Friday’s lineups (Game 2): Tigers vs. Royals

The top five hitters in the Tigers lineup are unchanged. Andy Dirks, Brayan Pena and Ramon Santiago replace Matt Tuiasosopo, Bryan Holaday and Omar Infante, respectively. That leaves Don Kelly on the bench, but he’ll likely start Saturday night when Torii Hunter gets a game off.

The Royals turn to former Minnesota and Cleveland utilityman Jamey Carroll at third base and lead him off against spot-starting lefty Jose Alvarez. Chris Getz moves down to the ninth spot.

TIGERS (career numbers off James Shields)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (7-for-20, walk, 6 K’s)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (12-for-41, 11 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (15-for-35, 2 HR, 3 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (5-for-14, 2 walks)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (9-for-28, 8 K’s)
  6. Andy Dirks, LF (2-for-6, HR, K)
  7. Brayan Pena, C (4-for-10, walk, K)
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B (7-for-23, 5 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Jose Alvarez


  1. Jamey Carroll, 3B
  2. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Alex Gordon, LF
  5. Salvador Perez, C
  6. David Lough, RF
  7. Emilio Bonifacio, CF
  8. Alcides Escobar, SS
  9. Chris Getz, 2B

P: James Shields


Well, we have a bunch of 300 hitters vs Shields. Will they be able to hit even .250 tonight?

Verlander finally has a good start and he takes the loss. Well that sucks. The royals are gonna continue to expose our weakness on stopping the running game. Hopefully we figure out a way to stop it. Im predicting a miguel cabrera home run tonight. GO TIGERS! LETS GET EM!

Jim, give up on the small ball. You don’t have the team for it.

Kansas City has always been obsessed with outfielders.

They have too. Their park makes good ones mandatory.
And speed too.

They have to.

Sanchez pitched a pretty good game with Peña and he is hitting. He cant be regular but he can share more of the load

The change up is killing him

Prince is making me crazy.

Cesar Gutierrez.

Slowly blowing this game too. The hitters sre definitely in one of their team-wide slumps.

It’s like watching a re-run that you didn’t like the first time.

Santiago cost one out

13 innings 5 hits and 1 run. Boy’s got there hitting shoes on tonight. Boring.

Add an inning and a hit batter. ……so exciting.

The Royals seem to have our number this season! It’s so painful to watch this team when they are mired in a slump. Shields may have a complete game 3 hitter shutout at this pace.

Add another…….snoozeville

Getz must only get hits against us. Nice throw to 1st bondo

Bondo brought that 2006 WS defense with him.

16 innings 5 hits 1 run…..some bad ass offense we’ve got going. Seriously if there wasn’t a screeching 3 year old sitting behind me I’d be asleep.

At least Miguel is looking better while fielding.

I dont believe in jinx but


This has been the closest ass whipping I’ve ever seen, score-wise.

I had to leave to go wash my car. I couldnt stand to watch anymore. But i am still listening on the radio just in case of a miracle.


Well today cost me 40 in parking $112 in tickets and$39 in concessions. And I got treated to 1 homerun ! Refund please.

So we got about 78,000 people in the park today who saw one run on six hits total? Good thing the Tigers don’t have to thrive on repeat business.
Next you’ll tell me the postgame fireworks didn’t fire or work.
See ya tomorrow.

Last time KC took a double header from the Tigers:1984

Good omen?? 84 ended well.

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