Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

Cleveland 004

Miguel Cabrera is back in the lineup at third base. If you case you missed it, here’s the note on Cabrera from the site last night. The key point is at the bottom …

“The trainer says that he can play the way he’s playing and it’ll still get better,” manager Jim Leyland said after the game. “The only question I had for him is if I’m taking a chance to injure him by playing him, or will it get better as long as nothing freaky happens. And he said it still will. We’ll see how it is tomorrow.”

As long as that’s the outlook, and any discomfort is manageable, I expect Cabrera to keep playing. He might miss a game here and there, but I would be very surprised at this point if he goes on the disabled list unless he really aggravates it.

Don Kelly gets the start in left field over Andy Dirks, and it’s looking more and more like that’s the position where Leyland will fill the sixth spot in the batting order. That’s how he filled it early in the year before Dirks’ struggles and Peralta’s fast start prompted the bump.

On the bright side, Peralta’s suspension means no second guessing over why Leyland would start him against Justin Masterson, considering he’s 2-for-18 with seven strikeouts against him.

Oh, hey, Ryan Raburn is in the Tribe lineup. He has a single and two strikeouts off Justin Verlander.

TIGERS (career numbers off Justin Masterson)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (6-for-26, 5 walks, 11 K’s)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (10-for-26, 3 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (12-for-34, 2 HR, 6 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (6-for-16, HR, 3 walks, K)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (9-for-19, 5 walks, K)
  6. Don Kelly, LF (8-for-21, HR, walk)
  7. Alex Avila, C (6-for-22, 3 walks, 7 K’s)
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-2, 2 K’s)
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B (2-for-16, 3 walks, 4 K’s)

P: Justin Verlander

INDIANS (career numbers off Justin Verlander)

  1. Michael Bourn, CF (5-for-12, walk, 6 K’s)
  2. Nick Swisher, 1B (12-for-65, 3 HR, 10 walks, 24 K’s)
  3. Jason Kipnis, 2B (3-for-19, 4 walks, 8 K’s)
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS (10-for-49, 5 walks, 19 K’s)
  5. Michael Brantley, LF (13-for-32, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. Carlos Santana, DH (6-for-26, 3 HR, 4 walks, 5 K’s)
  7. Ryan Raburn, RF (1-for-3, 2 K’s)
  8. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B (3-for-10)
  9. Yan Gomes, C (1-for-2)

P: Justin Masterson


YAY! Prince in the lineup again. sub 260 avg and dropping…

just thinking out loud…remembering when Pudge speculation was he jumped off the “stuff” when he started to decline fast. I know he was a lot older and in better shape and still could catch…just sayin’

Melky Cabrera’s numbers have dropped significantly since being suspended last season…tough call for GMs, trying to figure out how good a player is without the ‘supplements.’ despite the All-Star numbers for Peralta this season, doubt that any team will be willing to make a significant commitment in years and dollars to his next contract.

I believe you’re thinking about the 2005 season, when Pudge reported to spring training having lost about 25 pounds. I think that was the year, that or 2006.

2005 was also the year of his divorce.

And his trip to Colombia in the middle of a suspension.

I thought it was ’07

in light of Cabrera’s injury, could we see Leyland put Martinez behind the plate for a few games to give Cabrera some DH time? I also vaguely remember Avila playing 3b in a few interleague games a couple of years ago…but they may have dismissed any notion of trying that again.

Kelly can always count on that start against Masterson. And rightfully so.

Prince and his batting average….sigh…..reminds me of a movie I once saw: “Operation Dumbo Drop”

but seriously, since the beginning of July his slash line is .222/.305/.342/.647 but his babip is .250 (.301 career) during that period.
So while it is driving me nuts — i am nearly sure that he will bounce back and have a fantastic end of the year. Hopefully we will say this offseason “Boy he sure snapped out of it against that Masterson fellow – never really looked back either!”

At a minimum drop him down in the lineup and move Martinez up to protect Cabrera – what could possibly be wrong with that except Jimmy would have to print up all new batting cards with that change and we don’t want to upset crusty old Jimmy…

the only drawback i can see is that pitchers will give prince EVEN LESS to hit. Then your chances of “getting that horse going” is less – and without Prince I think your chances of winning the WS go down dramatically. Its WS or bust for me – so you continue to try to get Prince going.
With that said, it sure sucks to have Prince killing all the rallys in the middle of the lineup.
And i don’t care if he STARTED a rally last night – i can about RBIs, OPS with RISP and not GDPs from Prince.

The batting avg is 15 points below his carer his career avg,

The real problem:OPS 787, 27 th in the AL, below Napoli!/ 589 since ASG

Slg:434 below Infante, Peralta and Hunter. 295 since ASG

Last HR 7/24.
In pace for 25/111 while being 4th in AB with RISP.

His OBP is also 35 points below his career avg.

what are you saying – he’s doing what they paid all that money for?

No, he is paid for his HR and xbases and he is not doing that. But his avg is not a concern, nobody expect him to hit more than 280. His SO area a problem only because he is not hitting HRs. If he hits 40 HR , he can SO 250 times.

Fielder is 29 and he is not really athletics.He will recover I guess but sooner than later he will go downhill. And fast .It was pointed by many, with his body is improbable a graceful aging .

