Tigers release Jose Valverde

For the third time in the last nine months, the Tigers have cut ties with Jose Valverde. This time, it appears to be for good.

The team announced on Wednesday that it has unconditionally released Valverde from his minor-league contract, ending his stint at Triple-A Toledo after just over a month. For much of that time, any chance of his return to Detroit seemed minute. This pretty much formalizes it.

The Tigers brought back Valverde on a minor-league contract after they designated him for assignment in June. His agent, Scott Boras, never said there was an opt-out in the contract, but it was clear there was a timeframe for the Tigers to evaluate him and decide whether to bring him back.

Valverde went 7-for-7 in save chances for the Hens, but he gave up five runs on 14 hits in 11 innings, walking six batters and striking out 10. But the success of Joaquin Benoit in the closer’s role in Detroit pretty well ruled out any chance of Valverde’s return up Interstate 75.


Jackson CF
Hunter RF
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Martinez DH
Kelly LF
Pena C
Santiago 2B
Iglesias SS
Fister P

Kelly batting 6th worked last night lol

Masterson wont pitch tonight.

Question: what does the current winning streak and the 2011 winning streak have in common?
Answer: Ramon Santiago

You’ve always been his biggest cheerleader

Re Valverde, he did the job for 2+ seasons so it’s a shame that people celebrate his release. I can understand it though, because there was that nagging fear that they’d give him yet another chance. That blown save in KC earlier this year is perhaps the only time I’ve seen this team give up, and was the low point of this season so far. Now we can remember the good times. Good luck, Papa Grande.

yeah def. no hard feelings no celebration either. Glad to have the AAA closer position going to someone who can develop into a late innings guy ya know.

Dirks top 3 OF in MLB by DRS and UZR . And:286.359.400 .759 since the ASG.

Valverde’s failings didn’t prevent the team from winning a championship. His abilities waned as happens to all ballplayers eventually. He and Guillermo Hernandez are the only Tiger relievers to be selected as an All-Star multiple seasons. His flamboyant mannerisms were unique and memorable. As his success in the 9th became less certain, his appearance in the game increased the drama for even the casual fan. He was an important part of some very good Tiger teams.

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