Cabrera’s ejection and the warning rule

This is what home-plate umpire Chad Fairchild said after ejecting Miguel Cabrera on strike two with the bases loaded in the third inning on July 28:

“I warned him to stop, but after the second pitch, he began to argue balls and strikes again, and was removed from the game.”

This is what plate umpire and crew chief Brian Gorman said Monday after ejecting Cabrera with two strikes in the first inning:

“He kept arguing about the swing part of it. He was warned and he continued to argue. He was told to stop arguing and continued to argue and he was ejected for continuing the argument.”

The common thread is the warning, and the trigger to give the hook after the warning is issued. What exactly Cabrera said is up for debate.

When asked if Cabrera said anything in particular that escalated the situation, Gorman indicated he did not.

“He just continued to argue the call,” Gorman said, “and after being warned, you’re subject to ejection after doing that.”

Leyland seemed to indicate that Gorman told him Cabrera said a magic.

“The calls were correct,” Leyland said. “But Brian basically [said], Miguel said about three or four times, ‘That’s bull[crap].’ That really doesn’t, in my opinion, warrant an ejection. He wasn’t in his face. He wasn’t throwing his hands up. He wasn’t putting on a big show. I just felt it was a very unnecessary ejection.”

Cabrera seemed to indicate he didn’t say anything to draw an ejection. He definitely seemed to believe he hadn’t been given a warning.

“He don’t say anything to me,” Cabrera said. “I said something else and he threw me out. I think I didn’t say anything to [get him to] throw me out.”

White Sox catcher Josh Phegley didn’t seem to indicate he heard any magic words from Cabrera.

“No, not really,” he said. “I think there were some things said after the pitch was fouled off, the next pitch. But initially he was trying to explain that he didn’t think he went around. He was trying to get out of the way and that was it. It surprised me. …

“I didn’t know he said get out of here and threw him out. I thought he said that’s enough. But it probably helped us win the game.”

And that’s the tricky part about the warning situation: The move to eject Cabrera ended up playing a defining role in a game with playoff implications. To some, that’s on Cabrera. To some, that’s on Gorman.

When asked if that’s a difficult situation given the inning, or whether the rule is pretty clear, Gorman seemed to indicate this situation was no different than others.

“I think all situations are difficult,” Gorman said. “You just have to handle them as an umpire. It’s part of our job.”

Gorman applied the same rule to his ensuing argument with Leyland, who clearly believed that discretion should have been applied given the situation.

“Sometimes they’ll say they’ve had enough,” Leyland said. “But … in this case what I wish he would have done is, even if he takes off his mask and gets adamant, in my opinion, when you do something like that, you say, ‘Look, Miguel, I’m trying to keep you in this game. I don’t want to throw you out of this game, OK? I don’t want to throw you out. But that’s enough.’ And be emphatic about it. And then if he says something, throw him out. He said, ‘That’s enough.'”

Cabrera seemingly is wondering where that line is.

“To me, it’s like I’m shocked now,” Cabrera said. “I don’t know what to expect next time. I don’t know what I have to do next time. To me, to get thrown out two times this year, almost in the same position, in the middle of an at-bat, to me, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what to expect.”

The result clearly wasn’t something Chris Sale expected.

“I even [said], ‘Thank you,'” Sale said, looking upward. “Not taking anything away from [Ramon] Santiago. He’s a heck of a player, too. The best hitter to ever walk the planet leaving after the first. It doesn’t get any easier after that. You still have to make pitches and stuff because they have a heck of a lineup up and down. Just try to stay on the gameplan and get through it.


The magic words? The eff word? I’m just guessing here. Miguel seemed upset when it was called a strike and it did appear to be one because the bat went around. It was a very hot and humid night. That might have been a factor for the short fuses. Prince won’t take a day off, but he sure needs one.
I went to bed and watched the post game interview from there. The team looks tired. Can anyone in the outfield make a throw to the cutoff man or to the plate that isn’t way offline? I wondered why Jim did not put Donnie Kelly Baby in RF. Torii looks tired and isn’t hitting now anyway. Same with Austin.

Alvarez started off real rocky and then just mowed ’em down, and we had a couple of nice infield plays.

he didnt say anything to get kicked out….Phelgly would of heard it. The umpire had an agenda and got the result he wanted.
Heck did you really say Ssle said thank you to the direction of the umpire. The catcher said they probably helped them win. Who knows about that it probably didn’t help though. Miguel probably shouldnt say hello because that would probably get kicked out.

He should just keep his mouth shut. He swung at a bad pitch.

miggy got hit by the pitch & it was called a strike. i know a swing& a hit equals a strike, (tho why??) but being hit certainly added the need for a little more careful review by the ump & maybe just a little greater tolerance for a batter’s mutterings.
hope miggy only has a bruise. he certainly cant afford another injury.

As I’ve heard it explained by an umpire, the magic word is “you.” A player can swear like a sailor but is gone if they actually call the umpire a name. Example: “that’s effin’ BS” as opposed to “you’re effin’ BS.”

