Castellanos among next round of Tigers callups

Nick Castellanos is getting the call in the big leagues on Sunday. He’ll be bringing a few more reinforcements from the Mud Hens with him.

A source confirmed a report from John Wagner of the Toledo Blade that Castellanos has been informed he’ll join the Tigers on Sunday, the first day Major League rosters expand for September call-ups. Infielder Danny Worth and reliever Evan Reed will also be recalled from Toledo on Sunday, according to Wagner.

Jim Leyland confirmed after Saturday’s win that three players are coming up on Sunday, but did not name them. The Tigers are expected to make it official Sunday morning.

Worth and Reed are already on Detroit’s 40-man roster, so no accompanying move is necessary. The Tigers will have to add Castellanos to the 40-man roster, but the move is a formality. None of them will be eligible for the postseason roster, though the Tigers could use an injury exemption if the need arose to add them.

Castellanos hit his 18th home run of the year for the Mud Hens Saturday night to go with his 76th RBI. He’ll finish his Triple-A season with a .276 average, the product of a slow start, torrid midseason and finally a leveling-off since the All-Star break.


I don’t want to “put the cart before the horse” but if we could clinch early, there would be plenty of PT for these call ups.
Tonight’s game was fun and action packed. I think ball/strike calls by umpires has plummeted to a new low this season. It seems that nobody is able to do it anymore. I’d be fine with an electronic strike zone, but that’s the one thing they’ll never do.
I’d like to keep Infante too. He’s young enough. How many better 2ndbasemen can you name?

I know just when you don’t think you can see a worse strike zone a new ump shows up. Just wait Cedarstrum tomorrow….that dude is horrible.

Even worse than that strike zone is Leyland tip toeing backward and people calling it moonwalking. Please! 🙂

Jason, what do today’s moves mean for Bondo? Can he still be on the postseason roster if he’s not with the major league club on 8/31? I can’t recall what the rule is.

“None of them will be eligible for the postseason roster, though the Tigers could use an injury exemption if the need arose to add them” This applies to Bondo as well.

Any player on the 25 man roster, the DL, or the suspended list as of midnight, August 31st, is automatically eligible to be put on a post season roster.

Any one of those players who is injured when playoff rosters are submitted can be replaced by any player in the organization, even if they were never called up before. Even if they were never on the 40 man roster. They have to be added to or already on the 40 man roster, and the guy they’re replacing has to be eligible.

Right now, the Tigers have their 25 as of today, plus Peralta, plus Marte and Dotel. Dotel is rehabbing, but apparently that’s not going well. If he’s recalled they still have Marte’s spot as a sort of wild card. If anyone on the 25 man roster gets injured by playoff time, that’s another one that they can replace.

Thanx, both of you. I figured that was the case, but I’m surprised. I’d rather have Bondo than Albuquerque in the post-season. Al can’t find the plate, and he’s too inconsistent. Leyland was afraid to use him last year in the playoffs, and he’s struggling even more this year.

Missed the end of the game. Just saw Iggy’s squeeze. Rod Allen called it a bad bunt! Well he was able to get a ball down that was thrown at the bill of his cap high to prevent AJ being thrown out at home. It was an incredible bunt actually.

That was an amazing bunt. Rod is never accurate on the subject of bunting.

Detroit Tigers ‏@tigers3m
#Tigers lineup: Dirks 7, Iglesias 6, Hunter 9, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Kelly 8, Infante 4, Avila 2, Santiago 5. Verlander is starting.
The way things are going, this lineup will score 15 runs.

Dotel shutdown. Add another wild card to the postseason roster. And one more pitching career end to the WBC

Yet they continue to claim that players aren’t endangered by the WBC. I’d pack that tournament in a sports time capsule labeled “Bad ideas of the 21st century.”

I keep hearing reports of Castellanos’ fielding as being suspect. He is a infielder converted to left in his first year in the minor leagues. yet he committed only 3 errors along with making 8 assists. I’m sure he will be a bit awkward and amateurish out there but those numbers do reflect potential and effort.

I heard its more about routes and tracking the ball…things that don’t necessarily show up in a box score or an error. But we will find out soon enough for ourselves I suppose.

There sure is a lot of attention directed to Castellanos. You’d think the club was in a desperate situation from all the stuff I’m reading.

The combined LF for the Tigers, OPS: 727 like the Yankees, good for 7th in the AL. Third in WAR thanks to the outstanding defense by Dirks

The depth chart has Perez instead of Castellanos in LF.

Why would’nt we there be attention? He is a promising 21 year old that has been highly touted as a possible phenom. One that has a game-changing bat and can replace Miggy as a 3rd baseman eventually.moving back to 1st and DHing Fielder. That will happen. Does the team desperately need him? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but it can USE him situationally, while simultaneously give him some very valuable MLB experience.
The Tigers have done a nice job with there call ups. They got a RHB (2E has been inconsistent), a guy who can play steal you a base, infield defense, and reinforcements for the pen. The pen is still the Achilles Heel of this team. Even with the reinforcements.
I’m looking for some surprises here and one of them may be Putkonen.

Dirks after struggling a little as leadoff :307/.327/.416/.743

Dirks,after struggling a little, as leadoff

Lead Iggy off.
Memo to Jim Leyland:
Just because Castellanos is a big RHB does not mean that he should just be hitting the percentages that you so dearly love.
Most of his damage (by far) was against RHP. Though he did hit over .300 against southpaws, the extra-base power was predominantly against righties.

Verlander…..??? Which one today?

He needs Peña behind home. Someone who calls the curve ball and can handle it. Someone who argue with him him when he want to throw the wrong pitch like Laird used to do ,and that one is Peña.

10 pitches, Verlander says thank you

JV already with 35 pitches in one inning. He needs to find it quickly.

Santiago OPS, post All Star Game: 736/ Fielder 752

Runners on 2b and 3B and he went for home???

Pretty bad running there

The first song written and dedicated to our very own Detroit Tiger, Miguel Cabrera!!
A remake and rewrite of the old classic “Monster Mash”
Would like to hear your opinion.

Go Tigers!!!

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