Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Same as last night. Considering the White Sox have another left-handed starting pitcher going, this should be neither peculiar nor surprising.

TIGERS (career numbers off Hector Santiago)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (2-for-12, HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (0-for-5, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (1-for-3, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (4-for-9, walk, K)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-6, K)
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF (0-for-5, walk, 4 K’s)
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (1-for-1)
  8. Brayan Pena, C (1-for-3, walk, K)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-3)

P: Max Scherzer

WHITE SOX (career numbers off Scherzer)

  1. Alejandro De Aza, LF (5-for-24, HR, walk, 9 K’s)
  2. Gordon Beckham, 2B (5-for-26, 3 walks, 8 K’s)
  3. Alexei Ramirez, SS (3-for-35, 4 walks, 3 K’s)
  4. Adam Dunn, DH (8-for-27, 2 HR, 4 walks, 11 K’s)
  5. Paul Konerko, 1B (8-for-35, 2 HR, walk, 15 K’s)
  6. Avisail Garcia, RF
  7. Jeff Keppinger, 3B (2-for-9, HR, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  8. Jordan Danks, CF (0-for-1)
  9. Josh Phegley, C (1-for-5)

P: Hector Santiago


Thought we might see Holaday tonight.

Dotel in 2012 vs LHB:288/.772
Coke in 2013 vs RHB:286/.863
Dotel success last year was credited ,and rightly so, to his low exposure to LHB.

Need a good game tonight and stop this mini losing streak. Go Tigers!

Paulino hit .310 in over 500 PAs in 2006 for the Pirates.

Wagner: after being HBP. ” Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin said that, barring a setback, he expected Castellanos to return to the lineup Wednesday.”

AJ again and again and again not good with RISP, this time bases loaded. (sigh)

It’s sad that bases left loaded is not a shock.

Well another night so far of doing everything but scoring. Three innings 4 hits and 3 walks and have 1 run to show for it??

Hit and run?

Infante 6th?

What is Leyland thinking running Prince? He is sooooo lucky he has great players. Just think if Trammell had this line up!

Hit and run is the only play worse than a bunt

Except when it works.


With El Tigre.

Iglesias sure has a glove! Wow!

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Playing crappy ball from pitching to hitting to now fielding. Congrats the standing of runners continues …no interest I guess they just think they throw their gloves out there and they will win. Wake the heck up boys.

Sorry, but Max is no ace. He gets 6 runs per game for support! How many more innings will Leyland run us out of!

Cmon. Max is no ace. Idc how much run support he gets he has been pitching lights out for most of the season. And nobody has been pitching better than him on the tigers so ya hes our ace. And id take him anyday as a staff ace. Man u win a bunch of games and lose a couple and all of a sudden the whole team sucks. Cmon guys they cant be perfect every night for the whole 162 game schedule. So tired of all these negative people. We dang near have the best record in the a.l. were in the top in basically all of the offensive and pitching categories. What more do u want? Were not gonna go 162 and 0 and play flawless baseball for 162 games. Geez.

Just the sherzer part was for you DB. I mean dont get me wrong i like to complain now and again especially about coke and fielder. Im not talking about that. Im talking about people who complain about every little thing and when a player has a small cold streak or the team has a small cold streak and its like the end of the world. And im not necessarily talking about this blog. I read alot of different ones. Just figired id clear that up. I dont want someone to think im singling them out.

He does get six runs of support but he also has an era below 3?

Don’t forget managing Mrs. Negative!

Ya I forgot…..Leyland did take some swings to strand those runners? How did I forget that? And that pitch he hit Beckam with, not to mention the triple Leyland gave up. Stupid me. Lol

To be fair, not even Iglesias or Hunter reach 2b with that rocket

It was a rocket


Dang I got fooled on that hit off the bat of Dirks I thought it was going to drop in at first? Argh

That was the RS for IP not for GS that is a little lower

As we speak, we have a 5-3 road trip. Our lead has expanded from 3 to 6.5 games.

Big picture.

Not trying to take anything away from Chris Davis, but he his his 44th tonight in Arizona. But with the parks e plays most of his games at, several home run hitters parks in the AL east, it just seems like its just a hair easier for him in those parks to hit homers now two in AZ not her park where the ball flys.


Yeh Prince. Argh.

So far, just a little regression after 16-1

Cleveland won.

They are working well together after just one game

KC lost

We need one more batter to reach and no double plays for cabrera to bat in the ninth.

Yes yes yes. We got lucky on that one

Pena! Pena

Yes. Man pena has been swinging it lately. It may not of been pretty but we will take it.

Max cant get the loss now.

They have to take away that error from Ramirez don’t they?

I would go with Benoit . He needs to shake off the rust

Perfect pitch to prevent a bunt: fast, high and inside.

Ya that was fortunate. And boy that foul down the right field line was barely foul…heart attack mode.

He survived the E by Infante.

10th inning Dirks flew out on ball 4.

Saw the replay on the Garcia triple. Ouch. Max should have been outa there. I didn’t think Torii put a “Max’ effort on that play.
Missed the game. I hope I hear they have at least played well but somehow I’m thinking otherwise.

Boy ump squeezing Bondo….beckham was struck out 5 pitches before he was Dunn was struck out? Ump wants to go I guess.

