MLB releases postseason schedule

Get ready for a few days of buildup between the end of the regular season and the start of the AL Division Series. Major League Baseball has released its schedule for the postseason, and both AL Division Series will run on the same days. Thus, if the Tigers get the first or second seed in the AL playoffs, they’ll have home games Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5, plus Game 5 if necessary on Oct. 10.

The ALCS begins Saturday, Oct. 12 and runs potentially through Sunday, Oct. 20. The World Series begins in the American League city on Wednesday, Oct. 23. It will end before November, with a potential Game 7 on Halloween.

Here’s the breakdown:

AL DIVISION SERIES (2-2-1 format)

  • Game 1: Friday, Oct. 4 (TBS or MLB Network)
  • Game 2: Saturday, Oct. 5 (TBS)
  • Game 3: Monday, Oct. 7 (TBS or MLB Network)
  • Game 4: Tuesday, Oct. 8 (TBS)
  • Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 10 (TBS)

ALCS (2-3-2 format, all on FOX)

  • Game 1: Saturday, Oct. 12
  • Game 2: Sunday, Oct. 13
  • Game 3: Tuesday, Oct. 15
  • Game 4: Wednesday, Oct. 16
  • Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 17
  • Game 6: Saturday, Oct. 19
  • Game 7: Sunday, Oct. 20

WORLD SERIES (2-3-2 format, all on FOX)

  • Game 1: Wednesday, Oct. 23 (AL City)
  • Game 2: Thursday, Oct. 24 (AL City)
  • Game 3: Saturday, Oct. 26 (NL City)
  • Game 4: Sunday, Oct. 27 (NL City)
  • Game 5: Monday, Oct. 28 (NL City)
  • Game 6: Wednesday, Oct. 30 (AL City)
  • Game 7: Thursday, Oct. 31 (AL City)


for those concerned about the weather in Boston right now. Don’t be, it should be giving way (oh about 530pm) to decent weather for the ballgame tonight.

Chris Iott‏@Chris_Iott4m
Jose Iglesias looks at lineup. Celebrates. “You still that excited? You play every day.” Iglesias: “Not me.” Points to Cabrera’s name.

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