Peralta suspended 50 games, won’t appeal (updated)

The fallout from Major League Baseball’s Biogenesis investigation that began in Miami and dominated headlines in New York finally hit Detroit and the American League Central race on Monday. In the process, it put Jhonny Peralta’s season — and his future as a Tiger — into serious question.

MLB announced Monday a 50-game suspension for Peralta for his reported involvement in the Biogenesis scandal that included at least a dozen others. Peralta has agreed not to appeal the suspension and will begin serving it tonight. His All-Star season, including a .305 average, 29 doubles, 11 home runs and 54 RBIs, is on hold.

“We recognize the suspension of Jhonny Peralta for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program as a measure taken in the best interest of the game,” the Tigers said in a statement. “The Detroit Tigers continue to fully support Major League Baseball’s policy and its efforts to eliminate performance enhancing drugs from our game. Per the protocol outlined by Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement, the Tigers’ organization will provide no further comment on Peralta’s suspension.”

By not appealing the suspension, Peralta will complete it with three games to go in the regular season — in time for their season-ending series at the Marlins Sept. 27-29 — and be eligible for the postseason roster. Whether the Tigers front office or its players want him back, or whether Peralta has played his final game in a Detroit uniform, will be a question that follows the Tigers in the coming weeks.

For now, Monday’s announcement culminates a season of intrigue for Peralta that began with a Sports Illustrated report in early February that his name appeared in records from Biogenesis, the clinic in Miami accused of supplying human growth hormone and other substances to several players. No substances were reportedly listed alongside Peralta’s name in the records, and the Miami New Times omitted his name from its initial report on the clinic and its records. Peralta had worked out in South Florida at times over the past couple years, and he was planning on making his offseason home there, but little more was known.

Peralta cleared up some of the mystery in a statement released by the team minutes after the announcement.

“In spring of 2012, I made a terrible mistake that I deeply regret,” the statement read. “I apologize to everyone that I have hurt as a result of my mistake, including my teammates, the Tigers organization, the great fans in Detroit, Major League Baseball and my family. I take full responsibility for my actions, have no excuses for my lapse in judgment and I accept my suspension.

“I love the fans, my teammates and this organization and my greatest punishment is knowing that I have let so many good people down. I promise to do everything possible to try and earn back the respect that I have lost.”

That was a vast difference from the statement he issued through his attorney, Barry Boss, just before Spring Training.

“I have never used performance-enhancing drugs. Period,” the statement read. “Anybody who says otherwise is lying.”

That left Peralta as a mystery figure as the investigation and ensuing stories continued. Peralta in February declined comment aside from a statement issued just before Spring Training from his attorney, Barry Boss.

“I have never used performance-enhancing drugs. Period,” the statement read. “Anybody who says otherwise is lying.”

The 50-game suspension for Peralta fits that of a first-time offender under the Major League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. A positive test is not required for suspension under terms of the program negotiated between MLB and the Players Association.

Peralta becomes the second Tigers player on the Major League roster to be suspended under the program. Infielder Neifi Perez was suspended twice in 2007 for banned stimulants — once for 25 games, then for 80 games.

Former Tigers minor-league pitcher Cesar Carrillo, a journeyman signed into the organization in 2012, was the first player disciplined out of the investigation, receiving a 100-game suspension in March. That suspension ended last week, at which point the Tigers released him.


Jason….since nothing was ever listed by his name will we ever find out where, when etc? What if any proof will we ever see regarding Peralta?

Why would anyone that states he’s never used any PED’s agree to being suspended and not vehemently fight it? That simply doesn’t make any sense to me, whatsoever.

His statement was just read on MLB TV and Jhonny he admitted he made a mistake. Didn’t make any excuses. Apologized to everyone.

“Issued through his attorney” means that the attorney wrote it and Jhonny agreed to it. It doesn’t appear these players receive very sound legal advice. Peralta was probably with the wrong agency too.

Also bear in mind that any appeal goes to Bud Selig who has final say. Bud is all about his legacy. As a free agent, Peralta had to choose between now and next year when he’d probably be trying to get a good contract. As I said earlier, truth may have nothing to do with this mess. These guys may be guilty, but they’ve also been painted into a corner. We’ll see how that plays out at the next union agreement.

