Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Mariners

It’s a different looking lineup today as Jim Leyland weighs trying to play some right-handed hitters against right-hander Hisashi Iwakuma — who has actually been slightly tougher on left-handed hitters (.217 average, .603 OPS this year) than he has on righties (.235 average, .698 OPS) — with wanting to rest a couple right-handed hitters for Thursday’s matinee against lefty James Paxton. Torii Hunter is off, and Don Kelly gets a second consecutive start. Matt Tuiasosopo gets another start as Leyland gives him a chance to get going. He was already set to play left field Thursday, so he’ll get three consecutive starts in four days to try to make his case for postseason consideration.

Omar Infante is feeling OK despite sore quadriceps, but Leyland decided to give him the night game off before the day game against Paxton. Hernan Perez gets the start over Ramon Santiago.

The Mariners lineup features 42-year-old Henry Blanco behind the plate. Kendrys Morales is back in the cleanup spot, and his numbers off Verlander aren’t bad at all.

The bullpen is pretty close to full strength with Benoit and Smyly back from their days off. The one key out is Bruce Rondon, and it sounds unlikely he’ll be available this homestand. He threw long toss today and felt fine, but he’ll need to do that again tomorrow before being scheduled to throw off a mound again this weekend.

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TIGERS (career numbers against Iwakuma)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (0-for-4, K)
  2. Don Kelly, RF (0-for-2)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-3)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-4, K)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-1, walk)
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-4, K)
  8. Hernan Perez, 2B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-2, K)

P: Justin Verlander

MARINERS (career numbers against Verlander)

  1. Dustin Ackley, CF (2-for-6, 2 K’s)
  2. Franklin Gutierrez, RF (9-for-35, 2 HR, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  3. Kyle Seager, 3B (3-for-4)
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH (8-for-21, HR, 5 K’s)
  5. Justin Smoak, 1B (3-for-8, HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  6. Michael Saunders, LF (2-for-14, 4 K’s)
  7. Nick Franklin, 2B
  8. Henry Blanco, C (1-for-3)
  9. Carlos Triunfel, SS

P: Hisashi Iwakuma


Whelp dirks better play tomorrow – can’t have his timing all messed up because JL is trying to get Kelly going.

Playing time for all.

can we please see more downs and less coke from now on please? How about Reed, Luke or Bondo? pull the starter a lil early

bondo and evan haven’t pitched since the 4th, luke since the 8th

Bondo has sore finger.

For Rich in case you did see it from the last post:
Baseball ref.. will only go back to 1946 for DiMaggio for what you’re looking for. But in 1950 he played in 139 games as he did in 1941, so in 1950 he faced 82 pitchers. Span has faced 208 so far this year. Side note on Joe D: He played in 139 games in 1941 got a hit in all but 25!

Dimaggio faced only 177 different pitchers in his career!

Check that last stat. it was from ’46 to 51. But still.

miggy has taken more yard

don kelly vs guy who keeps it down in the zone [grin]

Why does Jim always seem to start the second stringers when JV pitches?

He still has a good defense behind him. Don Kelly Baby is a good defender and so is Perez. Tomorrow is an afternoon game. Wonder if Pena will catch?

VMart is catching on Thursday

Well, all we can hope for here is DP.

I don’t know what anyone can say about JV anymore. You just have to hope the Tigers can score more runs than JV allows. But tonight’s line-up with 3 usual subs does not raise many hopes.

2E better get some hits. He’s losing points fast.
I would imagine we will see Downs today for a few innings. JV won’t last 6 today.
Our hitters just are a contradiction in terms right now.
Pena needs to play. So does Castellanos.

Well, Omar is really the only one who is really pounding the ball right now and he’s hurt. Doesn’t seem to make much difference whoever is in LF and Torii isn’t seeing the ball all that good either right now.

Hurt? he looked bar running in the late inning. The line drive during BP?


some kind of muscle strain.


He’s supposed to play tomorrow.

Bases loaded twice. Each time a “second-stringer” ends the rally. 2E and Perez.

They’ve been shutout 10 times this year? Working on an even dozen.

1-7 could try to hit.

Heck, this guy might throw a complete game.

Dan & Jim are grumbling about the strike zone a bit. I can only imagine what gk is saying.

Kuma really is a good pitcher, but this is ridiculous. Their bullpen isn’t that great–let’s hope he comes out at some point and they can get Wilhelmsen or someone. Though he”ll probably go 8 and then they’ll bring in Farquhar, their new closer, who hasn’t had much chance to close lately so maybe he’ll be rusty.

Dammit Smoak, you hardly ever hit right-handed. Why are you doing it now?

I have always defended Verlander but that is on him. He keeps yelling at the Ump so they wont give him anything.
He needs to open the zone when they dont give it to him the first time

Phil Coke is awful.

Turn off the lights, light a candle! Coke feels bad and I feel bad for him. The guy just can’t throw strikes.

I do too. He seems like a good guy. But he just can’t get it done anymore, at least not for the Tigers.

Let’s hope Al can get out of this jam.

What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!

did i not say goodbye to phil this morning? wtf why is he still f*ckin us!

Coke, Downs or Alvarez. No more LHPs available to go with Smyly.

why no downs?

why no alvarez he’s been ok

might be the final nails in the coffin.

He was as Beck put it , recalled from his couch. I dont remember him pitching since recalled

And Alvarez.? you know JL values experience

For the record, I think Coke has a contract because he is the proverbial LH with a pulse. But I dont see the Tigers dumping him

Al pretends the ball is in his mitt. You know darn well, Al, you didn’t catch that ball.

Oh man. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

A mercy loss, I guess.

Peña wont play tomorrow. Victor will be the catcher

forgot. Maybe he’ll get to pinch hit.

