Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

Alex Avila was understandably tired after last night’s game. He probably would’ve gotten today off regardless as Jim Leyland tries to pace him for the stretch. Torii Hunter, a .241 hitter (14-for-58) against Bartolo Colon, also gets the day off. Don Kelly’s 0-for-5 off Colon, though left-handed hitters are batting slightly higher against him this year with a better OPS.

Meanwhile, a day off for Jose Iglesias gives Leyland a chance to play the matchups with Ramon Santiago, 11-for-24 off Colon.

TIGERS (career numbers off Colon)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (3-for-11, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Andy Dirks, LF (4-for-5, HR, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (6-for-13, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (3-for-5, HR)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (5-for-20, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  6. Don Kelly, RF (0-for-5, K)
  7. Brayan Pena, C
  8. Omar Infante, 2B (1-for-5)
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS (11-for-24, 2 K’s)

P: Max Scherzer

ATHLETICS (career numbers off Scherzer)

  1. Coco Crisp, CF (3-for-11, 3 K’s)
  2. Josh Donaldson, 3B (0-for-5, 2 K’s)
  3. Jed Lowrie, DH (1-for-3, K)
  4. Brandon Moss, RF (2-for-11, walk, 4 K’s)
  5. Alberto Callaspo, 2B (2-for-12, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  6. Seth Smith, LF (2-for-11, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  7. Daric Barton, 1B (0-for-3, 3 K’s)
  8. Eric Sogard, SS (2-for-4)
  9. Stephen Vogt, C

P: Bartolo Colon


Focus on playing Oakland. B Colon??? We have hit him well the last couple seasons. What are we going to do today?? Go Tigers!!!!!

The A’s are hitting Tigers pitching this week as if they knew what was coming. I will really think there is something rotten in Denmark if they pummel Max today. I’m just confused. Not so much the outing against JV because that’s unfortunately what I’ve grown to expect this year. But Sanchez and Fister…no way. Not even the fact that Oakland is winning games but with how a team that doesn’t hit is creaming us.. Inexplicable.

You’re not saying that all of our pitchers are tipping, are you?
Fister was up in the zone too much, Sanchez was off, Verlander is struggling, and they haven’t seen the back end of our pen, other than that wet appearance by Rondon and a blowout outing by Smyly to get some work in. Plus the A’s hitters all got going at the same time. Baseball itself is an inexplicable sport.
If Prince had been hitting in any other ballpark, he would have had two huge homers and the entire series would have played out differently.

Nope not saying that.

Well Fister has a fistory of having big, bad inning sof 5 hots or more. He can be dominating then he can be one of the most hittable guys around.
So no surprise there.
Sanchez was another story.
Now I have often wondered in the of technology and and this of scouting, and cheating, how honourble are teams in stealing signs. I think they delay the game enough to factor out LIVE TV.. But that is steal a very effective way of educating your team on signage.

The BullPen (Going Forward):
Smyly—misued, need him long

Summary: Just not good enough with an average to good rotation.
Our rotation needs to be excellent.

Pitch right down the middle to to Lawrie. Call me officially panicked. I just dont believe what is going on.

I said if we lost the 2nd game, I’d be officially worried. I’m way past that point, now.

There is trouble in River City. The A’s hitters are having their way with our starters. Too many balls, too many walks, too many pitches. Our starters look like they have hit a wall. I hope Max can find his way but we now have to count on a 2nd string offense against a crafty pitcher.
I wall also point out that it looks to me like Mr Streaky, AJ, is back on a abad one and is having a very difficult time in Centre Field as well.

AJ appears to be aging fast. He probably would benefit in a smaller ballpark. Just my observations, though.

29 pitches looked at by A’s hitters today.
I expect nothing more from Prince than we we saw in the 1st.
He’s not a solid, clutch contributor I don’t care what anybody says.

I can’t say I disagree with you it’s hard to argue with his rbi’s but are they clutch or important rbi’s? It would be interesting to research that.

Argh…….might want to take a page out of the A’s approach to hitting and stop being easy quick outs especially since your ace just threw a ton of pitches.

Come on Tigers. No more Groundhog Day.

Tigers starters: 840.0 IP before today 1/3 more than the Reds with the second coming of Billy Martin as manager. 23 more than he Chicago teams and the Dodgers. With only 6 starters used
Bullpen only 365 IP death last in MLB.
It is August, the time is hot and the arms heavier.