No worries. He’ll be back in time for the playoffs.

Sounds like there is a link between most of these players and their agency.

ACES–yes. They’re probably next on Selig’s hit list.
Unless Jhonny were to learn how to play left field there is no place for nim on the Tiger roster anymore anyway. I like JP and actually admire him for the way he played while under this dark cloud. but he got what was coming to him. I would rather not see him back in Detroit. Sorry Jhonny, I still have some of that “Say it ain’t so, Joe” naivete in me.

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Next time I have a gastrointestinal infection, I’ll fly down to Florida and see if I can find a spa that sells “special medicine.”

“Special medicine” is legal with a card in Michigan!

[cough cough] thank gawd

ya know what? Jhonny lied to us about this – so forget him. Who is a liar now, Jhonny?

Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Dirks 7, Avila 2, Iglesias 6, Santiago 4. Sanchez comienza.

Everyday, innocent people take plea bargains to avoid ending worse off going to trial. It is the same here.

I like Jhonny…so I prefer to hold judgement on him until I know the what the where and the when on what he did? Disappointed yes.

I’m disappointed in the entire business, from players who should know better, shady dealers and shady agents, and a commissioner who did nothing about PEDs for years and suddenly becomes as shady as the characters he’s chasing.

That’s exactly how I feel, Rich. The whole subject disgusts me and that is why I have refrained from commenting on this. MLB and Bud had their head in the sand for years and only started doing something about it when Congress put the pressure on them. When Bud comes out and says he wants to “clean up the game”, I throw up in my mouth. He is the biggest hypocrite of all.
Good luck Jhonny. But you did let me down.
Is it game time yet?
Go Tigers.
— Bob

And, there’s probably tons of players who still use. Sorry, I’ve become cynical in my old age. Some people will lie and lie and lie until they cannot lie anymore. In the competitive world of professional sports, there will always be some who try to gain an edge.

Jimmy Smokes vs Tito. Who is the better manager!

Cannot believe how ineffective AJ has become….him and Prince need to get it together and like today.

Bad positioning by the Ump. Could have been safe

I thought he was out by a mile. .I can’t believe he tried to stretch it into a double. Cost his team a run and what can I say about the true ickiness of the Prince ab….he should be embarrassed.

Where he left. But ,can he run?

That was an ugly swing

Tito.Im biased because he was the MVP for our team here when they won their first Championship ever. But ,even without bias: Tito,

At least, helping with the glove

I would like to see PeÑa more to keep Avila healthy. But Avila is back, he is hitting with authority.

Ya I totally agree

Inning 2 …2nd wasted opportunity. I thought Alex’s hit was going to get a couple in. Perfect case JP’s bat might have been missed.

Bad throw again by Alex.


Thank you, Mr. Jackson

Bad break

Well Cleveland doesn’t waste their opportunities. Not many high batting averages there but the don’t waste chanes like we did.

Should Victor be tagging on that long fly ball?

Missed the first inning but have the Indians tried to bunt towards Miggy yet. You’d think they’d try to exploit that injury. He looked like he was in serious pain in that last AB.

Yes, but it wasn’t a good bunt and Alex fielded it.

I’m sick of seeing Miggy grimace and move like he’s in pain. Put him on the DL until he’s cured.

Well Miggy not catching that pop up came back to bite us in the butt. And again they didn’t waste an opportunity.

Sure did, because his hip/leg/stomach muscles just aren’t right, yet.

forgot….it started off with his back.

Just watched A hole Rod on MLB network. I can drink 8 beers and go to work the next day, but if I have 2 puffs on a left handed cigarette and am tested I will be fired from my company. I love Bud Selig!

Here we go with Alex getting knocked out.

Another case of why Miggy should be DH, Martinez at first and sit the Fielders butt.

If you can’t field your position, that is dead-on correct.

Whimpy whimpy whimpy!

Might need to figure out a way to get Brantley out. Might need to figure out a way to score a few.

I’m afraid this game is getting away from them. Brantley is killing them. They need to get to Kluber soon because I don’t think they have had much luck with the Indians’ bullpen. AJ and Prince have looked awful so far.

Not resting him during the ASG break was the first mistake.

