Peralta begins working out with Tigers

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As expected, Jhonny Peralta was a very early arrival to U.S. Cellular Field on Thursday to begin working out with the Tigers again. The surprise was more where he was working out. That’s him taking fly balls in left field under the watch of manager Jim Leyland and coach Tom Brookens.

Not sure how much the Tigers will talk about this today, but with offense clearly a recent issue against lefties, and left field being one position they can upgrade, it’s clearly something they can consider.

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thinking outside the box – atta boy JL and DD!

Two good ideas from commenters. Insurance behind infielders Miggy and Iggy. Maybe left field? Sorry for 2E. Wish he was doing better lately. “I like him. I like him a lot. I’ve even figured out how to pronounce his name,” said Jim.

…then tell jimmy price how it is pronounced

He would replace Hernan Perez who was in the 25 roster to begin september.2E has his spot almost locked.

Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Castellanos 7, Infante 4, Avila 2, Iglesias 6. Sanchez is starting.

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All big leaguers can catch a flyball. It’s everything else that’s the challenge. This would be a very desperate move if it happened. If Miggy could run, he’d be the better option since he’s played the position in the past.

But Miguel hated to play LF. It was contentious situation while it lasted.

how much worse than Delmon could it be?

It’s September and we have lost six of our last seven games against LH starters. We have to fix this problem starting tonight. In our next fourteen games we could face EIGHT lefties. Is AJ our number one concern???

No Cabrera is my number one concern…I believe this losing streak has a lot to do with him not hitting almost at all.

Not good. ..bad AB by Victor …wasted opportunity that is unacceptable.

Same thing, different day. He could have walked someone in. Got swing happy.

Too bad Nick pulled that ball. What a lift that would have been for him and the Detroit Tigers

A better at bat for him. Didn’t swing at the first pitch. Sure hope The Tigers can get some of these guys on base to cross homeplate.


2 innings 5 base runners and nothing!

Through four we had two innings with possibilities and good ones now Quintana has settled in and now they look as pathetic at the plate as thy have they last few weeks.

They just showed that graphic regarding Cy Young candidates. Up until the last outing I thought Max was a shoe in..I think unless he gets that era closer to Yu whether its because of him or Yu or both I think that last outing lost him some votes.

Castellanos should improve things against lefties next year.
Listening to the game tonight. Sounds like Miggy turned a nice DP in the bottom of the 1st.

Yes Miggy did.
Boy (and yes I know it’s a shock) but Sanchez is getting soooo squeezed right now.

Well I’m not saying he was out or he was safe, at second but I’m pretty sure it coulda been called in the tigers favor. But what I’m sure of is Gorman has shown he’s an incompetent boob and it doesn’t surprise me he’d call it against the tigers.

I sure hope we can get Miggy healthy. This strategy they are pursuing scares me. Do we want him this limited in the post-season?
The rest of these guys have to change the things they do wrong. The bull pen needs to perform. The opposition running game has to be controlled. Our offense has to know how to score some runs given the opportunity.
Our starters have to become consistent again.

Going back to normal

That’s pathetic that Victor couldn’t bet that out. Honestly. Was he not running out of box or s he that pathetically slow.?

4 homers for the entire road trip.

Rondon hasn’t pitched since Labor Day.

You know its slow going when I’m typing on my tablet here.

He is slower than the bad guys´ horses

Dan, gameday has the clip of the DP in the first inning

Bad at bat there

Moving the runner to third is NOT a productive out when your team can NEVER get him in. Rod and Mario, get off that one.
MAN, we have a slow team. Looks like a fantasy camp team.

The Tigers asked Iglesias to be more aggressive, Now his K rate has doubled, His BB rate is down a half and his avg is lower.

I think my head is going to explode with that first pitch he called a ball on Konerko in the 8th?

Well, at least we had good pitching. Our offense is horrible.
Castelllanos had a chance to break the game a couple of times. I think this guys is going to be good, real good.

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