slow out of the batter’s box on a groundout to third, then was seen hunched over at third base for the top of the eighth inning.

Cabrera singled and scored from second in the top of the ninth, then walked in his second at-bat of the inning. When Donnie Veal retired Prince Fielder to send the game into extra innings, however, Don Kelly took Cabrera’s place at third.

“I think he irritated it a little bit,” Leyland said.


Omar usually gets his bat on the ball. And he hit ball very well. The fortunate thing for us was Petricka putting his glove on the ball. He doesn’t touch that ball and we go to a 13th inning. It was hard hit and would have been straight to Beckham.

When Adrian Beltre was more or less the same age Cabrera is now, he was sidelined with an injury. He is far more athletic than Miguel
Sandoval, when he is in his weight, is more athletic than Miguel and have lost a lot of playing time
Those bodies are not made to play 3rd base. Slamming them against the field has consequences.He wont be healthy if he remains playing 3B and he doest deserve to become a DH that soon , especially when he is not as bad as the incumbent at first. 2016 wont be here fast enough for the team and him

Castellanos will have his audition. Iglesias remains out

They are wise to sit Iggy out. Peralta will be on the post-season roster.
They obviously made a mistake in not putting Miggy on the DL a month ago. Hopefully they can mitigate the problem better than the approach they have used thus far.
Andy hit that ball last night just about as far and as well as I have ever seen him hit one. that was a 400′ shot. The best thing is how he turned on it. No hesitation whatsoever.
Why doesn’t Austin Jackson try to bunt himself on?
Kudos to Ramon and Holaday in the 11th. Great small ball. AJ could have continued the theme with Ramon on 2nd. He had all kinds of room in front of Gillespie.(Who has been having some nightmares in the field lately).
Looking forward to a new addition to our bullpen. I presume it will be Ricky P.

Interesting comment on Beck’s Twitter. Iggy was unavailable to PR last night. Presumably this had nothing to do with his hand. Shin splints seem to be dogging him.
Ramon doing a good job at short but Iggy is needed there for us to be a better team.

Probably his hand issues. Can’t risk injuring one of those golden hands any further. Heck, it says he can barely bend his fingers.

Anibal is going to throw a no-no today and Castellanos is going to hit one out to right center.

good, that’d give him positive WAR

Sanchez and Verlander (should the rotation go per usual) both have a chance at winning 15 games.
Verlander scheduled to pitch the last game of the season. I hope they keep to that and not save him for Game 1.

Dan other than his parents you are Castellanos biggest fan!

You will be too GK. This guy is going to solve some problems for us.

From all reports he is our future…I’m just not sure he’s ready yet that’s all.

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He will be next year. Pretty tough to do much for a team like the Tigers at this time of the season.,
Gotta beat the Sox today, with no Konerko and no Dunn, no Viciedo—that’s a distinct advantage.

I think we need a Johnson and not an Evanrude.
Cleveland pounding the Astros (no surprise). Today will not be the day.
The bullpen is going to be the death of the Tigers if it is not fixed.
Dombrowski has screwed this facet of the team from the gitgo. Failing to find a replacement for Valverde, (c’mon everyone with a brain stem knew Rondon was too much of a question mark), thinking that Coke was going to change his spots and not picking up a solid left arm and then ever since the season began.
Porcello and Smyly may be able to carry the load with Benoit but support from Veras (and that is no certainty) and SOMEONE else is a must.
Next year the pen will need a makeover and not an uninterested shrug from the GM.

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