Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

If you thought Torii Hunter wasn’t going to get a day off after playing 14 innings last night, you either joined this season in progress or you haven’t followed Jim Leyland’s lineups. Andy Dirks bats second, Don Kelly starts in right field.

Jose Iglesias was originally in the starting lineup, but he was later scratched. He has a left toe contusion after being spiked on Michael Brantley

TIGERS (career numbers off Zach McAllister)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (4-for-6, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. Andy Dirks, LF (1-for-6, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-11, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-8, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-5, 2 K’s)
  6. Don Kelly, RF (2-for-4, walk, K)
  7. Alex Avila, C (1-for-5, 2 K’s)
  8. Jose Iglesias Ramon Santiago, SS (2-for-8, K)
  9. Hernan Perez, 2B

P: Max Scherzer

INDIANS (career numbers off Scherzer)

  1. Michael Bourn, CF (3-for-18, walk, 4 K’s)
  2. Nick Swisher, 1B (7-for-19, 4 walks, 7 K’s)
  3. Jason Kipnis, DH (4-for-21, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS (8-for-35, HR, 3 walks)
  5. Michael Brantley, LF (8-for-28, HR, 3 walks, K)
  6. Carlos Santana, C (3-for-25, 5 walks, 3 K’s)
  7. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B (3-for-14, 3 K’s)
  8. Mike Aviles, 2B (5-for-16, 2 K’s)
  9. Drew Stubbs, RF (0-for-6, 3 K’s)

P: Zach McAllister


Okay…..this bottom of the lineup is going to look without Jhonny and until Omar gets himself back..

Fifty games to go. Beware. It’s not the Indians. Watch out for the Royals. They can match our pitching and this season they are playing us better than Cleveland.

Mich just beat Ohio in the LL WS regional.

Agree! The Royals always seem to play us tough and be our nemesis. Now with a solid starting staff and the strongest BP, they seem to have the Tigs number. Plus those youngsters are starting to pound the ball for seeing eye hits. They are playing with confidence too!

Looks like a lot of rain in and around Cleveland. What do you say Evan?

yea it is very dicey out there. Without getting into too many details I think I could get this one in with an hour rain delay at some point. Hit and miss out there – might run into one ya know?

Ok , now he is a real Tiger:”Lots of change in Jose Iglesias’ life lately. Iglesias has signed on with the scott boras corporation” Heyman

Iglesias out of lineup….go figure another incident at 2nd base.

Tough situation. Very difficult to get a 4-game sweep against a team at home. Will Max feel the pressure? A 16-1 record is almost unbelievable. A 16-2 record is still one any pitcher would want to have. Let’s hope there is no letdown in Tiger hitting.

Denny McLain was 16-2 at the break in ’68.

We have won our last three four game series on the road. This is our first chance for a sweep. Go Tigers!!!!

the weather is looking better and better. lets start this off with an AMBUSH!

Max will have to win this game. He is quite capable of doing that.
Too bad about Iglesias. thank goodness we have Ramon..
This team needs Castellanos. I predict he will be called up.

Infante with Toledo, single.

Good to hear he is playing.

Pitchers after 16-1 :Ubaldo Jimenez 19-8. Weaver, last year: 20-5. Clemens ,2001:20-3. Guidry, 1978:25-3


Clemens and Guidry did pretty well.

1000 K

i think Avila will be a very important piece in the game tonight. He simply has to shut down the running game. He has not done that in quite awhile now.

Five spot might slow them down too.

Nice grab by Prince

Everybody happy?

I am tickled. Well everybody talked about it coming. Well its finally here. The tigers are officially clicking on all cylinders and i love every second of it. Woot woot!!

Ecstatic !!!!!!
— Bob

It must be difficult for opposing teams to face Max. Every time they do the Tiger offense supplies beaucoup runs.

prince gettin’ goin

The Indians are coming apart at the seams.
— Bob

Prince might be coming out of it.

That Fielder guy who is starting to hit again needs a nickname. How does the Duke of Doubles sound??

Nice. I like it. It’s better than my name for him Pylon.
Hope Miggy didn’t hurt himself tripping.

just mega slow mo-ed that cabby trip on 3rd base….he definetly rolled his ankle…wasn’t a super huge roll but he rolled it and was way pissed….the guys on the bench were joking around like he wasn’t paying attention but they didn’t see what happened…..hope he’s ok….JL should pull him.

There has to be something inherently wrong about something Alex does catching. He gets plunked all the time.

Should be an unearned run off Max. That ground ball back to him should not have been a hit.

Off topic here but does anyone know how to pick a player that isnt shown on any of the lists on beat the streak.

Omar came out of game???

Yes, replaced by Russo.

“Omar Infante went 1-3, leading off for Toledo this evening. He has come out of the game, but that was the plan.”

Is Avila OK ?

Avila hopefully did not get a concussion.

He’s probably had several by this time. They seriously need to watch him. Just about everyone agrees that Alex has been beat up more than any other catcher they can recall.

Raburn warming?

Please let him come in….please!

Raburn’s gonna’ pitch!?


2E won’t live that one down.

Ryan gives Indian teammates and fans something to smile about. They needed it. Good for him.

I agree, Marty. Glad he’s got his moment.

Raburn with a 1-2-3 inning on the hill for Cleveland! If the Tigers were looking for bullpen help, they should have kept him..


Coke can’t even get lefthand batters out anymore.

Tigers should have put Don Kelly in to pitch…

The Tigers are neat.

All I can say about this series is, dayum! Good job fellas.

They are neat Richard. Ryan hit 85 on the radar gun. At the end of his career Frank Tanana pitched in low 80’s didn’t he?

Alex to the hospital for an MRI.

I was thinking how the bench has really blossomed in the last month or so. Injuries can be a blessing in disguise sometimes. Without these opportunities, the bench was rusting away and not really contributing when they sporadically filled in. But now we have a bench including Ramon, DK, and Hernan who are loose and in sync.

Particularly Ramon is showing his value both defensively and offensively. He always has quietly gotten it done when given the chance. Players need reps to keep sharp. Now we have a bench that will be valuable down the stretch and hopefully into the playoffs.

That ear did not look good. Looked like the metal bar on the side of his mask got driven hard into his ear and maybe upper jaw or even lower temple? Not a good area. Poor Alex. It just seems like he gets beat up more than any other catcher. Is there some underlying reason?

I don’t think anyone knows the reason. If it’s true that when you get to heaven you get the answers to all of your questions, my second question will be “why did Alex Avila get beat up so much?”

well we overpowered their pitching without omar or jhonny. hah. so demoralizing. looks like prince is coming back but in a way some didn’t predict….the other way. interesting. hope the offense is coming alive the pitching cant always be this good.

Omar is going to have to get back up here. We’re running out of bodies. Even at best, it looks like Alex gets a week off.

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