Infante changes agents heading into free agency

Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante were teammates in Miami before they came over to Detroit last summer, and they’ve been friends for a while. Now, they are both clients of the same agent, with Infante switching his representation to Gene Mato. Credit Jon Morosi of with the report last night on twitter, since confirmed on both sides.

Infante had been represented by Octagon and agent Alan Nero for most of his career before switching over earlier this summer. It’s not uncommon anymore for players to switch agents before going into free agency — Jose Valverde jumped to Scott Boras last year, and Carlos Guillen went to Octagon and Scott Pucino in his final season in Detroit. It doesn’t have a huge impact on the Tigers because they’ve had dealings with all those guys, but it’s a big move for Infante because Mato is coming off a lucrative deal he negotiated for Sanchez with the Tigers last year.

Infante is finishing up a 2-year, $8 million he signed to stick with the Marlins after the 2011 season. He’ll turn 32 years old in December, but depending on what happens with Robinson Cano, he could be set up to become one of the top middle infielders on the free-agent market this winter, which could make things interesting for the Tigers. While Hernan Perez seems to be in line as Detroit’s second baseman of the future, I’m not sure that future is as immediate as next season. Defensively, he’s ready, but Infante’s offense could be a huge factor for the Tigers to weigh.


Miguel out again.

I still think, Scutaro´s contract will be his benchmark, 3/20. And he was offered 2/18 by the Cardinals despite being 37 YO. And after Cano, he is the best option as FA, age, numbers factored.

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