Game 138: Iglesias impresses again

Four weeks into Jose Iglesias’ tenure as Tigers shortstop, you get the sense that his teammates are becoming accustomed to seeing him make highlight plays — not spoiled, mind you, but accustomed.

The latest rendition was his double-play Monday, whirling to tag Shane Victorino, then firing against his momentum to retire Dustin Pedroia. The reaction from the Tigers clubhouse after the 3-0 win was not shock, but it shouldn’t be. They can’t be shocked.

“He’s made about three already that I’ve never seen before,” Jim Leyland said.

They’re never the same play, but they contribute to the same realization: Iglesias is as good of a shortstop as scouts and pundits suggested the Tigers were getting. He’s a game-changer.

“That kid, he’s got great hands and moves all over the diamond,” Doug Fister said. “It’s such a blessing to have him. The things he brings to this team, it’s astounding.”

The Tigers turned three double plays Monday, erasing three of the eight baserunners Fister allowed over his seven innings. Iglesias played a role in all three DPs. Afterwards, he talked with Boston writers about the way he has established himself already in Detroit.

“Different philosophies, but at the end of the day, everybody’s in the same place, to win ballgames. I really like it here so far,” Iglesias said.

For someone who played just 45 games at Fenway Park during his Red Sox career, Iglesias received a surprisingly large ovation when he stepped to the plate for his first at-bat. 

“The fans here are great,” he said. “It was really fun to play for this team.”

That said, he held no grudges over leaving.

“I love the guys over there. It’s nothing personal,” he said. “It’s a business at the end of the day. But it was fun to come here today and get a W.”


He will become a star and with Miggy around should become a good hitter. Miggy should be a mentor. He is only 23 and we should be the Tigers ss over the next 7 years or so.

Just a special talent. That kid plays baseball like he is Pacman doing whatever the hell Pacman is supposed to do.

He’s gonna be fine as a hitter. he whips the bat through the batting zone very quickly.

We need our old rotation back! You know the one where they hardly ever walk anybody more than twice a game (not twice an inning). Seriously though, it’s a bit weird how they all have fallen prone to command problems at the same time.

We are lucky to have him, those three plays I think I know and he makes them look so easy. I want people to hit balls towards him to watch him field the ball, it is artistic. I do believe Red Sox fans regret losing him.

And Rondon impressed me yesterday too, going right after Big Papi was a crucial point of the game. And the location of the heater was as impressive as the 103 on the gun.

When Rondon finished off that inning, I said “And that’s why they see him as the future closer.”

While Iglesias has great range, the key to most or all of these spectacular plays is his throwing. Just a flick of the wrist, such a quick release. The fact that Prince is able to handle all these throws demonstrates how accurate his arm is. The Tigers have a growing collection of ballplayers worth the price of admission.

glad to win the game yesterday – had to watch the sawks broadcast. They talked about not having to see verlander or miggy and i was like “hey i’d rather see verlander than max — and miggy might make some appearances don’t rule that out”.
any word on miggy and the current plan for him?

I think we will see Miggy today but if not today then tomorrow. No official word yet though.

I am kind of out of the loop – but just found out ole man dotel is probably done. Sad we could have used him as a ROOGY and coke as a LOOGY. Maybe he could at least be some sort of player/bullpen coach, yea? Luke, Evan, Drew and Rondon might use some guidance…..

any updates from regarding Greg?

No it’s been several weeks I think…..pretty worried about him.

Rod made a comment yesterday when Iglesias was on second and the Boston pitcher had his attention torn between the batter and Iglesias. He said that Iglesias was “jumping around” at second so much that the pitcher was losing his connerection with the batter. He said he never seen anything like that before from the Tigers. Why don’t the other guys do more of that?

Because the pitchers are aware that none is real steal threat and will keep their concentration on the batter

2 sides to every coin ElTigre: they are expecting us to run – we should have the easiest time running in the league.

DOH-> …AREN’T expecting…

I mean, Fielder and Miguel can jump there, the pitcher wont lose his concentration.

Hey Evan. I always appreciate you asking about me. I have been out of the hospital
for 17 straight days. This is the longest streak since March 25. The amazing thing is that my cancer is in remission; all of my health problems now pertain to ITP, which causes my blood platelets to be low. I spent a week at the University of Virginia Medical Center, and will go up on the next four Friday’s for outpatient treatment.
I’ve been reading every night, and will begin posting soon. Sorry about the medical report on a sports line, but for those interested, just wanted to keep you aware.
Thanks again Evan for asking. Have you had any of that good maple syrup yet?

So happy to hear from you Greg….I’m glad to hear you are in remission and hope your platelet problems are resolved quickly. Thanks or checking in and looking forward to reading your nightly posts as soon as you feel up to it.

As a semi-regular commenter but a constant reader of this blog, I too enjoyed reading Greg’s “3 things” each night. But your health is most important. You go ahead and post when you are good and ready and we will all be here waiting eagerly.
Keep winning the fight and Go Tigers.
— Bob

From one TIgers fan to another, get well and stay well Greg.

[big smile] it is GREAT to see you comment Greg!!! Syrup is no replacement for consistent Tiger’s coverage, unfortunately. Agreed Bob, I too (in the next morning) would check for Greg’s 3 things each day. Greg you have a great perspective and it substantially adds to my experience. For me, it’s not JUST about Tiger’s baseball – but sharing/experiencing/arguing it with friends and family.
Focus on your health, man -> I want a healthy Greg at the keyboard!

3 Great things before,/i> today’s game::
1) You are in remission
2) You are at home with family
3) You will be posting here soon

Best of luck to you!

Greg, great to hear from you. I was looking up old e-mail addresses from years ago to see if I had yours. I found one that could have been it but wasn’t sure.
If you’d like, send me an e-mail to I can get your address and have a way to get in touch with you so maybe folks here don’t worry about you.
Tell your wife I said Hi.

That’s a little used secondary account so don’t waste your time, spammers.

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