Game 112: 14 innings, so many moves

Miguel Cabrera takes a lot of pride in his defense. When Jim Leyland moved him from first to third base before last season, Leyland assured that he wouldn’t be taking Cabrera out late in games for defensive purposes.

What’s going on now is different. This isn’t the fully healthy, defensively mobile Cabrera. And against an Indians team that has clearly shown an inclination to take advantage of that, Leyland is wary.

Cabrera is healthy enough to hit, as his go-ahead home run in the eighth inning showed Wednesday night. He’s certainly healthy enough to trot. Running, though, is still an issue.

As soon as Cabrera’s go-ahead homer had cleared the fence, Leyland was getting his defensive moves in place, including Don Kelly shifting in from the outfield to replace Cabrera at third. It wasn’t about the risk of re-injury, at least not primarily. It was about the risk of a rally.

“My star came out of the game because we all felt that it was the best to have our better defense in there, the way he’s been feeling,” Leyland said. “The reason I took him out is the same reason I took him out last night, because he’s not 100 percent by any means.”

Leyland said he has talked with Cabrera about this so he knows what’s going on. The fact that Cabrera mentions winning first and foremost when he talks after games these days suggests he’s on board.

Cabrera said after the game that he feels OK. He did not aggravate something during the game that would have forced him to leave.

The move to hit Andy Dirks in Jose Iglesias’ place earlier in that inning was the opposite. Leyland went with Dirks to try to get a threat going. He had a bloop single early in the game, but Leyland took a shot and it didn’t work out.



A bullpen without Veras, Rondon, Bondo for today?

yea veras pitched the day before and bruce threw 23 yesterday (like 20 over 100mph).
Benoit should be ready tho! And your pal Phil Coke is extra “fresh”

The three guys who threw over 20 pitches last night s/b off today. How far will Scherzer go???
Every single game has its own unique set of circumstances.

Definitely worth staying up late last night. Miggy amazes me,kudos to Prince, love the little ways Ramon justifies his presence, bunts do matter. Mr. Fister did his thing, but the most impressive performance last night, I feel came from Bondo.

anybody else think they should just give Miggy a few more days off now? especially after winning 12 in a row? or do you keep playing him just for that reason? being 20 some games over .500, i say give him 3-4 days. and man it was good to see Bondo out there slinging nasty sliders again!

Time for people to dust off their bondo jerseys! Great seeing him back and performing as he did last night.

Miguel at the New Yankee Stadium: .383 .464 .872 1.337. Play him at 1B. Or VMart at 1B and DH him.

Perez redeemed himself last night after the rookie mistake. Working the count for the walk and scoring from first

“Meep Meep” – he was like the old Roadrunner cartoons

That was a riveting game last night, with more plots and subplots than can be commented upon.
Radar gun in Cleveland is obviously reading about 2 mph high. Every pitcher is consistently above their norm.
I watched Bonderman pitch some games with Seattle earlier this season and was not surprised at what he did last night.
With Cabrera being what, 70% of the offense, if you take him out you don’t concede the tying run in the 8th.
Rod Allen is driving me nuts with his “productive out” comments. This team rarely if ever hits a sac fly if you need one. It’s a lost art throughout baseball.
Cleveland fans became classless in the face of their park becoming a Detroit crowd. Rather than chant insults at an entire city, buy tickets and support your damned team.
Was Rondon good or what?
The strike zone was roughly the shape of Ohio and nearly as large.

yea the strike zone was whack but at least it seemed consistent

Jim’s explanation for playing the infield in:
Duh, that’s obvious they can score two on a grounder through the infield. My point was that you’ve weakened your offense and we’re lucky to have scraped out the win in 14 innings. I saw the bottom of the eighth as the key inning to keep them off the board.

Well-how many times has the opposition played the infield in and kept our runner stranded at 3rd this year? I think there is a time to play aggressive defense and that was a case where you do. As I mentioned earlier, if he wanted to play the defense back then he should have walked Gomes and then played for a DP. “Giving” a run did not make sense to me.

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