Infante scratched from rehab start with sore left ankle

Omar Infante was scratched from his rehab start for Triple-A Toledo Wednesday night with soreness in his previously sprained left ankle. Whether it’s a day-to-day situation or something that sets him back a little longer remains to be seen.

Infante was originally in the Mud Hens lineup at second base, where he was expected to play seven innings. However, he was scratched at the last minute. According to a Tigers spokesperson, Infante felt “a little soreness” in his ankle, so he was scratched.

Infante had a setback in the ankle when he played second base in his previous rehab assignment last month for Class A West Michigan, but he felt the issue while running the bases. He has felt fine taking ground balls and hitting, and he went 1-for-5 with an infield single as the designated hitter on Tuesday.

The Mud Hens were finishing a two-game series at Columbus Wednesday night, and travel from there to Indianapolis. Infante would most likely follow the team there. The Tigers, meanwhile, finish up in Cleveland Thursday night before heading to New York for a three-game weekend series against the Yankees.


OMG, you go Miggy.

Surprised the ambulance hasn’t rode up my street. Let out a screech that I couldn’t hold back.

Pretty incredible all right. Almost legendary.
But, that damn Brantly just kills us.

Smyly has been very vulnerable in the 9th inning. And I don’t mean just this game.
That’s a shame because what Miggy did was truly remarkable and should have lifted this team to victory.
JL has to stop making the same mistakes over again.
The 9th inning belongs to Benoit.

It’s the 8th inning not the 9th.

That is why DD thought Rondon could close. 103!

Aviles is a tough out.
JL—what are you doing? Giving them the run on a ground ball?. Playing not to lose rather than to win/
Why not walk Gomes?
You could have even brought in Benoit after the big K.
Exciting game anyway.

Dammit AJ….now it’s up to Torii


perfect bunt by Ramon

Sure hope we score. This would obviate any more BP mistakes by Leyland. He might be tempted to leave Rondon in if we don’t score.
Don’t pop up Dirks.

Not a time where AJ excels. Prove that wrong.

Not sure how Leyland made a pen mistake by putting a guy Smyly in, in the 8th who get out lefties nearly 99% of the time? Smyly just didn’t do his job. I think just because a decision doesn’t work out doesn’t make it a wrong decision.

AJ just is not a clutch guy with that runner on 3rd base..
That was our chance. The only bullet we have left in our gun is Donny K now!!!
Big mistake leaving Rondon in. I just knew Jl would do this.
He is predictable and he is wild.
Leyland is not manager of the year tonight.

I am pretty happy I was wrong about that. I thought I had a whiff of disaster.
we sure have trouble getting that runner in from 3rd with less than 2 out.

Another quality at bat by the highest player on the team.

GK–right you are. Man it must that medication I’m taking.

I figured you were just mixed up on the inning.🙂

Need to put a dunce cap on the Prince. We can make it look like a crown if he insists.

A couple of game in the bench would help him

MLB Network is discussing Leland’s strategy.
I can’t watch.

They didn’t agree with taking Miggy out?

Oh, no. The way the infield was set up.

Oh…I didn’t agree either

Heck of a game. The kind where you go ahead in the 11th then get walked off on.

Im happy for Bondo

Bondo WILL help this team!

He is back. At least for today.

I just want us to win.

If Bondo gets out of this, the Tigers gotta win it.

Before the end of this next inning I want to say that Bonderman pitched that 1st inning in spectacular fashion. To be able to come back after all that time and pitch effectively in that situation is laudable. regardless of what happens to him here in the 12th.
I’m not sure we have enough offense in this lineup to score a run tonight.

My thinking was if you’ve taken Miggy out, you play infield in to prevent the tying run from scoring. All or nothing.
Let’s win this for Bondo.

That’s what they said.

Anybody else ever notice how Rod but especially Mario always make a deal sbout showing a pitch on fox tracks for us that may of been generous like the one Bondo just threw to Kipnis but rarely if ever show any of the 20000000 that the Cleveland pitchers got today?

ie. the one he just called Dirks out on? No mention of it being 4 inches off the plate.

Interesting that Bonderman elects to throw out of the stretch now. Got some zip on his fastball still. Very nice job.
Please, someone step up here and make a statement. Kind of a big game. Moreso for the Indians but we need to find a way to make them very unhappy.

Bondo has to go out there again. What bothers me are some of the just awful comments people make about him. Not a college preppie. I could go on.

Its not a productive out if nobody can hit a sac fly.

I’m about ready to PH for Prince here.

That got his attention. 🙂

lol 2E now pinch hitting for Prince Fielder lolz


He certainly is, what you call, DUE.

Benoit Time! Come on dude!

WOW fellas what a game huh? Down in the Cleveland we are digging deep and doin dirt. Prince NEEDED that! Bonderman, very impressive!! Baseball is a helluva game!

Yikes. Let’s go Tigers!!!!

Bad pitch by Benoit to Bourne. .get Stubbs

was that perez who got the 2nd run? he was running like the wind yo – whomever it was gawd bless ’em


Yes. Gameday has the video

benoit actually tried to keep bourn on 2nd. what a concept!?

That’s right!!!

Heart attack special!

Bondo with the WIN!!!!

Crazy game…guess my 2-2 split of the series prediction wasn’t right? Mariano Rivera blew a save to White Soxs today.

In the end, my favorite part was those Tigers fans chanting “Detroit” to John Adams drum. Perfect.

Wow. Prince was that close to being struck out again.
Let’s hope this gets him going a bit.
I still marvel at the Miggy HR. That was classic.
Good on Bonderman.

what a game

There seems to be something else going on with Infante and his injury. Throughout this the team has made announcements that he was ready to return and he was saying that he wasn’t ready. Over the weekend I read that he said he would not be going on a rehab assignment because he’s still hurting and the next thing you hear is he’s headed to Toledo. NO surprise to me that he’s hurting again. Reading between the lines, it appears that the team wants him to return now and he’s still not ready.

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