Prince started the winning rally last night with a nice double to the opposite field. He still draws his walks so he’s not getting fooled all that much. He makes solid contact but the ball doesn’t go out of the park. He’s a real enigma this season.
If hitting a baseball isn’t the most difficult feat in all of sports, I’d like to know what is.

What about all of the other AB’s or the night before or… he doesn’t make solid contact. His hits for the most part are weak grounders or pop ups. As for walks- who needs a #4 taking walks, He’s supposed to be driving in runs. He’s not an asset on the bases running…
The last 30 days he’s hitting 233. with 2 HR;s, Not exactly a #4 hitter. The last 2 weeks – even better 174 avg

By drawing walks, I meant that he’s still recognizing pitches.

a nice tool for looking at prince’s woe’s: http://brooksbaseball.net/h_spray.php?player=425902&gFilt=&time=month&minmax=ci&s_type=13&startDate=06/18/2013&endDate=08/05/2013&balls=-1&strikes=-1&b_hand=-1
Looks like in July he really declined pulling the offspeed stuff and the pitches from LHP….has been grounding out more on all kinds of pitches….the offspeed stuff in particular he stopped hitting line drives off of….

i might have red the part about pulling lefties less — he might be pulling them more and pulling righties less

This month, DD needs to get a bat, we really cannot have Dirks batting 6th, really much less playing 60% of the time. He’s offering nothing right now.

Not true.

I really think tonight’s game is the Injuns only chance to win in this series.

I expected a split in this series with today and tomorrow as losses. Tonight I still have no faith in JV….tomorrow we never do well against a AAA call up.

And a win on Thursday hence a split in the series.

Then you didn’t see Salazar’s last start vs Toronto 6inn 2H 1R 1BB 7K’s..89 pitches 64 strikes.

I don’t think we will win against Salazar, but the is over the last several years there can be a mediocre AAA and we don’t do well. I call it the curse of the AAA callup.

2 for the price of 1.

avila is batting .199. which is 60 pts worse than prince. lol

donny kelly baby!

Let’s start the hit parade!!!

Bases loaded and no one scores.

Seriously cant continue to waste opportunities like that. Pitiful bases loaded with nobody out and not even a stinking sac fly

well at least we got his pitch count up. i heard a piece of their bullpen went on the dL today as well….
Torii looked like Boesch on that play!

I think it’s shocking how bad he is going back on the ball. Good at coming in and laterally but back there have been many this year that looked just like that.

Kluber went to DL

OK, someone please tell me about the picture up top. Are those 2 big flames? Firefighters trying to put the fire out?

Don’t know anything about it, but that’s what it looks like to me.

Maybe it’s a memorial to the firefighters who died.

And Cleveland didn’t waste their opportunity.
Austin is getting himself out he’s swinging at crap no matter where it is.

Lead-off and clean-up. Those two things are missing right now.

Verlander has looked okay so far….he had a little lapse 2nd but looks better. Now he needs his pals t score a few.

The score could be 0-0.


So is that their game if they can’t beat us injure us?

I was thinking the same thing. Victor has been one of the hottest hitters in the league. I think hes trying to make it look like an accident by throwing a breaking ball. He knew it would go down by his ankle. And that could keep someone out for awhile. Especially victor. Look at infante.

Donnie, Baby

Donny baby loves Masterson

Don kelly baby! He owns masterson. I love it! Woohoo! The tiger train is rolling and there is no stopping it! Bye bye indians!

Nice inning…….now if JV can keep it up! Go Tigers!

Omar 0-3 in Toledo so far.

Verlanders got a decent pitch count tonight. If he keeps it up he could go 8 or possibly a complete game.

Not anymore.

I know i had to open my big mouth. Oh well. As long as he gets out of this jam im good

Better be careful here,

I wish we had catchers which could throw runners out?? No so long ago we did, heck Alex used to?

One more. This inning was way too long.

or two

Way to go JV!! That is the guy I remember gets into a bit of trouble but bears down…that’s what he wasn’t able to do this year. That is a good sign to me.

Good thing victor wears that ankle guard or he might of been out til the end of the season with a broken ankle.

I just want to say that nobody is happier than me (except bonderman and his family) that bonderman is back with the tigers and pitching in the pen. I love it. I really feel that he can succeed in that role and really help out our contending team. I cant wait to see him pitch. Although the way our starters are going he might not get a chance.

Well, I’m pretty happy too because now all my Bonderman gear is valid again. Also glad he got #38, since that’s on all of it.

Vintage Ver and Donnie Kelly. Great game.

Best I think JV has looked in a very long time. He’s had games were he didn’t give up a run but today he looked like himself. Really encouraged by that outing

Funny thing tonight. When Kelly came up with the wounded Miggy at third and the wounded Victor at first, I said to my wife “If Kelly is as nice a guy as they say, he’ll homer here so everyone can trot.” Damned if he didn’t do it. As they say, “Donnie Kelly baby!”
Best Verlander has looked……..all season?
Again, good job fellas.

Missed the game tonight. Nice to see a W in the right column.
How did Iglesias look tonight? He seems to be pressing at the plate. Did AJ square anything up today? Looks like Veras was good?

He didn’t look good at the plate…but everything I read about him, this is what I expected.

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