Might be nice to clinch before getting all wiggly piggly with the lineup.
Atrocious hitting. This is what worries me about this team. They can look very bad for a good long while before breaking out.
How can we forget what happened last October to our bats?
Coke needs to sit. Yesterday they hit the ball well (even though he got an out) along with a couple of walks. Tonight was brutal again. Almost looked to me he was barking at Avila when Leyland pulled him.
JV was the architect of his own demise. Gets ahead 0-2 then goes full count or walks guys. You don’t see the rest of the rotation doing this.
Getting thrashed by the Mariners is a very bad sign.

Maybe they were due. Their pitcher was great.

Shutout 11 times, however. That’s bad.

MAYO SMITH, thanks for that info. I greatly appreciate that. I should have remembered those stats only go to 1946, but what you provided is plenty good enough.
I was thinking that Span was halfway to DiMaggio’s hit streak, and got to wondering how much tougher it would be in this day and age. Joe D played against only 7 teams a year with 4 starters who usually finished. That got me started at 28 and then I was really wondering about it. Today Joe’s last two ABs would be against guys throwing in the mid to upper 90s, many of whom he’d never seen before.
Thanks again!

I think he was great too. . Though truthfully, this team has made pitchers look good lately, so it’s hard to quantify.
Can’t get over the dead at bats. Put Castellanos in.

Not much to say about tonight’s clunker. It appears Jim is trying to find his postseason team and having no luck. Phil Coke is the closest thing we have right now to the Grilli/Perez/Raburn guy. Took the yahoos nearly all year to find one, though.
I think it was proven that Phil Cuzzi couldn’t see straight in the Twins-Yankees ALDS a few years back.

Look at Grilli and Raburn now, both had solid years.

Im sorry but phil coke sucks ass. And for him to even still be pitching on this team is a joke. I just dont understand how hes still on this team. I swear to god if hes on the playoff roster then i will have lost faith in this organization. Doesnt mean i wont still love and root for them. I know everybody loves coke but this is not the time to spare feelings. Sometimes you just got to cut a man loose. Im sorry but he is not the answer to any of our questions.

Kathy out of town on a business trip so I didn’t see the game sounds like that was a good thing. Nothing much to say except that this was the game in this series going in I thought we would lose…Iwakuma is a great pitcher and Verlander is only a great pitcher about every 4-5 games. Now it doesn’t look as though he was horrible but the Verlander of the two previous years wouldn’t have allowed 3 runs. So I can’t comment on specifics of this game but I would just like to see a bit more consistency in the hitters.

Jason’s tweet from this page: Leyland on Phil Coke: “I’ll make this simple: Phil’s just not making good enough pitches to get big-league hitters out right now.”
I just watched that and that was all there was. Jim has a problem there and knows it. The issue at this point is not cutting a man loose but deciding on the makeup of the postseason roster. He could go with Smyly alone or try Downs, but it’s awfully late in the year to be having bullpen problems. Better than last year, though, since that was a CLOSER problem going in. One thing to bear in mind is that we will have a very good starter added to the pen, no matter which one it is.

Time to see what Castellanos can do. As it sits now, we are getting virtually nothing from our left-fielders anyway. Let him play for 3 days in a row. Lefty? Righty? Whatever.
Just do it!!!

Rough loss last night. Coke just makes me cry, I just like him too much and can see the disappointment in his face. They simply have to stop throwing him out there this season, he just needs the off season to find his groove, this is not the time to work him through any issues. I believe this game is a whole lot different if we score just one or 2 runs in the first half of the game to keep JV’s head in it. Wish I could watch the game today, I get a kick out of watching VMart when he gets to play defense too.

And Miggy needs some hits tonight, I want that batting title for him. Magic Number is 5 so that is the upside – if we get our 5 then season starts over and we have some amazing starting pitchers right now.

“Phil Coke’s a veteran that’s got good stuff,” Leyland said. “Right now, as I said before, and we’ll stop this conversation about Phil Coke right after it, he’s just not making — and I’m not defending anybody and I’m not criticizing anybody — he is just not making good enough pitches to get big league hitters out right now. Next question..
Why then as manager,are you still trying?

Observations from Wed night:
Obvious – Coke is lost. He can get 1 hitter out, maybe. Keeping him in for an entire inning isn’t plausible.
Rod Allen is right, Verlander needs to pitch inside more.
Omar Infante is crucial to this team. He is such an underated hitter. When he is not in the lineup, we struggle.
Question: What did Pena do wrong. He seems to be on the outs.
2E may not make the postseason roster. He doesn’t look good right now.

Put castellanos in the playoffs. He onlu does 1 thing and that is hit. Put the kid in and let him eat. By the looks of our offense lately we could use all the hits we can get. They should be playing him more often so they can see if hes ready for major league pitching and the postseason which im sure he is.

hit at the minor league level – sure – but as i’ve said before it is not a fact that he can hit at the major league level. His defense is probably on par with 2E’s anyhow.
But you can’t get both going, it’s gotta be either 2E, Castellanos or Peralta. And I stick with dirks on the platoon splits – not giving up on him when he’s hitting alright for the month. FORGET his performance today he hasn’t played since sunday.

Agreed. And i have never given up on dirks. Ill take dirks all day. Im just saying why cant u have dirks pheralta and castellanos. And thats why i said castellanos needs to be playing so we can find out how well he can hit. Im sure he can hit but we need to find out how good because playoff pitching is a whole another level. So let him play a few games and see what happens. Dirks and castellanos in left with pheralta as a utility guy. There should be plenty of at bats for all 3 of em in the postseason. And that will give us a solid pinch hitter off the bench as well.

not sure that Pena did anything wrong but the fact that Alex has been swinging a much better bat is my guess?

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