Monday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Omar Infante is back in the Tigers lineup, having been activated from the DL this afternoon.He did not hit particularly well on his rehab assignment at Toledo, but Yankees pitching made it clear Hernan Perez was overmatched in the big leagues at this point, at least as a hitter. Interesting, though, that Perez was optioned back to Triple-A Toledo rather than Double-A Erie, where he was “optioned” last weekend until Jhonny Peralta was suspended.

Infante bats seventh, meaning Jose Iglesias keeps the ninth spot, where Jim Leyland likes to stash his “second lead off hitter” normally.

On the White Sox side, former Tiger Avisail Garcia is in the starting lineup, batting sixth and playing right field. Considering how much time Tom Brookens spent working with Garcia on his throws home, I would be surprised if he sent anyone home aggressively on a base hit or fly ball to right.


1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Torii Hunter, rf
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
4. Prince Fielder, 1b
5. Victor Martinez, dh
6. Matt Tuiasosopo, lf
7. Omar Infante, 2b
8. Brayan Pena, c
9. Jose Iglesias, ss
P: Doug Fister


1. Alejandro De Aza, lf
2. Gordon Beckham, 2b
3. Alexei Ramirez, ss
4. Adam Dunn, dh
5. Paul Konerko, 1b
6. Avisail Garcia, rf
7. Jeff Keppinger, 3b
8. Jordan Danks, cf
9. Josh Phegley, c
P: Chris Sale


Okay boys time to get the winning streak going again ..going to be tough against Sale

I’m in Chicago for work and it’s raining pretty good right now. Hopefully it will clear up by game time.

Just looked at the radar…looks like it should clear out.

Last chance for 2E. If he fails to contribute this series we’ll see Castellanos.

Although sure would be nice to see 2E turn it back on, wondering if we just might see some renewed energy on the field and in the clubhouse with two rookie starters in Iglesias and Castellanos? I know Castellanos is no Puig but sure would be nice to have some of that same kind of spark from a newbie coming into the mix that has lit up the Dodgers.

That’s who my son loves: Puig. I don’t think they are going to bring up Nick C.

I guess it would be interesting if nothing else to see Castellanos, but it not like he’s killing the ball AAA he’s only hitting .278?? Mind you I’m not necessarily against it, but what in that average makes everyone think he’s ready to hit it up here? I’ve also read that he’s not very good in the outfield yet since he’s very new to the position.

Peña was lucky yesterday, he made contact with the Ump and that is an automatic expulsion.

Granted on all fronts. Probably more so just wishful thinking that we could get a spark from the farm for that LF position that so far this year has been pretty much a black hole. Is Delmon Young still available since the Phillies DFA’d him? (Just kidding!!)) just something else.

Imagine Garcia having to watch that soar over his head!!

Let’s end it here, Dougie.

If this home plate umpire needs his eyes examined I know some and related to 1 eye doctor. Jeez. I feel like a recording, a boring one at that.

Doug is bound and determined to with the help of the umpire give this away.

Fister’s problem today is that his curve ball appears to be too good. Wonder if Holaday will be able to handle it?

I had a feeling this was not going to be easy.

Prince is simply a poor fielder. He’s actually a Rich Fielder, but I’m sure you know what I mean.
We may have a really nice record over the last 20 games but I’m a little worried about this team. It always boils down to playing good baseball or bad baseball and we are far too prone to both styles.

Why the heck did he cut off that throw to the plate?

Just a mess going on, now

Nice cut off Prince if you cant catch it just let it go..dude still got to second and they may of gotten guy at home. Cant field, cant hit what can you do?

Might need to start thinking about getting doug out…….really disappointed

Well, Sale is good. However, the White Sox play just awful and we are mimicking them. Geez. C’mon, Tigers!!!!

Well that really good pitching we were getting for a few weeks seems to be regressing again.

I thought 2E had a homer for minute. Nope

This does happen to Fister. When he gives up hits they often come in bunches. I think he felt he had to get away from the breaking ball and it cost him.
Tough break on VMart’s grounder. These are the kind of games that drive you nuts. And the Chisox excel at driving us nuts some times.

Really disappointing……..KC just keeps rolling while we’re looking pathetic 2 days in a row and 3 out of the last 4 days against poor teams. I swear. Just when ya think your starting to see something special. Yes I know I’m being negative but doesnt this just feel like a little bit of a slide?

Nice Jose….
Third wild pitch of the game…..jeez Doug.

We need hits and more importantly runs.

Nope a double play ball instead.

