Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Mets

Victor Martinez is back behind the plate for the Detroiters, catching Rick Porcello. However, Jose Iglesias is still out.

Strong splits for Dillon Gee, who’s giving up much more damage to left-handed hitters (.293 average, .834 OPS) than right-handed ones (.242, .642).


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (0-for-1, 2 walks off Dillon Gee)
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-8, walk off Gee)
  8. Ramon Santiago, SS
  9. Rick Porcello, P


  1. Eric Young, LF
  2. Daniel Murphy, 2B (2-for-3 off Porcello)
  3. Marlon Byrd, RF
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Justin Turner, 3B (0-for-2 off Porcello)
  6. Juan Lagares, CF
  7. Travis d’Arnaud, C
  8. Omar Quintanilla, SS
  9. Dillon Gee, P


No words to describe him…….did that go 500 or more feet? Holy moly Miggy!

Hope they give a distance on that.

Almost like the high and tight pitch on 1-0 woke him up a little and then…. wow. That almost landed in New Jersey

Moon shot indeed. I hope our guys can ad some more though. 2 runs for Ricky P is never enough.

Miggy, good grief.

As for V-Mart behind the plate, I like the move. If Detroit advances to the World Series, I’d prefer his bat in the lineup. Also, thanks to the All-Star Game, he would only have to catch three games at most.

Call him “Moonshot Miggy”!

They are saying that only went 429 feet….I got a bridge to sell ya? Who measures these things?

Rick not getting that low strike, that’s a killer for a sinkerball pitcher……walks kill!

Trivia answer: Willie Mays?

Tom Seaver

There goes the lead, better get the hitting shoes back on……..

Stop bunting

Impressed with Toriis AB not impressed how he didn’t hustle down the line with his bat in hand. Gee bobbled it and you never know had he put more pressure on him by hustling. Laligagger

Albert Pujols almost got acquainted with Torii’s fist for saying something as silly as that. Go back to watching Little League if that is your criticism. Torii has been a GREAT addition, no doubt.

Doesn’t mean in that case he didn’t lolligag down the line..pretty sure Torii old tell you the same. He’s not above criticism even though he’s been great 90 % of the time but there he wasn’t.

Dirk bomb tigers back in the lead. Keep your foot on the peddle

I guess infante was afraid to slide?

Mayo—right you are. I actually thought this was going to be a trick question, (obviously a lapse of thinking), that the player went into the hall for the last team they played for. Mays ended his career as a met and Seaver played the last 10 years of his career as a non-Met.

I don’t think opposing pitchers are worried much at all about Prince Fielder.

Posted my comment before the PF whiff….Honest!

Omar claw hands!

Well done Rick.

Not real wild about the idea of bringing Rondon in here.

Wow—gladly eat my words. Got away with the killer leadoff walk and some rusty catching by VMart. Might have done Rondon a lot of good to have exhibited that slider 3 times in a row. Got to have hitters worried about it and not digging in for the heater. Excellent job.

I thought Rondon looked strong. His sliders to Byrd were top notch. If he gets that pitch over consistently…. look out.

Tack on runs……yes

Looking like a laugher but it really wasn’t.

Nice win, good effort by Ricky.

Followed on game cast today…..great game! Go Dirks go!

Am blacked out of all these Mets games. But presently enjoying the
Mets’ broadcast team who do a good job. Very even handed. Some funny remarks. They likened the Tiger 9th inning to a conveyor belt like the one in the old “I love Lucy” show where the chocolate candies were coming down the belt and overwhelmed Lucy less than a minute on the job. Funny. They also “correctly” observed that the Tigers must lead the league in girth, listing Rondon, Prince, Pena, and Miggy. Funny stuff.
At the end of the game they both agreed that the Tigers were probably the best team they’d seen this year, with the Dodgers being a close second.

Yes, good to see Andy getting it going again. Always solid defensively.
Castellanos a double and homer today. Hardy (a southpaw) threw another good game.

Should be some good close games with Oakland this week. A possible postseason matchup again.
I’m wondering if they bring back Santiago for next year. That bears watching as a glimpse into the club’s plans. Maybe a one year deal? Ramon obviously still has it out there.

I doubt Ramon will be back. I can see the Tigers making a run a Omar and going with Iglesias, INfante and Perez as middle IF.

I was “very optimistic” that we might hold onto the win….and then they blew it apart. Fun, but not for the Mets, I’m sure! Go Tigers!!!!!!

Miggy is amazing. And to do what he has hurt–is a whole other story.
Batting .360 is incredible and it makes me realize how darn good Magglio was 5 or 6 years ago when he did the same. In this day and age? Amazing.

When I try to do too much. I don’t do too much.

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