Peralta: “I’m angry with myself”

Jhonny Peralta returned to the Tigers on Wednesday to begin working out on the field for the first time since his suspension began six weeks ago. He also began working out some of the lingering questions that he couldn’t, or didn’t, answer while Major League Baseball’s investigation into his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

He apologized again for the mistake he made getting involved with performance-enhancing drugs before Spring Training in 2012. In so doing, he hoped for some understanding, though he wisely hesitated to use the word forgiveness.

“I think I say what I say before. I apologize to everybody,” he said. “I think everybody understands. We make mistakes sometimes. We’re human. It’s happened to a lot of people.”

He also admitted times over the past month and a half that he was angry about his decision. He’s still angry now.

“Right now, what happened before, I’m angry with myself,” he said. “I don’t know how to explain it, the situation that happened, but I’m kind of mad at myself.”

Asked how much the investigation weighed on his mind as the season unfolded, he offered a little insight into why he only took baseball questions for the most part when interviewed all summer. More than fear of saying something that would come back to haunt him, he was trying to block it out.

“That was kind of tough,” he said, “but I tried to be positive every day in the field, tried to show up for the guys and my team. I tried to win the game every day. I tried to [be around] the guys like nothing happened. I mean, it’s kind of hard for me, but I tried to stay concentrated on the game every day, day by day. I think I did pretty good, how I played the game.”

More from Peralta …

  • If he’s nervous about teammates’ reaction: “No. I know every guy on the team. I know the first step that I make into the clubhouse, I know they’re going to be happy. Every guy in the clubhouse, they’re really friendly. I think when we’re together, we’re like brothers, so I know they’re going to be happy.”
  • On how he’ll be received by Tigers fans: “I think the Tigers fans, they know what’s going on. They already know what happened with everything. I think for what I do in Detroit, I think the fans are going to be OK. I think they apprciated what I did before and everything and tried to back the team. I think the fans in Detroit will be the fans.”
  • On what he did after the suspension: “I think I take like a week in Cleveland. After that I go back to the Dominican and tried to work out every day. I know in the Dominican I can have time to work out every day.”
  • On getting over feelings of regret: “It’s already happened, whatever happened. I tried to forget about the past. I tried to move forward now. I know it’s a little hard, what happened before, but I tried to be positive to try to enjoy the game when I come back here.”


Personally, I will welcome him back with open arms. I think he has quietly been a great Tiger during his time here. Mistakes happen, and he is regretful time to move on. We can sure use his bat,

SOS, can’t get guys in from 3rd with 1 out. Doesn’t seem to matter much who is hitting, VMart, Iggy or whatever. Frustrating.

I like Jhonny but good riddence. Leyland is such a old school manager. Why did you not squeeze? Good Riddence to Jimmy Smokes!

This is (and I know I am going to draw the wrath of 2 guys here for sure) a Jim Leyland offense. A lineup that seems unprepared. A lineup that goes into simultaneous slumps. A lineup that can’t hit lefties. A lineup that doesn’t answer the bell at the most important times.

2 1/2 people in tonight’s lineup are in a slump
Jackson batting .316
Miggy .143
Fielder ..395
Castellanos .300
Infante .324
Avila .480
Iggy .296
Can’t see to get them in the right order tonight for sure. Super frustrating

Martinez .282
1-12 risp
10 lob
Not surprising Infante finally had the RBI he’s our hottest bat right now.

i don’t see other options, hunter got you here and miggy needs ABs to get the timing back.

Tigers bullpen last in inning pitched. Why keep the relievers in the bench and overworking the starters?

Maybe…..I was surprised on the last thread that Rondon hadn’t pitched since Labor Day? Nice bail out Anibal got from his pals there in the 8th!

Yes, 9/2 his last outing

Need o get that boy in a game soon, he’s too important to the success of this pen don’t ya think?

It is him or Luke for the seventh

Who are your top six El Tigre???

