Cabrera hits 100 RBI mark on August 6

It took a few days (ok, it actually took over a week thanks to the abdominal strain), but Miguel Cabrera reached the 100-RBI mark on Tuesday when he doubled in Torii Hunter as part of Detroit’s five-run fifth inning. Even with all that time between RBIs, Cabrera managed to hit the century mark at a record pace for him, and a pretty good pace for the best in the game.

Cabrera had been stuck on 99 RBIs since July 27, when he drove in three runs against the Phillies. He didn’t start in four consecutive games and eight out of 11, but he also had four games without an RBI (though one game was merely a pinch-hit appearance).

Cabrera reached the 100-RBI mark in his 103rd game of the season, and the team’s 111th. Chris Davis, the AL’s RBI leader with 102, reached the century mark in his 108th game, but the Orioles’ 109th. So the issue of pace depends on whether the criteria is the number of games the hitter plays, the number of games his team has played, or the date on the calendar.

Cabrera had 95 RBIs at the Tigers’ 111-game mark last season. He had just 84 RBIs over his first 103 games of the season, though. There’s a case to be made that the abdominal strain and hip flexor Cabrera has been battling for more than a month has derailed what had the makings of a record pace.

Cabrera clinched his 10th consecutive 100 RBI season. He became just the fourth Major League player age 30 or younger with that many 100-RBI seasons. Albert Pujols and Jimmie Foxx put theirs up consecutively as well, while Alex Rodriguez had 10 in his first 11 seasons.

UPDATE: Cabrera is also the third player in Major League history to post 100 RBIs in 10 of his first 11 seasons, joining Pujols and Al Simmons.


He is on pace for 146. Still bellow the first cornerstone for him :the 150 by Galarraga. the best mark for a venezuelan.

Galarraga drove in 150 at age 35. And then he drove in 140 the next year. Wow.


another 0-fer for Fielder- keep up the good work..

Glad to find people can still find things to be snarky about with this team when they’ve won 10 in a row. Fielder’s been struggling and has had some terrible at-bats -yes, *but* he did help ignite the complete robbery of the game on Monday. Do you think that he’s going to end the year at .200 – everyone goes through slumps.

The Tigers are one game behind Boston for best record in the AL.

Justin: “If I put somebody on, you can take me out.”
JL: “[cautiously looks around] I can do that??”

(implying JL thought the situation would have to become much more dire for the rules to allow him to remove a pitcher)

Prince made a mistake in the field yesterday as well. Cost the Tigers a run. 1st & 3rd and Santana hit one directly to him. He was a foot and half, at most from the bag. easy out, play still in front of him. then he proceeded to botch up the rundown.
He has been dread(lock)ful lately.
It is a testament to our pitching that the club has been able to hit without 3 important contributions from:
1) The lead-off hitter
2) The clean-up hitter
3) The best hitter in baseball

Jason, could you put together an article about our last five ten game winning streaks?? Just curious whether there have been that many during my lifetime!! Everybody try to enjoy it!!!!

I’ve said “good job fellas” more times the past two weeks than the entire 2012 season.
You know, the first two months of 1984 had a bunch of winning streaks.

1984 was also the first year coming to my mind but their longest winning streak was 9 games. Twice during the season.

according to baseball reference, longest winning streak during the Leyland years so far is 12 games in Sept 2011. the pitching has simply been outstanding…giving up more than 2 runs just once in 10 games. 4 or more runs twice in 15 games.

Just off the top of my head, there was a 12 game streak in September of 1968.

dont look now but we’re almost .500 in 1-run games (12-14)

AAAAnd the Cleveland Racist Logos better hope this Salazar does give them a QS because I have a feeling that bullpen is vulnerable (after the past two games)

I think Perez has pitched three in a row, so he’d be unavailable. I would think. Looking forward to Iglesias getting some work tonight.

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