Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Running a little late, but here they are. Both Cabrera and Jackson are out.

Here’s Jim Leyland on Cabrera’s status:

“I was really encouraged yesterday. He felt much better. I just don’t know. He was treated the entire day and night last night and he actually felt better yesterday when he came in, but I don’t really have any answer.”

The move on Jackson was more precautionary. Leyland on that decision:

“I’m just real suspicious that he’s going to be pretty sore, so I’m going to give him a blow today. I don’t think it’s a matter that he can’t play. I think it’s a matter that his [trapezious] area was pretty sore last night and his neck area. He hit kind of awkward, really.”


  1. Andy Dirks, LF
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS
  3. Torii Hunter, RF
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Don Kelly, CF
  7. Omar Infante, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 3B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Michael Bourn, CF
  2. Nick Swisher, 1B
  3. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  4. Carlos Santana, C
  5. Michael Brantley, LF
  6. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  7. Jason Kubel, DH
  8. Mike Aviles, 3B
  9. Drew Stubbs, RF

P: Danny Salazar


10 pitch walk to start the game?

JV his own worst enemy. Just doesn’t ‘go after” hitters like Sanchez or even Fister. Gets 2 strikes then starts missing the strike zone. all the time. Then he has to come back in his fastball which just gets fouled off and increases the pitch count.
It’s his formula and it is not a successful one

JV is a huge concern. Everybody hits his fastball, foul first then fair, square. Throwing a fat one to Santana was totally stupid and yet he got away with it.
What the heck is wrong with this guy?

Well Im unimpressed with the first inning by Justin. Too many pitches, 2 walks, a stolen base, 3 3-ball counts, a hard hit ball by Santana which was fortunately right at Hunter and 35 pitches. Now he came out unscathed as far as runs but I cant say it was good.

Boot exactly what you want to see…your pitcher throws 35 pitches and your guys look at as many as their first batter does?

Not exactly…..

52 pitches through 2 innings at this rate he may not make it through 5 again.

I hate the contract play. It never seems to work out at least for us. Pretty much let em off the hook there in that inning. Dang.

When are these pitchers and catchers going to learn how to throw runners out. Its really incredible.

Top of the seventh. 97-98-99. K. See ya. Seven zeroes on the board.

They need a real 1B to catch the ball at first too. I would hesitate too to throw there knowing it must be perfect

Impressive for Justin to get through 7. Nice to see Nicks family so excited too bad the result but very nice moment for them.
let’s get those bats cooking.

That third pitch was strike

That was strike too

Cedarstrum in horrible but compared to the idiot last night he oddly seems ok today.

Not a lead off walk…..Benoit. spells disaster a lot.

Benoit making me nervous. Now really nervous. 2 flipping walks. Not good.

First blown save of the season. Using him today was a good call that went wrong .

Not a blown save .First lost game

Well Benoit stunk. Disappointing home stand only winning 3 of 7, but still gained a couple of games. Now off to the Tigers own hell Fenway, it always seems to be miserable there, we always seem to get screwed there.

Still a work in progress, swinging at the first pitch down 0-4

I wanted to PH for him there. Perez can be had if you work him.

Another bad running

No Castellanos didn’t show any plate savvy in either AB, but like Rod says “let’s not get it twisted” even with all the potential he wasn’t exactly hitting the cover off the ball in AAA he was pretty average this year. I’m not killing him and this was his first couple plate appearances but he’s a prospect right now and that’s it’s.
On to Boston. Lets hope Miggy gets back in soon. Looking at the weather for there it’s looks like right now a whoe lot of rain Monday and Tuesday. Disappointed in the home stand even though we gained a few.

At the game today, not the outcome I hoped for but actually not a bad game pitching wise. JV had a rough 1st inning but then held his own quite well. Too bad the bats couldn’t get us some runs. Not feeling too bad still 7.5 up. Here we come Boston.

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