Benoit, Smyly, Rondon, Putkonen, Veras, Reed.

big win tonight: the close ones

Wow, 1-0. Didn’t see that coming. Sanchez is like the best pitcher in the AL. A win is a win, but these guys have to get some consistency into this offense. Nine game trip, 25 runs in 2 games, 15 in the other 7. That is absolutely nuts. Good to get wins, but hard to enjoy the games.
Not only has Rondon not pitched since Labor Day, that was arguably his best performance of the season. So take a rest for eleven days? Huh?
I hope we can wrap this business up during the upcoming home stand. KC has to sweep to make a real dent.

Leyland said he watched KC-Cleve today on his iPad. So there’s that. If he doesn’t watch out, he’s going to lose his Certificate of Cootsmanship.

So what im reading into it is peralta got sent to the clinic by his agent. Glad he dropped them. I forgive him. Ready to see him make a difference for our club. Who knows if iggy stays healthy(shin splints) or when we could use a pinch hitter for him.

Leyland needs to pay attention to ALL the guys in the bull pen. Throwing rondon in a 1 run game at this stage after 2 weeks off is not god management.

Am impressed with the bull pen last night doing a phenomenal job. Not sure how much work those 2 have had lately but they did well. Is it the fault of a manager though to not use the bullpen if he does not have to? Do you take out a starter that is doing a great job just because your bullpen isn’t working? I am not saying that is right or wrong, a legitimate question of when your starters are doing well, doing a bunch of quality starts, do you mess with that formula? Do you take Ricky out just because it is the 7th inning and your other guys need work? I think we have a luxury sometimes of guys that can go deep and then a full bullpen sitting around just watching all the time. A good problem to have if you ask me, but of course then they get rusty. Nice timely 2 wins in a row to build that buffer up again. I think Miggy needs to be back home, he will get that batting average back up, would have to see him lose his batting title bid.

I meant would hate to see him lose his batting title

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I think it is imperative that you keep your bull pen sharp. Especially the guys you figure you will need. JL did throw Benoit the other day when it wasn’t critical.
At this point, unless it is a special case, (like RP going for a career 1st), then yes, take your starter out with a lead and lighten the load on his arm and at the same time, keep your pen sharp.

Actually, Jim has his “we’re behind” relievers and his “we’re ahead” relievers. We were behind most of the time. Might want to re-think that system.

We have sixteen games to play so starting with Verlander we could go through the rotation three more times. So far we have three pitchers (Fister, Sanchez, and Scherzer) who have set new personal bests for wins in a season. Good job! Rick could still win out and set a personal high in wins, too. What a five man rotation!! And Justin Verlander with fifteen wins is possible. Only Sanchez will not get thirty starts among our five starters. When did five man rotations become the norm?? Can you find the last team with all five starters with twelve wins or more??

Not sure if they are the last two teams but the 98 Yankees and Braves did it. The Braves five of Glavine, Maddux, Millwood, Smoltz, and Neagle all had between 16 and 20 wins!!!

Better dress warm for tonight’s game. The temp has dropped 30 degrees.

Yes going to tonight’s game ….thinking winter coat! It’s not that it’s just cold there is a nice cold wind coming from the north……..

I would.

is it gametime yet? sheeesh

Hang in there. Only six more hours til gametime. Do you live in the mountains??

naw i live in the valley (champlain valley) in front of the green mountains …maybe 20 minutes from mount mansfield

The Tigers used a four man rotation in april and september and five the rest of the year for most ( if not all)of the Anderson´s tenure.

Did the five man rotations start shortly after the 81 strike?? Oh by the way, I liked the way you lined up the BP but I don’t think Reed will get a fair shot. He s/b there next year.

I m aware of that. Coke will be there

I recall reading Anderson speaking about the 4/5 rotation in 1984. Morris pitched games 1 and 4 ( the no hit ) that year.
The 1969 Mets are credited as the first team with a 5 pitchers rotation, It became common in the 70 but Anderson( for two months of every season) and Weaver were the rebels

From memory (no fun looking it up), Seaver, Koosman, Gentry, Ryan and………..?

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