2 innings and the tigers have managed a 2 out single from Miggy and one from Pena. Come on you are better than this.

Max Scherzer needs to be an ace, a stopper, today.

Fielder weighted run creation: 113. 66th in MLB

What exactly does that mean? I don’t understand that stat..he’s the 66th best run producer in MLB?

From Fangraphs:

“Weighted Runs Created (wRC) is an improved version of Bill James’ Runs Created (RC) statistic, which attempted to quantify a player’s total offensive value and measure it by runs”

113 is between great and excellent
Miguel is at 204.

Yes, there are 65 players better than him producing runs

Well that’s pretty crappy considering how hes being compensated.

Really Andy? Pop out again!

Professional team there. ..guess what if you can’t pitch and you wont hit please make sure you dont give them anything extra. Wake the hell up …every one of them. ..what an embarrassment.

We are fans of a bad baseball team at this moment. Kelly misplayed Callaspo’s ball off the wall and then he brain farted a throw to Fielder who lazy on the play.
no way this team comes back today. They do not believe in themselves right now.
I feel bad for Max but he has not thrown well today at all.

Again hitting like they know whats coming. And know im not saying we are tipping pitches but do we need to change up the signs are they stealing signs? They didnt just miraculously go from a cruddy hitting team to this either. Other than Justin none of these pitchers have been this bad all year. And to have 4 of these in a row?

Like that triple Donaldson just hit how the heck do you hit that unless you know it’s on the way? Especially for a triple. T

Even with the talent the Tigers have, they don’t have the fire to play aggressive ball. Maybe they should be forced to watch tapes of this series before they go home. How to be Agressive-101.

Or the homerun Moss just hit? You gotta freaking be kidding me!

while appreciate Miggy trying to set an example for his teammates and playing aggressive… that was not a double for him and never was. Hopefully he didn’t make things worse for himself and for the Tigers.

look for me crying in the corner.

He wasted a couple seconds admiring it, for chrissakes. Now, he’s hurt.

agreed-that was stupid!

Surely you have more important things to cry about then a baseball game, then again I hope for your sake that is the worst thing you have to cry about.

The rhetorical question would be “how could it get worse” and Miggy just provided the non-rhetorical answer.

Usually hitters don’t crush every mistake pitch but the A’s have done it all week. They should enjoy it while they can.

No comment on the solo Homerun Prince just hit 5 runs behind.
Oh, maybe that was a comment.

i will comment… its meaningless.

Every run counts.

Wouldn’t you think coming off the bench like Torii just did cold you might want to look at maybe even just one pitch instead of of swinging at that???? Im not a professional getting paid millions and millions but it just seems like common sense.

geesh looking like crap today!

2E made a great defensive play right there! If he keeps it up Jim Price might have to begin pronouncing his name correctly.

It was a nice play.

That ump..that pitch to dirks wasn’t even freaking close to a strike That idiot just changed that whole ab and maybe what could of happen in the game.

what is the deal with prince’s intro music. I realize it is the artist formally known as prince. But as someone who is the same age as prince — i find it hard to believe he loves prince (the artist). anyone ever asked him about it?

His mom loves Prince.

It’s been that for a little while now he had Mozart for quite a while …but this has been going on or at least a few weeks if not a little longer. Prince and Prince makes perfect sense to me he’s closer is age to him than Mozart. Lol

Not to mention 2 pitches to Avila does the ~>€#<. ~ump just want to go home? Should be three on and 0 outs.

It is not over until it is over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow !!!!!!
— Bob

That’s baseball boys and girls!!!!!! Tigers win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I’m at work, did Torii just hit a walk off home run. That should get them fired up for the Cleveland series….I hope.

He did!!! Wasn’t completely sure it was going out but he did it! You’ll have to watch it later!

I knew it as soon as he hit it. Great victory for the Tigers!

Not me I wasn’t sure…..too good to be true I thought!

As soon as he hit it I burst out laughing.

As I said up there at the top…… is an inexplicable game.

