Cabrera ejected in middle of another at-bat

For the second time this season, Miguel Cabrera was ejected in the middle of an at-bat, tossed three pitches into his first at-bat after arguing he was hit by a pitch that was called a swinging strike.

Manager Jim Leyland was ejected soon afterward for disputing the ejection with plate umpire Brian Gorman.

Cabrera, batting with two outs in the opening inning, took a called first strike from White Sox starter Chris Sale before trying to check his swing on a slider that drove down and in on him. Replay showed the ball hit him on his right knee, but Gorman said Cabrera went around on his swing. Cabrera was seemingly upset Gorman didn’t check with first-base umpire Tony Randazzo on the checked swing.

Cabrera fouled off the 0-2 pitch, then apparently said something as he stepped out of the batter’s box. Gorman promptly ejected him, much to Cabrera’s surprise.

“Oh, come on,” Cabrera could be seen telling Gorman on replay.

It was somewhat similar to a July 28 ejection Cabrera received from plate umpire Chad Fairchild, who ejected Cabrera for his reaction to a called strike with the bases loaded and one out in the third inning. In that case, too, Cabrera saw another pitch before being ejected for saying something about the previous one. In neither case did Cabrera make a physical gesture.

Fairchild said at the time that he warned Cabrera not to say anything more, and promptly ejected him when he did.

Monday marked the fifth ejection in Cabrera’s career. Leyland’s ensuing ejection was his fourth this season and the 72nd of his career.


You have other umps to help that is why they are there.

They are too freaking arrogant to ask…..I’ve never understood what it hurts to ask even if you feel you got it right. The answer is ego.

Now 5-0. Mostly Max’s fault. Does anyone think AJ could have caught that Konerko hit in the first inning? He might have gotten his uni dirty. Maybe if I stop watching, they’ll have a comeback. It has happened before. So goodnight and good luck. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.

“Max Scherzer’s ERA:
Through 26 starts: 2.73
In past three starts: 6.19”
There is no one to blame but him. He has been bailed out more than once this year,It could happen again. But still, this game is on him.

He had the 2nd lowest era in AL until tonight you can say he might of got a few extra wins as far as his win loss record us concerned but to say he got bailed out is ridiculous.

Two games ago. When he allowed a lot of runs and still go with ND

That was one game….you act as though having the second lowest era in AL is undeserving of consideration. I understand how win loss record could be flukey but to say with that era and other statistics he’s being constantly bailed out is ridiculous.

Not at all, he deserves the Cy Young But , but I keep reading excuses for him when he lost and the blame deflected to everyone but him. Verlander has pitched pretty good games and lose . So Sanchez and Fister

pitched good games and lost them. Yes, W-L is a team stats. He deserves the award for the ERA, FIP, SIERA, IP, K/9 not the W

What the heck is going on, now? Why is Ramon out. This is one of the craziest games I’ve ever watched.

I’m not even watching it. There are too many people on the field doing their jobs poorly. No patience for that tonight.

Ramon was out because the ball he swung at hit him. Dead ball and a strike. Had he swung and missed ant the ball got past the catcher without hitting him……..then it would have been safe at first. it was the right call.
Gorman was a bad umpire in the 1st inning though.
Miggy, who shouldn’t be playing, is not seeing the ball well at the plate now anyway.
They are gonna patchwork this situation until the lead dwindles and then be forced to play him to save their season.
They should just bite the biscuit and just sit him down until he is at least 85-90%.

Miggy is literally the only offensive threat we have right now. These other bumbs are sitting on their thumbs.

Tigers have been playing poorly. It is very worrisome. They slip into this mode far too often to be a dominating “good” team.

Rich said it … the best offense in baseball, baby. 😉 … Hardly.
And the noose tightens.
– Bob

VMart is 10 for 14 vs Sale

As now, with Miguel injured, the offense is Infante ,Vmart and Dirks.

Jackson doesn’t even look like he is putting an effort in. His 3 Ks have been pathetic.
Not too high and not too low, right. Time to wake up, boys. The lead has been cut in half in 9 days.
— Bob

Benoit? why? Where are Veras and Rondon?

Gathering rust with Smyly.
— Bob

8 days of rest

Smyly pitched on Friday.

8 days of rest for Benoit. I realized it after asking why Benoit

If we don’t start playing better all the back end will not be used properly.
Shame to throw Benoit in clunker like this. We all know he won’t be used 3 games in a row so that means he is available tomorrow. Then another rest.

AJ does appear to be far too casual and “accepting”. I have always said he would be a super star if he had that missing ingredient.
He has seemed a bit lazy in the field as well. Often gives up on a ball too quickly or fails to position himself for a strong throw. In other words, teams can run on him.
He needs to dial it up.

Very World Series like. No drive. Didn’t show up to play ball.

Top of the order….0 for 11

I mean 0 for 15

Shake it up Jim. VMart behind the plate is a start. If this inconsistent group of Tigers make the series he is going to need to catch anyway.
Leyland may not quite realize it but there are only 20 games left

Sorry I can’t believe this losing streak is the fault of JL?

Even Mickey Stanley played 9 or 10 games at short before the Series.

Castenellos went 1 for 3…i guess that is a start. Vmart is still cookin – that’s 2. And Alvarez looks to have righted things. That’s 3. Miss ya greg.

good job Evan on keeping on for Greg

We’ve been to the dance many times in the last 8 years. Is JL responsible? Probably not. But is part of a problem? Yes, he manages a team that goes into inexplicable slumps. A team where players do appear to get disinterested rather than pumped up and motivated. A team that fails to show up in crucial games.
He has had us into 2 World Series and both times his team, favoured to win, looked completely pathetic and unready (sic), to play ball.
If Jim Leyland is going to be considered as one of the all time great managers then this is the time for him to apply himself.
I am not saying this is his fault. There are some guys on this team that are not playing inspired or even good baseball right now. But he is not blameless.

They are all apart of it, it’s a team. All teams go through slumps and ones longer one than this Pirates just lost a bunch…Dodgers just lost a bunch. I’m not saying I feel good about this team right now, but I’m always tend to blame the ones more on the field…they actually control the outcome. But everyone needs to pick it up.

Just listened to Jim’s post game presser and he backed the umpire on the call….ok if you think Miggy swung fine….but I don’t think if the umpire just asks for the help from first base ump it gets that far. But the egos of these idiots behind the plate wouldn’t even consider he might get that call wrong. It’s the whole ego thing that bothers me. It’s like they think people are there to watch them.

i agree with JL on this one. umps be tripp’n lately! is it related to instant replay!?

I think MLB uses bad criteria in selecting their umpires. Brian Gorman is one of many umps whose fathers and even grandfathers were MLB umpires. Quite a coincidence that these guys are the ones selected? It’s not an easy job, but who’s job is? That’s why they’re called jobs. You have to perform. MLB would do better stressing people skills rather than nepotism.
It seems that Cabrera gets in trouble in each of the few times he speaks up. Draw your own conclusion from that.

This has been a nasty road trip. Cleveland, with their schedule and ability to beat lesser teams, can easily win 90+ before it’s all said and done. How close does it have to get before our boys start to pay attention? This group has the ability to raise their game when they feel it’s important.

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