Avila examined, cleared to play tonight

The news out of Detroit was good for catcher Alex Avila, who was examined this morning in Detroit for a possible concussion and cleared to play tonight in New York. He’s on his way to the Big Apple now. 

While the Tigers flew to New York last night, Avila returned home for further examination after leaving Thursday’s game against the Indians with symptoms of a possible concussion. He took a foul tip in the fourth inning and told manager Jim Leyland and head athletic trainer Kevin Rand initially that he was fine, then complained of dizziness and nausea an inning later.

No word yet whether Avila will be in the starting lineup.


sheesh give him a break skip

That’s great news, but I wonder if they could convince Alex to wear the goalie type mask back there. It might help a little. Obviously he’s going to keep getting hammered no matter what.
I’d like to see how many of these incidents occur with Verlander and Scherzer on the mound.

don’t worry alex, the weather might get you a night off anyhow

I was thinking the same thing about the goalie type mask. A lot of rain expected in NY tonight

Injuries abound. Avila. Miggy. Omar. But the bench has been coming through. Pena, Kelly, Santiago, 2E, Perez. None of them are another Miggy but I wouldn’t be afraid to use any of them now. Wellllllll, maybe not Coke. LOL

don’t forget Prince is kinda comin around

he can carry an offense with a pitching staff like we have

I hope he is right but still expecting the Tigers to fail by the side of precaution and rest him if he does not go to DL.
Since VMart is pre announced as the the DH, that means Kelly will remain in the bench as backup? if VMart could would be a bad choice to have him as DH
I was wondering the same about the pitchers, he cant react fast enough. But last week , he was hit twice by the batter. Is he to close to home? Going back a little would affect the pitchers?


Tigers catcher Alex Avila cleared to play tonight tonight vs. Yankees |

Delmon Young DFA’d by Phillies, replaced by Casper Wells.
Alex Rios traded to Texas, replaced by Avisail Garcia.
Who says the Tigers don’t have a good minor league system?

Lineup:Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Dirks 7, Avila 2, Perez 4, Iglesias 6. Porcello 1

@tigers but Beck:Brayan Pena gets the start tonight. #Tigers giving Alex Avila a day to rest.

We will see Avisail in just a few days.

Looks pretty sunny in the Bronx. …thought it was supposed to be raining. Hope they get it in especially since there is already a double header which is already going to screw with the rotation.

Spoke too soon Mario just posted photo on twitter of tarp on field

Don’t fret ya’ll —- Lions game is on tonight too🙂

Snooze…I watch but sorry I just cant excited about the Lions especially a preseason game

pssh i call it the Lion’s POSTSEASON since they don’t have them. No lie, i have a shirt that says something to the effect of we’re preseason champs!

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