Alex hurt again.

I wonder if not having Jhonny there upsets the balance? I’m sure Jim would say absolutely not. Anibal has kept them in the game. They can still win.

It’s official > The Tigers are in a hitting slump. They won 3 games vs ChiSox with only 8 runs but the pitching was very good. Tonight ?????

Another QS but he looks like he will lose this. The Indians are inspired

Blah blah blah………this games stinks. They wasted their opportunities Ceveland didn’t and now we are probably looking at Cleveland’s 16th shutout. I had the Tigers wining two in this series and this was one.

10 K’s for Anibal and his Tigers. Come on, guys. Let’s see some roar!

Ok, he threw away the game

Oh, that was awful baserunning.

You gotta be kidding me Jackson…… to score again! I’m done, that was the chance and nothing, Not expecting anything from Prince.

Ramon could have scored.

Jackson is playing very poorly right now. You have to be watching the runner ahead of you. That was not a base hit all they way—it looked like it could have been caught off the bat. Bad break but AJ really needs to get back on track. He is the ignition for this team and he i is letting the team down. Prince—-I gave up on him a long time ago.

Dan and Jim explained it this way: Austin saw the bobble and kept going. By the time Ramon saw it he had stopped.

Of course, I don’t know what Brookens saw.

Im not 100 % sure but I did not see Brookens doing any signal

Brookens put his hands up for Ramon to stop. If Jackson had had his head up, he would have seen it.

Thanks, TV here was just coming from commercial went the replay was on.

AJ gets a better look at the ball than Ramon (or any runner) at 2nd base does. That is why he has to keep an eye on the runner ahead of him. He screwed up—he is not playing good ball right now. Miggy would have hit into a DP anyway———but.

With bases loaded, different scenario. Hunter and Jackson killed the two opportunities the defense gave.

Fielder and Jackson hitting under .260 will make it very difficult to win, even with the rotation that we have. That is your lead-off and your clean-up hitters.


That’s Sir Alex!

Holy Moly Alex!

Batting with authority.

Holy crap. Alex !!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Bob

Don’t sleep on this Tribe team. They have a lot of walk off magic in them. More runs, please.
— Bob

Keep roaring, Tigers. Keep roaring!

More tigers runs please!

Oh, my. Congratulations, Tigers. Whew!!!!!!!! That was a doozy.

Well I didn’t see that coming…the previous inning yes the 9th no……thank you Alex and thank you Fielder for getting it started. Animal was terrific, and deserved a win, but I’m sure he’ll take the team win! Thanks!

animal? Anibal I love auto correct.

He is an animal!

The Tribe better fill out a police report … because we just stole that game.
Way to go boys and way to go Alex.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Like last year.

I can’t believe it! I put them down again and they made me eat my words. I’ll gladly do that…..mmmmmmmmm…..dessert!

Great game from Sanchez. Flying under the radar and getting it done.
When everything seems to be going wrong, that’s the kind of game a good team wins.
Not sure what to do about Cabrera, but putting him on the DL only means that he can be replaced on the 25-man roster. Who you going to bring up? I’m not understanding the outcry to DL Miggy. He’s more valuable as a pinch hitter than anyone they’d replace him with. We have enough roster flexibility to go shorthanded if no one else gets hurt.

Cleveland needs to win 3 of these games to make a dent, since Detroit doesn’t come back to Cleveland. It was Cleveland’s chances that took the dent tonight.

The great thing about the emotional Tiger victory tonight was the demoralizing Indian loss. that was huge.. VMart is picking this team up.
Anibal pitched a beauty of a game

well said dan. this game was about getting their dobbers down. now i’m not chemistry major but it feels like 180 degrees from if the indians had won.

So word is that all of the suspended players were repped by a former ACES agent. Was this guy preying on them? This affair is smelling worse all the time.
By the way, Jim Leyland abruptly ending a press conference when the first Peralta question was asked is a low class move.

eh i don’t think it’s that low class….but that’s my opinion. what good can come of his comment anyhow?

very uncool about ACES. very!

