Tigers recall Darin Downs from Toledo (or his house)

One of the mildly interesting decisions the Tigers made with their September call-ups was their choice to only recall one left-hander for their bullpen, that being Jose Alvarez. Though Detroit had Darin Downs on their 40-man roster after a strong closing stretch in Triple-A Toledo, plus Kenny Faulk finishing up a quietly impressive season as a do-everything lefty in the Hens pen, both were left to go home when the Mud Hens season ended a week ago.

That decision has now changed. The Tigers announced Tuesday they’re recalling Downs from Triple-A Toledo, bringing a fourth left-hander into their bullpen.

While it’s not unprecedented for the Tigers to add call-ups well after the minor-league season is over, it’s pretty rare, and it usually only happens when depth becomes an issue. The 2002 Tigers recalled Craig Monroe (who was at home and relaxing by then) and Andres Torres from Toledo on Sept. 19 that year, but they were replacing Bobby Higginson and Hiram Bocachica after they suffered season-ending injuries.

Downs put up a finishing stretch to warrant consideration as a September call-up, allowing one earned run on seven hits over 13 1/3 innings from Aug. 1 on. He had a weird split in Toledo, proving far stingier against right-handed hitters (.121 average) than lefties (.238), but the at-bat totals were limited. He didn’t allow a home run from either side.


good call. Smyly isn’t the same ole smyly…you can blame it on JL or him being YOUNG….it is what it is. Coke might be OK in the playoffs but if he isn’t -> Downs!

I really think Coke is about done in Detroit. Even after sending him to Toledo in August to straighten9-Q` him out, I don’t know if you can say he came back with much improvement.

Four trips to the West next year.
Only Central Division teams but for Dodgers and Padres in April
Twins at home to end the season.
Only the Giants outside the division in september.
A better schedule this time

I think it’s about Coke. He rarely gets the job done and can’t be relied upon IF Detroit reaches the postseason. I always enjoyed Phil but he’s LH specialist who isn’t getting LH hitters out.

By the numbers: Detroit goes 9-9 and Cleveland 14-5 and there’s a tie. The Tigers have to start winning some ballgames. Wake up!

Its all possible…..and becoming more likely by the day. Just unbelievable.

I was thinking what’s going on and it’s pretty obvious if you are paying attention but to see it like this says a lot.
Team ERA

September 5.37

Unless your team scores 6 or more runs per game, your not going to win much. The pitchers most importantly the starting pitchers have got to figure it out that 5.37 is completely unacceptable.

No, you take away the Boston blowout and the ERA for the month is closer to 3.10. Take away our 16 against KC Friday and we’re averaging about 2 runs scored per game. It’s a lack of offense, plain and simple. Nobody is getting the big hit or the 3-run homer.

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