Phil Coke shut down with elbow tenderness

You could see the roll of the eyes from manager Jim Leyland on air when the question about Phil Coke came up. He had a pretty simple answer when asked about him, but that gesture said quite a bit on its own.

“Look, I’ll make this simple: Phil’s just not making good enough pitches to get big-league hitters out right now,” Leyland said. “I mean, he’s hanging his breaking ball, he’s throwing the ball in the middle of the plate. I mean, it’s as simple as that. And certainly nobody’s upset with him, but that’s the simple fact. I’ll answer it that way and we’ll move on to the next question.”

The next question on Coke might have been answered Thursday morning, when Leyland said he reported some elbow tenderness. The Tigers medical staff has shut him down for at least the next couple days to try to address it.

Coke said Thursday morning he has had soreness in his elbow off and on for most of the season, but Wednesday was the first time he felt something more specific. He had trouble finishing his pitches, and while he didn’t want to make it an excuse, he said it got into his head by the time he faced Michael Saunders, who doubled in a run off of him.

“It freaked me out,” Coke said of the feeling in his elbow.

Coke said earlier this week that he’s simplifying things, worrying more about results and less about mechanics. He felt good about the way he was pitching going into this, and he had some success in short, specific outings.

While he’s out, there’s a decent chance Jose Alvarez will get an opportunity or two against left-handed hitters.


[spits food out] ONLY a few DAYS!?

Wow!!!! Unbelievable!!!! We play game 152 and he says “he has been hurting off and on all season.” Now this is his elbow he is talking about. Phil Coke’s head hurts. Let him pitch. Not if his elbow hurts. Never. Then he says, ” I’m worrying more about results and less about mechanics.” No one can be successful with that approach to a problem. Can they?? We need to give him good medical care for the next ten days. Let’s move on.

OK Doug – let that be your one bad inning and we will be just fine, assuming we can avoid another shutout that is…

the youngster!

good job guys, way to pick up your pitcher

Sure like the way Ackley goes after it in CF for the Mariners. Pretty to watch.

JV should watch Brother Doug. remember when JV had a quick pace? Now pretty deliberate. Maybe thinking too much?

C’mon you guys. Get your starter some runs. As great as Fister has been we all know he has a tendency to bunch up hits at times.

There you go. What a shame.

I should know better that to ever feel comfortable even for a minute.


This is why I don’t comment much during a game, it can be such a roller coaster!

I hope your are right TG. Right now it feels like the roller coaster we are on has not come back up again. And I don’t mean just today. Another display of weak hitting and this has been the norm. This guy is throwing fastballs at us with little or no movement and we are not squaring up.

Oh, no.

Last year, Garcia played 23 games and had 47 AB in september after being called up in time to be part of the roster during the postseason without maneuvering.
Castellanos has only 7 games and 12 AB. He needs to play everyday until the last game to have a serious chance of being in the postseason
I guess Jhonny goes instead of Perez. He is eligible to postseason because he was on the restricted list.
That leaves 2 players replaceable in the roster Marte and Dotel. They could replace Tui with Castellanos but since he is not playing.
Now, Rondon are Coke are injured, would they be replaced , at least for the DS?

.500 OPS so far doesn’t lend me to feeling like taking the gamble of playing him every day. I’d rather play dirks everyday, or play jhonny every day he is back. Or even 2E – we know he has power. We know Nick is super green in the field, can he hit at this level? Dunno – looked lost at the plate.

Lost? Based on 12 ABs. He only has one K. He is definitely over-anxious and over-aggressive. Those fastballs he attacked in the minors that were over the heart of the plate are now on the corners and he is not getting the sweet part of the bat on it. His stat line would look a lot different if he had stayed back another fraction of a second on the “hanger” in Chicago. It would have been a GS and his line would be .333 1 4. I am not sure how someone can be deemed “lost” in 12 AB with only one K. If he had 6 or 7 Ks, I would agree. But he is making contact and I am sure we will adjust to big league pitching in time (next year as the everyday LFer). Dirks is the best option everyday right now and we can try Jhonny against LHP but he might be an adventure out there too.
— Bob

He can hit downstairs – i don’t know if he can hit upstairs or if it’s worth the shot.

Can someone please get some runs in here.

yea sure – prince, vmart

Caught a huge break, there.

He was out but ..

PR for Martinez . Two days ago too. He is putting the finger into the eye of his critics

whoa wtf is up with taking vmart out of the game

He is making an statement. He PR for Victor but not for the second lowest for the team and 11 lowest in MLB

Iglesias is oK

Up-Up-Up!. Time to fire on ALL cylinders now. BullPen has come up as big as the hitters.
Nice job by Hunter to get it going. Brookens’ heart had to be stopped when he saw Prince come around 3rd. Caught a big break there. They really need to be aware of Prince’s legs. he can’t make it home from 1st without a mistake on the defense’s part.
Just sayin’.
And Dirks, awful and doesn’t look like he is at all capable of turning things around at the plate.

Dirks is hitting .286 for Sept before this series started (a series that he has not had a start in and only 1 AB before todays). JL can cool anybody off.
— Bob

The big guys hit, the little guys fielded, the pen shut them down and our starter pitched a good game.
All cylinders.

That might be true Bob, but he does not produce runs. And he is not hitting clutch at all. AJ is another and people can give me some decent stats on him, but he is not hitting with authority. We need him to play better.
Nice job not giving up today.
Time to get Max his 20th.

Agreed. He is not a run producer; he is a table setter. His numbers when he hits 1st or 2nd are far better. Our problem is we have a number 2 hitter who swings like a number 6 hitter; and number 6 hitter (except for the last 4 games because he didn’t start) who is not a number 6 hitter. Dirks at least gives you above average defense in left. Like it or not, he is the best option everyday for right now. Omar should be batting sixth and Dirks should be 7th or 8th, since he will not be hitting 2nd.
The good news is that the magic number is now 4 !!!! With a little luck they can clinch at home this weekend.
— Bob

Here’s the deal on today’s game. Our offense averages five runs a game. Our team ERA is around 3.65 and has been between 3.50 and 3.85 for most of season. SOOOO we should win a lot of 5-4 games. Right??? Well, today was our very first win by the score 5-4 all season!!!!!!!! Remember last season when we played about EIGHTEEN 3 to 2 games?? We just played 150 games that varied from the norm. And well that’s just baseball.

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