X-rays negative on Iglesias’ left hand after HBP

The Tigers’ postseason infield took a scare Thursday with a 95 mph fastball off the left hand of shortstop Jose Iglesias. He left their series finale against the Mariners after the hit-by-pitch, but x-rays taken afterwards came back negative.

Iglesias is listed as day-to-day with a left hand contusion.

Iglesias went to the ground in obvious pain after the fastball from former Seattle closer Tom Wilhelmsen. He got back on his feet after a quick examination from head athletic trainer Kevin Rand, but promptly left the game and headed to the Tigers clubhouse for further examination.

It was the 11th pitch to hit Iglesias in 105 games this year, the fourth-highest hit-by-pitch total among American League players.

The Tigers have enjoyed a defensive resurgence in their middle infield since Iglesias took over at shortstop six weeks ago for suspended Jhonny Peralta. If Iglesias had a significant injury the prospect of Peralta returning from his suspension next week to play a major role on the Tigers would have taken on new meaning.

The Tigers have already said Peralta will not get his old shortstop job back from Iglesias. They’ve had Peralta taking fly balls in left field in preparation for potential utility work or spot duty as a right-handed bat. His 50-game suspension for his role in the Biogenesis scandal ends in a week.

For Thursday, Ramon Santiago moved over from third base to replace Iglesias at short. Don Kelly pinch-ran for Iglesias and entered the game at third base.


Thank God, one of my favorite players

Geez – what is it about him, I have not noticed if he overly crowds the plate. Glad it is not broken but bet that has him out for a bit, that has to smart.

Well at least Ramon is playing as well as he has in years right now. He may not be a game-changer but he is a MLB quality replacement who knows how to play the game.
2E and Dirks should not play ahead of Kelly right now. At least Kelly will put his bat on the ball. I’d platoon NC with DK.
I think we are very fortunate that Omar and Iggy have figured each other out as well as they have. They bring a much needed stability to our infield. I didn’t think I would say it but Fielder is starting to assert himself too.
Imperative that Miggy get his mojo back.
VMart did OK today. Except for that pop-up that luckily went foul. Those are not easy plays even when you are playing regular. He looked pretty lost on it.
Avila is somewhat dangerous again. They still need to emphasize he be aggressive at the plate. He lets himself get behind in the count sometimes and he is a much better hitter when he isn’t.
Very important win today. In terms of how it was accomplished.

That is the 3B ball, not the catchers. Anytime a 3b or 1b can get to a pop-up in foul territory they need to catch it.

Dan, I’ll give you a few facts to mull over. Andy Dirks vs. Oakland in 2012—13 for 27( .481). Not bad. In the division series last year, he was a respectable .294. This year he is just a .250 hitter against them. Who is that ace of their staff?? Colon. Andy is 4 for 8 with a double and dinger off him. He hits the lefty Milone well. And against a tough lefty like Brett Anderson he has a hit. He even has a stolen base in the playoffs against them. Andy probably likes the fact we will face Oakland. And yes you are right on about that win today. Go Tigers!!!!

Convincing stats, but not to me. I just see the way he is swinging the bat. I just see the runners lefto on 3rd. i just see the lack of power. i just see the horrible looking Ks.
I’m a pretty negative guy when it comes to interpreting what I see.

for the Tigers, it’s not who’s on first, but in LF? I’m guessing it’ll be Dirks getting the majority of PT there. don’t see Castellanos making the post season roster.
Leyland has an interesting decision regarding how to use Porcello…similar to that with Smyly at beginning of season. does he hold him in reserve for a starter blowout, rain delay, or extra inning game…or use him in more leveraged situations like the 6th/7th with a slim lead?

There’s no way Castellanos makes the post-season. They won’t give him a decent chance.

‘Stros loaded ’em up in the 9th with 1 out then proceeded to strike out.
Darn. Bottom of 9th and the Indians are good at these situations.

Cleveland pretty lucky to be playing these guys. leadoff double in the 10th and they promptly get picked off 2nd base by Jan Gomes, who actually made a less than good throw.
They should be called the Houston Hapless.

Because of the NL wild card race(?) I’ve been watching Houston play the Reds this week. That club has developed losing into an art form. Play just well enough to lose. AND they get walked off on as I type this. Glad Cleveland has fallen behind us.

They are even worse than the Mariners, and their record shows it. Although maybe I shouldn’t say that, as they were able to sweep the Mariners last week.

In regards to Prince’s Nacho-Dip, my only comments are: Miggy would have dipped it.

Dan, I said at the beginning of the year that Dirks would be a star. I do not know what has happened to his swing but it looks like he is fooled on the pitches and maybe takes too many. Yes, give Nick a chance and sit 2E. How about our bullpen by committee? Benoit! Go Tigers!

When Iggy got pluncked I thought it was big trouble. It will interesting to see how it affects his swing when he returns.
That single pitch shows why Peralta will be re-instated and will be on the post season roster.

Too bad about Andy this year. Just has very little pop in his bat even when he does hit. He’s been as reliable defensively in left than anyone we’ve had for years though.

here’s to hoping for some good baseball this weekend. …i don’t have much else to look forward to.

Even tell me about the weather…radar looks real bad…my last game tonight and probably can’t go tomorrow.

prolly rain the game out sorry. def. delays.

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