Peralta to begin working out with Tigers

Jhonny Peralta is rejoining the Tigers to begin working out with the club, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski announced Tuesday.

The move is the first step towards the Tigers deciding what to do with their former shortstop once he’s eligible to return from his 50-game suspension Sept. 26. No final decision has been made, Dombrowski cautioned, but the workouts will be part of the process in deciding whether he can fit in, on and off the field.

“There has been no decision made regarding Peralta’s return to the active roster,” the Tigers said in a statement. “It is an organizational decision to allow Jhonny to workout with the club in order to see if it will be in the best interest of the team to have him return at the end of his suspension.”

Peralta will join the Tigers at U.S. Cellular Field Wednesday afternoon prior to their series finale against the White Sox. He will address the team at his request, then take pregame batting practice.

By rule, Peralta is allowed to work out with the club on the field until the gates open at the ballpark. After that, he can remain in the clubhouse.

Peralta received a 50-game suspension Aug. 5 for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. By electing not to appeal the suspension, Peralta allowed himself a chance to finish the discipline this season, before he hits the free agent market. He also allowed himself to be eligible for postseason play.

Peralta is eligible to rejoin the team for its final series of the regular season, a three-game set against the Marlins in Miami. Whether the Tigers welcome him back is a decision the club has to make.

In the statement, the Tigers said the decision to bring back Peralta for workouts was “in accordance with the protocols outlined by Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement.”

The one certainty about a potential Peralta return is that it will not be at his old spot. Dombrowski said he told Peralta he will not win back the everyday shortstop job, a role rookie Jose Iglesias took over after Peralta’s suspension.

If Peralta rejoins the roster, then, it will have to be in a utility role. With that in mind, Dombrowski said Peralta will work out at multiple infield positions.

At some point next week, Dombrowski said Peralta will begin playing Instructional League games at the Tigers’ Spring Training facility in Lakeland, Fla. With no minor-league affiliates still playing, it’s the closest the Tigers could come to sending out Peralta on a rehab assignment to get live game action.


insurance ya know? ramon fatigue sets in, cabby or iggy or omar has to sit due to injury….. lots of options.

Keep the INSURANCE. It will help

I’m good with it If he can do it. Hoe he’s kept in shape.

Boy I’ll take that call Miguel got on what appeared to be strike 3 but boy I want that called a strike for Rick.
They got him a couple Rick needs to do hs job tonight.

We caught a break there. Rick needs to get his pitches down in the strike zone.

Ya…that caught him!


On one hand, I would like the club to take a stand on drugs. For the image. For their input on society.
By the same token, would it be magnanimous to forgive, to give another chance? Jhonny Peralta is a class individual and made a mistake. He is well respected by his peers and fans..
My feeling is the club is opening up to him and he will be back. he will not be the shortstop. There is not a better shortstop in baseball than the one we have been lucky enough to procure.
If Jhonny was an arshole and an egotist I would not want the club to bring him back. Time has mellowed my opinion.
forgive and forget.
I know if someone offered me a magic pil to cure me of my osteoarthritis in my knee or my Plantar fasciitis I would take it in a heartbeat if it allowed me to continue to play ball. If it isa lla bout the money then I would say no to JP,. But in my heart, I think JP made that mistake because he wanted to play ball..


Ya…and to be honest we still haven’t heard exactly what he was supposed to have done. All we know is that his name was on a list. Don’t know if he took anything. There is just so much we don’t know. I’m more than willing to forgive regardless but at ths point we know nothing and in my opinion there could of been some railroading in some of these cases…..too much secrecy.

After watching Miggy going through his very public off the field issues, I’m not about to throw Jhonny under the bus. He served his suspension.

atta boy alex! atta boy big prince!

Miguel is chasing a whole bunch of pitches he normally doesn’t. He’s just not right and I’m not even sure it has to do with an injury but timing or something.

timing for sure. exactly why jim didn’t want to sit him!! it is what it is tho. you can get timing back and in the meantime prince needs to protect him.

Lost timing with all the rest and some frustration, probably.

who is this garcia guy? he’s good! :p

a rare kelly defensive fart…bobbled that enabled garcia to get over to 3rd

The Tigers definitely can use Peralta – he, Cabrera, and Fielder are the top 3 offensive players on the team.

Muggy just missed that one… Minnie Miggy argh.

Miggy….spell correct gets me all the time.

Cleveland lost…..

Rick my just get his first complete game….
Miggys batting average is plummeting. He and Trout are a slim 13 points apart.

it only matters if he hits post season and stimulates his team-mates.
The triple crown is impossible. The batting title might slip too with the way he is hitting.
Still would like to see them rest him.

Triple crown is certianly gone….I’m still holding out or batting title and most RBI ‘s.

congrats Rick! (on a side note i can now include him as a possible playoff starter)

Who do you take out?

here is my take on the playoff rotation:
3 man – Sanchez, JV (if he continues improving), Scherzer (assuming he doesn’t right the ship)
4 man – Sanchez, JV (if he continues improving), Scherzer, Fister or Porcello (whomever pitches better for the last 8 or so starts, really.

I should mention that i think JV is going to regain his form just ahead of the playoffs. And while I am sharing I think Miggy will too.

Why not a five man rotation?? Keep it simple.

The art of pitching performed this evening.

Any time you can knock two off the magic number is a big night, but I was equally happy with Mr. Rick’s first CG. Cleveland is going to scrap for the wild card, if nothing else, to the very end so Detroit just needs wins. Porcello said they had a meeting earlier. Good to hear that this veteran group of players did that.
It appeared to me that Miggy was getting close during his last two ABs. Prince hit some lasers tonight, and so did Avila.
I keep wondering how Iglesias got this good at such a young age. I never got to see Vizquel or Ozzie on a daily basis, so this is amazing to watch. Never left the room once. 🙂

And good job, fellas.

Threes things I really liked about tonight,s game.
1. the team scored quick and early. This gave Rick the time and confidence to settle in for a great pitching performance.
2. For the first time in a good while, Prince asserted himself with the bat, and took some pressure off of Miggy. It was good to see the ball going to all fields for the Prince.
3. Finally, we see that beautiful 20111 swing from Alex that gave us hope for a long career . He was more relaxed tonight than I’ve seen in a long time.
Kudos, again to Rick fo a fantastic performance.


4th Greg was back tonight?

Spot on as usual Greg. With your three we are back to normal. How many times has Rick been our stopper?? Go Tigers!!!

Is team pitching important in baseball?? NL top five team ERAs–Braves, Dodgers, Pirates, Reds and Cardinals. All those team should make the playoffs barring an amazing run by Rich’s Nationals who pitch very well, too. In the AL the top five teams in ERA are the Royals, Athletics, Rangers, Tigers, and Red Sox. The Royals are a long shot to make the playoffs but don’t be too shocked if they keep this AL Central race exciting for the next week or two. Of course, the Tampa Bay Rays are number six in team ERA and they have a good chance at a wild card spot.

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