AlAl in. Let’s keep an eye on that slider of his.
Spectacular play by Iglesias. He is going to be a treat. And I think he will hit.

I have always thought a lot of AlAl. Not anymore. I don’t think he is what he was two years ago and I would gladly sway him out for a good LHP for our pen.

No team is as good as it looks when is winning, not as bad as it looks when is losing

You got that right.

Well with they look pretty bad. I’m not mad they are going to lose to a really good pitcher. It’s the lazy…quick outs that make me mad. It’s the wild pitches its the poor pitching by Fister.

I thought Chicago doesn’t hit well????….they’ve handled Velander and Fister retry well.

3rd inning was pretty brutal. The play that hit fister in the foot could actually have been a DP. His wildness really did him in that innng though.
Al Q is getting hit like a pinata. He’s got to go.

Looks like we’re sacrificing the game to give Al his final chance. And he failed.

Reed or Putkonen?

or Downs.

Gotta be up at 5:00 not wasting any more time on these guys tonight……I’ll just be happy if I wke up and find out the won. #unlikely.

I’d go Reed. I have a suspicion that Bonderman will be wasted as a long man. I doubt it would be Downs as they really want to go with Coke as the lefty.
And I’m interested in Dotel’s progress.

AND…….Jim has to do a better job operating this bullpen.

I’d probably go Reed too, but if Downs is throwing like he did in April and May I’d rather have him. He had two perfect innings in his last outing. They did go with 3 lefties in the pen until Downs got hurt. Probably all three (Reed, Putkonen, Downs) will be on the September roster.

We NEED another lefty in the pen. Especially the way JL uses Coke and Smyly. Alvarez is the guy we could use.

I don’t think they’ll bring Alvarez up for the pen because they need him stretched out if they need a sixth starter. There’s nobody else in the minors that could be used in that role. Alvarez may compete for a bullpen job next spring.

You can use him as a swing man. long relief. It’s not like this is a new concept.

Hope we get a good starting pitching performance tonight, the last two unacceptable…

Bullpen?? Our manager has made it perfectly clear he wants his playoff experienced guys to get back in form. They are Alburquerque, Coke, and Dotel. Bonderman serves as a backup plan right now. Six weeks to go and we need to figure out who our fourth, fifth, and sixth men in the BP are. Still sorting.

Observations from last night: 1) Sale is very good. His fastball under the Right Handed batters hands at 95 is an incredible pitch coupled with the slider. He was a treat to watch, even for a TIgers fan. The only hitter he didn’t bust inside was Miggy. 2) I *HATE* when umps do not ring up hitters on 0-2. I thought one key was De Aza at bat in the 4th, when he took strike 3, ump missed it and the inning continued. 3) As great at Iggy’s play was, Ramerez made just as big a play on VMart, getting Miggy at 3rd on a ground out. Killed our best shot against Sale. 4) Al ABQ got hit hard, even his outs were loud. Hitting too much of the plate with his fastball and not putting hitters away with 2 strikes. 5) Rondon impresses me each time out. Gave up a infield-in single, but otherwise looked really good. 6) as alyaws Miggy is unbeleivable to watch hit, enjoy him folks, it is truly special.

Back from vacation and I missed out on seeing all of the great games last week, what a timely streak when playing the Indians. A rough game last night though. I am not a huge fan of AlAl either – thought I was but he just can’t seem to keep it together for enough games in a row for my comfort. Going to see the Hens on Friday night so will see how our farm guys are doing, would like to see some good bat from Nick C. Miggy is ridiculous how well he hits even when he is hurt. Man is in a class by himself, feel like a broken record on that one.

Cabrera’s three homers in NY: yanked one down the LF line, bombed one to dead center, and poked one out to RF. He has become the best hitter I’ve ever seen. I won’t count Ted Williams because he was a zillion years old when I saw him, plus he didn’t face high powered bullpens.

Last note: I really like Pena’s bat, but his defense is not close to Avila’s.

disagree with you, there.

Just read on twitter (retweeted by Freep I think). That Torii was being interviewed on what I think might be a radio show that something is happening with Fielder off the field that might be affecting his play on the field.
I think somebody on here mentioned something recently that there might be something going on with him?? If this is true I feel sorry for him, but ya still gotta do a little better or ya gotta take some time off to clear your head.

And or his friends have to pick up some slack….somebody not named Miguel cause he’s already trying.

Tell Miguel Cabrera to go to a good Chiropractor for his hip problem. Tell him to come to northeast Michigan and I will take him to good chiropractor. He will take care of his hip problem in short order. He can contact me by my email.

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