The reporters were told that Jim would not address any of the PED stuff. Mr. D addressed them in the dugout. So, they knew going in Jim’s office not to ask. As soon as they did, he said interview over.

alex avila tonight – very important he contributes down the stretch….until andy comes alive at least…..not as important as prince coming alive but a closer second than you’d think…..because jim will play him regardless, mostly

I’m gonna watch the replay. Miss Jhonny very much. Looking forward to watching Iggy.

Closer Perez in with the Indians up 2- 0. Prince doubles. V-Mart follows with a RBI single. Andy walks. Alex caps the rally with a 3-run jack. Four runs and the Tigers get an important comeback win. Good job LHBs. NIne wins in a row with a WOW on Sunday. Great job one and all. Go Tigers!!!

just for clarification: “if a manager notifies the umpiring crew that he is making a pitching change by clearly and unambiguously signaling for a left-handed pitcher with his left hand, or a right-handed pitcher with his right hand, that team is thereafter required to bring that pitcher into the game”

Finishing up something I touched upon last night, here is the story with audio of Jim’s pre and postgame presser yesterday. Read/listen or not, up to you. I don’t think this is how you treat people but that’s just me. I see plenty of other managers do interviews without the abruptness and attitude.

In the specific subject, there are rules about what the team can or cant say. They even need to submit their statement to the MLBPA before making them public but the that no excuse for the way he behaves with the Detroit Press..
In other sports like tennis or soccer there are strict rules about that. Pressers are mandatory and players and coaches can be fined for refusing to answer or misbehavior . Jason knows about the Special One, Mourinho, and his antics

“Omar Infante will begin an injury rehabilitation assignment with AAA Toledo today. #Tigers”

That is why baseball is the greatest game. 9 innings, no time clock. Maybe this will get Prince going!

Okay here is how I feel about the pregame presser, if the reporter wanted to ask its his job, but non of these reporters can say they didn’t see the likely outcome of asking questions they were specifically told he was not willing to answer.
Do I believe as the manager of the team he should answer questions about how it affects the team, absolutely. But the fact is they were told not to, that all questions should be directed towards DD and those chose to disregard that, so that’s the consequences whether I like it or not. That being said could of handled it better.

Well you can say this: we’re complaining about JL right now – not focusing on the team’s issues. That’s a good thing!

The old Bobby Knight strategy, keep the spotlight off the players.

Dotel to rehab.

They better start testing out Bonderman, then!

Great news about Dotel and Omar!! The cavalry is coming!! HAHAH. Anyhow I was thinking today: I’m glad our offense is sputtering right now. Why? Because our pitching is doing great – and I suspect it will fall off a little ways down the road. Right around the time I think the offense is going to be getting HOT (and our defense might be worth a toot for once)! AJ and Prince will hit better, Cabby will be healthy again and I suspect either Alex or Andy will on be on the rest of the way.

Good night for Verlander to show up, isn’t it?

I feel good about him going out there tonight – but i am scared a bit of masterson….he’s a top notch pitcher this year

If he starts making faces and getting ticked off at the umpire, there’s your first clue, how the night is going to go.

A lot of people think Jl is one ruce, crude dude. And they would not be wrong. Under some circumstances he most sertainly is. He seems to have a disdain for media and an underestimation of fans. I can live with that. Don’t like it and it bugs me but more importantly is when is Jim Leyland going to be an effective World Series manager?
I’ve heard excuses after 2006 and 20012.

Just my 2 cents: I watched the replay of the game at midnight and also this morning. Ramon was held up by Tommie. Arms up, he had to stop and then Ramon says something to him (and, I think it was about scoring). Tried to read lips, but couldn’t quite make it out

Dan, may be Leyland made a pact with the Devil in 1997. No way the Marlins should have beat the Indians that year.

Montague, I have not seen a strike zone wider than the one he gave to Livan Hernandez during the 7th game. And Mesa did the rest.

Well, we all know how Jim can behave in interviews especially postgame. If one of those reporters started asking him about the loss of Jhonny, the feeling in the clubhouse, about the use of peds, etc. Jim might have started crying or even better told him to **** off, live on camera. Mr. D did the talking for the organization and you could see that it was emotional for him, also.

I hope the tigers can win the world series this year!, I hope our skipper and management goes all in, and the players keep focused on this goal! any thing less will be a disappointment! go tigers go detroit

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