Peralta heading to Instructional League Wednesday, likely Miami on final weekend

Jim Leyland announced this afternoon that Jhonny Peralta will head to Instructional League on Wednesday for workouts and games. He seemingly announced a little more than that, too.

“I don’t know this to be a fact, but I assume that he’ll probably join us in Miami,” Leyland said, referring to the last series of the regular season.

That seemingly takes away the question about whether he’ll be activated when his 50-game suspension ends next Thursday. Whether he’ll be placed on the postseason roster remains a mystery, and Leyland didn’t do anything to clear that up.

“I have no idea,” Leyland said. “That’s why I don’t want to get carried away with this. I can’t give you any more than what I’ve given you. He’s working out, he’s going to Instructional League, he’s going to play, he’s going to rejoin the team I believe in Miami, and that’s all I can tell you right now.”

Leyland said Peralta will work out exclusively in the outfield in instructional ball, which clears up another question.

“I think this is just a thought process on [Dave Dombrowski’s] part, which I think is a good thought process,” Leyland said. “I’m sure it’ll be a big deal for Jhonny to get back out there. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

In other words, the momentum from the Tigers on this seems to be coming from up top.

Instructional league workouts begin Thursday. Instructional league games don’t begin until next Monday, which would give Peralta a few games to get ready before his suspension. Depending on the Tigers’ situation going into that final series, he’ll have a few games down there both to see Major League pitching and to try playing the outfield in a big-league ballpark.

Leyland isn’t sure whether that will be enough playing time to get him back to form.

“I think that’s quite a while. I think 50 games is a long time to be out, myself,” he said. “Now, the early signs are more than positive, but we’re talking about coaches’ BP. He’s swinging the bat really well in coaches’ BP. But that is a lot of games to miss and expect to come back sharp after playing just a few games, I would think. I don’t know that.

“What happens with guys like that a lot of times is they come back really good right off the bat, and then it kind of catches up with them if they haven’t played for a while. So I have no idea. But he’s sure swinging the bat good right now. The other day in Chicago, it looked like he hadn’t missed a beat.”

There’s also a difference between the level of pitching. Instructional league usually features younger pitchers, often Class A level. Veteran pitchers usually get their offseason work in winter ball.

“There’s a world of difference between instructional league pitching and Triple-A pitching,” Leyland said.


Well VMart has suddenly cooled off appreciably. Especially with RISP.
Will be a test for 2E today. Sure wish Jim Price would take the time to learn how to pronounce his name! It’s not that hard!
Go KC.

I think his bat will help the Tigers, give him a chance.

Cy Saunders?

might run into one. re: 2E

Cy Porcello. Trouble is our hitters are all hitting like Cy too.
Same ol’, same ol’.
This is not a team that would win many World Series games with the way the bats and base runners are going.

Ouch, Infante doesn’t make many mistakes.
Go Rick, pick him up.

Yep, here we are again. 1-1 tie. Rick pitching very well. No Tiger hitting.

Memo to hitters: Enough is Enough.

At this rate, Joe Saunders will be pitching into the 9th inning,

he gone

2-1 tigers. miggy! miggy! miggy!

A walk and a bloop with 2 out and finally, some clutch hitting.
I’d PH for 2E here or, if he is being evaluated, let him hit and pull him for Dirks or Kelly

Elbow tenderness
“He’s OK, no red flags, but we backed him off,” manager Jim Leyland said. “He’s going to, I believe, throw tomorrow.” About Rondon
The slider? or the 100 MPH?

i think drew needs to stick to 1 inning now

you get the hint, Leyland? man learns slower than gene walks to the mound. #%*@

I mean jeff jones

dear Senor Veras,

lets throw strikes. That’s what we pay you for.

Evan M. Oswald

Smyly! Just seems to me like you lack intensity. Great stuff. Looking forward to next year to see it as a starter.

Aren’t all the current starters signed through next year? Not sure?

agreed he might just be sick of being a reliever. or maybe he’s tired. i don’t know, but he isn’t pitching 2-3 innings of good ball anymore. someone needs to write it in the sky with a plane+fogmaker…..he’s a smoke signals guy right?

I like Smyly.

All are signed but Porcello is arbitration eligible. Going for 7-.8 MM. Too much for a 5th starter wit 4.55 ERA.
If Scherzer is not extended , they could trade him.
Or they keep everything the same in the last year of the window
Before this season, Beck mentioned this:
“the assumption has always been that Smyly would fill the Sanchez opening next year. If Sanchez stays, it’s hard not to see Smyly filling someone else’s shoes. Maybe it’s Porcello, who lowered his ERA and raised his strikeout rate from last year but paid mightily for ground-ball hits and unearned runs and might be a better fit with another defense. Maybe it’s Scherer, whose value might never be higher (even with the shoulder issue) if the Tigers determine they have no chance of re-signing him in two years.” Before iglesias

Read that comment from Greg in that post. He sure was right re Porcello having a higher upside with another year under his belt and a bona fide shortstop behind him.

With Iglesias, I keep Porcello no doubt. If we win it all, Mr. I might throw some serious $ at Max as well

i trade scherzer for the moon. or i trade porcello for a quite a lot. Fister and Sanchez – keep ’em. JV no comment.

Scherzer would be a rental. Time for a good trade is gone. Get the best of his last year as Tiger

“Jose Veras has inherited six runners in his 17 innings with the #Tigers, none have scored.” He only allows to score his own runners

I thought Smyly pitched pretty well myself. He gave up the one solid hit to Ibanez in two innings of work and kept the ball down. Are we seeking perfection from the young man? I’m glad Jim is using him like this again. Back in my performing days, I would have said this is a tough room. 🙂
Anyway, chalk up another one for our Bad Ass Closer. It’s great to have a good defense. I don’t think this team is going to score large amounts of runs for the rest of the year.
I did enjoy Saunders’ bout with the water bottles and such in the dugout.

Somehow, I missed that, but he sure was mad when the manager came out. You could see he was talking to himself and anyone else who might listen. Can’t say I blame him.

I like Smyly an awful lot. Always have. But he is struggling lately. Can come out guns blazing but JL always seem to pitch him to one batter too many.
KC just pulled ahead of Cleveland. lorenzo Cain saved a big run by robbing Giambi of an extra base hit. Followed it up with an RBI triple.
Tribe now making mistakes.
Pretty to watch.

I had forgotten my comments from 2012, but do think that Ricky P has acquitted himself well this year. Three terrible starts have added 1+ ERA to his totals. This team keeps chugging along, and with a little luck, will make the playoffs again. How far we go depends on the Rotation. As far as tonight’s game, there were three things that I particularly liked:
1. Rick’s continuing path to pitching maturity. He gives up the HR to tie the score, but instead of falling apart, goes on to strike out 10. Look for a big year next year, wherever he is. I hope it’s in Detroit.
2. The Iglesisas catch on the Morales liner. Big defensive play. It’s part of the Reason why Rick has the same number of wins as JV. I just wish Iglesias was named Julio.
3. The continued clutch hitting of Omar. What are we going to do? do we let him walk for Hernan, or at least try to get another year. The guy has been so dependable.
Kudos also to Victor for the initial go ahead run. A true professional. It sure would be nice to see Miggy hit another bomb. Good night all!

Greg – we gotta keep Omar – he has been big for us this year. I am loving Benoit at the closer role – has done a hell of a job

good to see those 3 things, again!

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