Also glad Max didn’t get te loss.? Is that bad? Before I was crying because of te week of pitching now tears of happiness. I know there’s no crying in baseball but?? Lol

Tears of happiness are perfectly acceptable in baseball, in my opinion.

walk off!!! listened at work and just wanted to scream but had to remain quiet with a huge smile on my face! this is the spark we need heading into this weekend! I was starting to worry

The impressive thing about Torii was that he was TRYING to leave the park.
Great victory in a game we actually didn’t deserve to be in. The bullpen, such as it is, kept us in..
Very glad to be wrong about not being able to come back.
One of the best victories in recent tiger history and has changed a very negative trend the team was stuck in.

BOOOOOOM! first game i have gotten to catch live since I lift home. I feel like 10 million dollars now!
Now lets stop playing like crap, eh?

Max just gave a really nice interview. He was truly happy even though e didn’t have the best day.

Ya don’t let the job of the pen especially Luke…total key for them to keep the A’s off the board.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you stay until the last out! Baseball, what a great game! Go Tigers!

HR and runs in open games are meaningless. That run by Cabrera was meaningless ,and in normal conditions bad baseball, but not his running. When the best player of the team risk his body, the rest must be ashamed for giving up.
Scherzer must be the luckiest man on earth. He cant lose
Fielder, OPS: 792. 54th in MLB.13 rd among 1B. Below Dunn.
He is below Peralta, Hunter and Infante (!) And Infante is above him because of the Slugging not the OBP.Omar Infante is slugging more than Prince Fielder.
BTW: I dont see Infante next year with the team. Scutaro signed for 20MM/3 . Less than that would be low balling Infante , (Scutaro is 37 YO). And Infante is the best 2B available as FA after Cano . Olney thinks The Tigers could go after Cano. I doubt that.
I see Perez playing 2B. His glove is as good as Iglesias and has better arm and dont take time playing with the ball before throwing it like Jose.I not impressed with him so far. There is a reason for his up and downs with Boston and they giving up for an unproven prospect like Bogaerts.

I’m impressed. Very impressed!

They will probably need time to make an adjustment to Iggy. Jhonny was quiet, and didn’t demand attention. I hope they let Iggy shine a little because I think he’s a star in the making. Gotta share the starpower!

Perez will be the 2nd baseman next year. I’m pretty sure of that. Devon Travis is only a year, or most, two behind him.
Not sure what happens with Miggy but I expect he will insist on playing Cleveland.
If I was DD, I would be instructing Toledo to play Castellanos at 3rd for the rest of their schedule.

Don’t say my Omar might be gone next year? Way to spark some life into the team right before the Indians – never say die till it is over

I like Omar, also, but they haven’t said anything about extending his contract.

I would expect both Jhonny and Omar to find greener pastures next year. DD has to lighten the payroll and with Iglesias and Perez he accomplishes this.
Would he be brave enough to trade either Fielder or Verlander. That’s a tough one.
They would bring prospects along with quality position players.
Watching Miggy go down like that at 2nd (twice now in the last week or so) I have a suggestion for him to dininish and mange the pain——–
Just start hitting dingers again!!!!

Kill two birds with one stone. Bring in that CF fence and they can get 100 homers from Cabrera and Fielder alone.
Pretty sure they don’t bring Peralta back. Infante, well, it’s difficult to guess with DD. Omar has done well here in his second go around.
Why on earth would Olney say they’d go after Cano? To get page hits?

No way DD goes after Cano to much coin with contracts like Miggy and Scherzer coming up.

As fate would have it I took the day off today and watched the game at home. What a finish.
Unless I’m sleep walking, there must be another Marty on this blog who earlier made the comment about Max. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t me……..pretty sure………….
I also laughed out loud when Torii hit the walk off. Or maybe I just yelled out. I know whatever I burst out, it was very very loud. I always feel there’s at least a 50/50 chance when Torii’s up with the game on the line. I really felt something good was going to happen there. He’s worth his weight in gold. He is by every definition a winner. And he makes this team so much better.
DOK gets fan of the day award for his positive attitude. Yes, every run does count. Solo home runs when you’re down by 5 late count just as much as 3 run walk offs.
They all add up.
Watched “42” on DVD tonight for the first time. Excellent movie…..Yes, I am media challenged……..

The key for the weekend is controlling Cleveland’s running game. Bourne, Kipnis, Stubbs and Brantley can steal a game (or a series) from you.
JL has all kinds of excuses for not being able to throw out runners. The fact is that we are among the worst in baseball and this is just not an “is what it is” thing.
We have to get better and not fall into blaming everything on the pitchers. If that is the case then Jeff Jones has something else to teach these guys.

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