Bonderman did an excellent job. He looks dominant. Got some bad breaks on the umping and still pitched very, very well. I’m totally impressed with him and he is a pleasant surprise.

Ya he’s been good

Tough break for Miggy. He hit the ball well and the Sox got 3 breaks on the play. The pitcher accidentally slowed it down, Ramirez was able to get to it and Miggy has no wheels right now.
I am very worried about him and I really feel they need to give him a rest.

Mistake to walk Flowers–gotta pitch to him.

Geez our club is so bad in extra innings. I will refrain from blaming it on Jl. But something is wrong here.

Kiss this one goodbye. Coke does not have the ability to get out of this mess. D’Aza quite likely to end right away. No confidence in Coke –RHB or LHB

Sal Coke

9 days to send him to Toledo

Show me someone in that dugout smashing things up. We need some heart on this team. We simply can’t afford to lose games like this.

DD keeps messing up with the bullpen. we needed a LHP in that pen before the deadline. Still time to do it.

Last 5 games

Friday ..14 lob . 2-13 risp . 1 error lost game 4-3
Saturday 7 lob…3-6 risp . 2 gidp . W 9-3
Sunday 12 lob . …3-13 risp 1 gidp 1 error lost 5-4
Monday . 6 lob..0-6 risp. 1gidp lost 6-2
Tuesday . 12 lob. 3 gidp, 2-15 risp 1 error lost 4-3

See any common themes there?? Strand more runners than most teams get hits in most games you not going to usually come out on top. Make error? Mediocre starting pitching? Boy it’s just really disappointing. I know Phil s going to take most of the heat or this, but it goes back further.

That’s 51 runners lob……10-53 runners in scoring position. Really freaking bad.

Phil shouldn’t get the heat at all. He’s doing the best he can. Honest, he is. It’s the fact he is evan an option in late innings that is deeply disturbing.
Our offense needs to be better. Top 3 in the lineup did nothing tonight. Fielder went another game without a home-run. The left fielders didn’t hit. What do you expect?

Sorry Evan—I meant “even”.

I shut it off in the 8th. Why, you ask? Because it’s de javu all over again with this team. Back to square one. Out of sync and not clicking on all cylinders.

They have too much trouble with Chicago and their LH starters. Seven more games with them and perhaps seven more lefties.

I sure hope DD is slick enough to find a lefty for our pen. He actually should get two and get rid of Coke. Coke, contrary to popular belief, is not pitching any better to LHB than he is t RHB. They are hitting him pretty much the same in about the same number of at bats. His bat/avg against with runners in scoring position is over .350. His WHIP is just about 1.50 and HELLOOOOO it has been for FOUR YEARS!!.
Smyly has been specialized and reduced to an inning a week. Essentially we do not have a LHP solution in our pen. Certainly nothing for next year.
There is a waiver wire—Dombrowski needs to be vigilant. Still say they at least have to consider Alvarez.

The spotlight on the bullpen is being aimed by the guys up in the rafters; the hitters.
Every night now, Rod Allen’s mission is to say “this is the best offense in baseball” several times. We watch the games and don’t see that to be the case. Last night we were on the brink of the Cabrera/Boesch disaster of the second half of 2010. There’s not much to be done for it, but I will make two suggestions. 1) hit Infante 6th. There’s no other option. 2) give Prince Fielder a freakin’ day off! Is that so hard to do?

Jim isn’t going to do that. He’s a player’s manager. Prince would actually have to volunteer for a day off and I don’t see that happening. Now, we hear he has personal issues, but Prince says he’s “fine”. Miggy can’t run or bend over, but he’s in the MVP discussion and you know Jim only wants his player’s happy. Jim has a real dilemma on his hands and I think he knows it.

The lack of versatility with VMart and Fielder is putting undo pressure on Miggy. The best thing to do right now is to put Miggy on the DL IMO. I’d hate to see it but they won’t DH him to get him at least a “half day off”. The team can’t seem to reward their slugger when he comes through like he does anyway.
This is a problem that needs serious consideration. Running the risk of more serious injury is just not worth it.
I know all the downside this suggests. Who will play 3rd then? How do you relace his bat? His heart? Well, you can’t but you also can’t lose this guy for the year or torture him and render him a megastar at 60%.
It’s time for some of these guys to step up, accept some responsibility and carry the team while their best player is allowed to repair his body..

Fanforlife, just wanted to get some reaction. Some people complain about every little thing. Some like to analyze what is wrong. When the Tigers win is it because of Leyland? He sent Prince on a hit and run. Is that good managing? We are in 1st place and it is a team effort. Cabrera’s injury will get better as time goes by. Put him at DH for a while, bat Victor 4th( after all, he is hitting .380 since July 1st), Omar 5th, and Prince 6th. Shake it up Jimmy Smokes! But I know you won’t, SOC. Someone on this team needs to step up. Let’s start another winning streak! Go Tigers!

So, Torii said Prince is having personal issues. Can his manager talk to him? After all, he is a players manager, right? Give Prince 3 days off. So what if he has played in 500 straight games.

Since Fielder doesn’t want to take time off, giving him 3 days off might only provide him more time to dwell on his problems. After watching Cabrera yesterday, I hope they are considering putting him on the DL — but he’s in the lineup again today, a day game after a (long) night game.

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