Dotel done for season with forearm tightness

Octavio Dotel’s streak of World Series appearances appears to be over. Whether is career is done is now a serious question as well.

“Right now he’s just not feeling 100 percent, so we’re basically shutting him down,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said. “It’s a situation where we don’t plan on him rejoining us. His arm’s bothering him. He’s just not 100 percent.”

The team recalled Dotel from his minor-league rehab assignment, but will not activate him from the disabled list. The forearm tightness that forced him out of Friday’s game at Triple-A Toledo is a season-ending injury, if not worse.

“What happened was when he went up to Toledo he tried to get a little more [on his fastball],” manager Jim Leyland said. “he did get a little more, but the forearm just tightened right up and he just didn’t feel like he was ready to compete at this level.”

Dotel returned to Detroit this weekend for an examination from team doctors, and he could seek additional opinion from a specialist from here.

Dotel will be a 40-year-old free agent in November, so any injury that requires a lengthy rehab to return could be career-threatening. Neither Leyland nor Dombrowski know Dotel’s future plans.

He has pitched 951 innings over 758 Major League games for a record 13 different teams in a 15-year career.

“Dotel’s had a great career, won a world championship,” Leyland said. “I wish he was on the club and I wish everything was going right. And who knows, he might be contemplating trying to pitch next year. I’m not saying this is career ending. I’m just saying right now he’s not going to be available for the Tigers.”


That’s a shame about Benoit. Poor pitching cost him dearly.
Shame on the hitters today. They needed to pressure the Tribe and they didn’t.
Castellanos unfamiliar with LF, might have been able to make a spectacular catch on that ball had he not bumped against the fence.
Benoit was due for that outing. Came at a bad time.
AA pitches pretty well with no pressure eh?

Dotel did a good job for us last year. Nothing worked out well for him or us this season. Best of luck OD!!!!!

Sorry to hear the bad new re Octavio. He was pretty dependable.
I shut the game off as soon as Jim had Benoit come in. Now he’s wasted for tomorrow night. Nice to see Verlander recover. Go Tigers!!!!

Tigers scheduled tomorrow afternoon.

thanks for the reminder!

I hate that Detroit’s lead will probably be 5.5 games by Thursday, but that’s what is likely to happen, realistically speaking.

Ya not because we ar playing Boston but Boston in Fenway. It’s like the Tigers own personal hell.

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AL Central scheduling highlights for September. Cleveland has more home games than Detroit for the rest of September. Outside the central Cleveland plays the Os, Mets, and the Astros while we have the Red Sox, Marlins, and Mariners. Starting September 6th, KC will play twelve in a row against Detroit and Cleveland. Where will everyone be on September 18th?? You just have to play them one game at a time and see what happens. Sure nice to be up by 7.5 right now.

No Miggy in the lineup again! That stinks.

Okay Phil get this lefty.

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