In last night’s case, Miggy was still taking his AB while he was complaining. He wasn’t even holding up the game. If a guy wants to waste his AB complaining about one pitch, I say let him do it. If he’s still going on about it during his next AB, then you eject him. Quick trigger in a pennant race=poor umpiring. Yet again.
As Jim said, an unnecessary ejection.

I was managing a game once where I got into it with the umpire over a rules interpretation. I’d returned to my bench but kept sniping at him (hard to believe that we me) and finally the ump said “one more word and you’re gone.” Decision time. My team was playing like crap so I fired off the F word and was ejected. Here’s the funny part. The umpire’s name was Buck. True. So I went all Tom Hanks saying “No you misunderstood me, I said Buck.”
We lost the game but laughed about that one for years. And Buck and I became buddies.

He is injured. He has been resting and making him lost timing. He must be frustrated and beginning to pressure himself. And that is not good.
Jackson :286/729 over last 7. 311/824 over last 14.He is ok with the bat. His career avg. for september has been low but no is having a pretty good september with 345/870. His running game is as bad as always and his defense is not that good this year but still way above average. Im with him with no diving, better a single than a 3B.
Hunter, he is 38 YO and is regressing. The time does not forgive anyone.
Fielder , his slugging % is lower than Infante´s and that is not good.
VMart is a professional hitter and he is showing it.
Dirks has ben much better than credited by the fans. He is a top defender and after admitting he refused to heard hitting advices from the coaches has been far better. 299/815 since the ASG , much better than Fielder. Fans are ready to dump him for Castellanos and only see the pop outs. Of course, they neglect the pop outs by the DH playing 1B.
Peña is batting better than Avila but gets no playing time based in the magical powers of calling games by Avila. It does not matter if they are losing once and again with Johnny Avila behind the plate. When Peña is catching is his fault if the pitcher has a bad game, when Avila catches is the pitcher´s fault
Infante is playing for his contract and having a career season but very quiet.
How bad is iglesias´injury? He was injured by the time of the trade
Santiago is making the most of the unexpected opportunity. I see him resigned for another year.
Verlander´s ERA is above his career avg but has been going down lately . He is nearing 200 IP again
Scherzer will win the Cy Young Award but he is 1 and 1/3 shy of his career high of 195 innings.
Fister needs to learn to throw a bad pitch with 0-2. The ump will call ball anything dubious in that situation.It is automatic like the strike with 3-0
The bullpen? Benoit pitched last night after 8 games benched. Enough has been has been said of Smyly. Rondon has been used too long one day and then disappeared. Bad managed bullpen.

Some good points Kathy. If a player isn’t giving his all, and clearly some of them are not, then give ’em a blow.
I personally think playing a hobbled, struggling Miguel Cabrera is doing the opposite of inspiring the rest of the team.

They mention Colon and Cruz but Ortiz supposedly tested positive in 2003. 3 of the six teams going to the postseason have players related to PED.
Add Edison Volquez ,suspended for 50 games, and Belisario who was suspended for a non PED drug violation and the NL is not doing better.
The Tigers traded for one confessed user of PED and many hail a saviour of baseball in Detroit another suspected user( or two). Many are upset about Cruz but our best moment in recent baseball could be tainted too since Peralta was part of the team
He served the penalty. He has the right to comeback if read. And that is the hard part:

That was and add on to evans post

Right on el Tigre. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a good throw from right field. As to AJ, well I will say I have a different opinion about effort, diving and leadership. I see a reluctant super star here. A guy who could pick up his team with a game changing diving catch. A guy who could fire up the dugout with a timely stolen base.
Too bad about Iggy. The guy is one of those kind that can spark a team.

I like this article about reinstating Peralta. IMO it’s about winning the WS not following Selig’s witch hunt.

Jason Beck ‏@beckjason 3m
“#Tigers recall lefty Darin Downs. Interesting.”
Like it, give him a chance to take Coke out of the equation

Unless it is Smyly who is out

Miggy is our star, but you can’t expect an umpire to give him special treatment. It is hard to say if it was warranted but it happened and I can only say it is fine if all other players are treated as such. But Miggy needs to understand his responsibility to the team in this position and should learn from now til season’s end to just keep it to himself – being the best in the business does not give you a green light to complain. We are dropping while Cleveland is winning – a poor combination. Not sure what we need but do know it is offense.

Honestly I don’t want any player to get special treatment including Miguel or anyone else. But I do expect the same treatment he didn’t get that …. Ive seen other players do much much worse and not get tossed. According to all parties involved biased or unbiased he didn’t say anything to get tossed. So what is someone to believe he had an agenda. Funny thing is Miguel will have to stand next to the jerk all night long at 3rd base.

Hard to tell what is being mumbled but I agree that I have seen much, much worse coming from other players.

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I sure hope Miggy didn’t hurt the umpire’s feelings! That would be terrible….. With everything that’s on the line in these games, unfortunately for them, the umpires should just have to put up with the players giving them grief. You don’t have to listen and respond. Just keep the game moving. If the batter won’t get back in the box, then eject him, but let him just keep talking – what’s the big deal?

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