Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Miguel Cabrera took batting practice Sunday morning and looked fine. However, he did not run the bases, and it’s running that tests his abdominal strain. Regardless, Jim Leyland took the cautious route and sat Miguel Cabrera for one more day. Jose Iglesias starts at third base for the third consecutive game.

Torii Hunter was scheduled for a game off whether Cabrera played or not. Don Kelly starts in his place and bats third in Cabrera’s spot. Andy Dirks takes the two hole.

Joaquin Benoit is being rested today after pitching the last couple nights. That means either lefty Drew Smyly or righty Jose Veras gets the call for the save is Leyland has a situation for one in the ninth. Veras, the Astros closer all season until his trade to Detroit last Monday, does not have a save with the Tigers yet.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Don Kelly, RF
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Alex Rios, RF
  4. Adam Dunn, 1B
  5. Paul Konerko, DH
  6. Conor Gillaspie, 3B
  7. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  8. Gordon Beckham, 2B
  9. Tyler Flowers, C

P: Andre Rienzo



Kelly hitting 3rd. Wow, lets hope he doesn’t disappoint. Maybe Jim needs a day off.

that’s what i thought when i got to the park today. someone said i had a temper tantrum.

I’d ‘rest’ (bench) Prince for the day, and DH Miggy.

Well that’s the lineup. Barking at the media through Twitter doesn’t change it. Talk about shooting the messenger.
Let’s score five runs and win the game.

Our manager is resting Torii Hunter and loading up with LHB against a RHP with one game in the Show. Let’s see what happens.

Well meek looking lineup although I will see I’ve thought that beor and have seen it work out.

well still have yet to see Jose make a “sparkling play”. The few chances he’s had have been rather routine.

Ramirez bailing out Porcello so far.

Pretty tight strike zone so far and Rick not getting borderline low pitch.

Not sure why they would give Rios a hit on that play.

So Jhonny wouldn’t have an error recorded In his last game?

GK–if Iggy was at short today you would have seen 2 sparkling plays.

Maybe. It’s funny all we’ve heard about is his glove and everything has been routine……I’m excited to see it.

It was pretty deep in the hole and Rios is pretty quick runner, it wasn’t a gimme in my opinion.
Nice job to get out of it.

Would like to see AJ start working some counts again. Looking a little lost lately and yes I know he hit a homer the other night. Would like I see Prince do anything positive instead of being a quick easy easy out. #stepup and earn some of your contract.
Well lets give hm a time through to see ths guy then I want to see something

Okay we saw a nice play…quick feet.

Well that was a wasted opportunity.

You had him with 2 strikes and you laid a cookie in there like that for Dunn…..not a good pitch Ricky

Prince again easy quick out. Really tired oh him right now…..prove me wrong I’d welcome it.

Pitiful……..jeez. Whimsy whimpy whimpy. Doesn’t appear Rick will even get a little run support.

I don’t think he’s gonna prove you wrong.
About time for the Tigers to give this upstart a rude awakening to the bigs. He’s making things look way too easy.
Then again, this is not an all-star lineup by any stretch of the imagination. One I cannot understand after scoring 5 runs in 2 games.

Eat ’em up Tigers, eat ’em up. It worked last time!

One time’s the charm, I guess. Prince just looks awful at the plate.

212 last 10

Fielder should be embarrassed. He is an ineffective cleanup hitter on a championship calibre ball team.

Another crappy Fielder at bat.

No Omar, Miggy, Torii and might as well add Prince. No power.

There is no earthly reason a hitter can’t sit back on the curve ball from Rienzo. It may be a good one but he doesn’t have much of anything else that I can see.

And soon no Peralta Kathy. I know you don’t need any reminding of that! We are going to miss his RHB—big time.

indeed. we will. But, Mr. D said they weren’t going after a bat, so other guys have to step up.

I’d like this game to be memorable for Jhonny. A tasty win.

Someone commented on the site that Prince and his wife are getting a divorce, may be effecting his game.

I hadn’t heard that, I hate to hear that

me, either I thought he and his wife were very close. His family has always traveled with him.

very interesting thought – stay tuned i guess!

Confusion in baserunning. Vmart barely made it barely.

Ramon got it done but I would have squeezing.

Tought day at the plate for Iggy. left runners on 3rd and less than 2 out twice.

I’d be bringing in Smyly. I know he’s due for a clunker but it makes perfect sense to me with 2 LHB coming up (possibly) and the top of the order seeing Porcello again.

That’s why you don’t let Torii rest today.

Kelly is really good in the field that is not I Kelly I dont think that’s on Rick. We’ve all seen Torii screw up balls at or near the wall this year.

Bullpen time

Thanks Ventura. That was a gift of an out to kill a rally

really caught a break there on Rios’ drive. Gotta take advantage. Hopefully the skipper has the sense to bring Smyly in now at least.

Come on Drew

That’s D’Aza’s mistake. Very poor base running. thanks.

Way to go Drew!

Smyly is so good! We are lucky to have him.

Another Prince Fail.

Jhonny might get his last at-bat here,

Im sad this is probably Johnny’s last ab

Epic fail. He’ll be at .250 by the end of the road trip.
Go out with a bang Jhonny—then take your medicine like you should.

Really epic fail? He’s one of our better hitters. Epic failure is the pylon at 1st. I wouldn’t be too hard on Jhonny till you hear the evidence….then make judgements so far all we know us he’s in a notebook.

too bad.

Paul Konerko, another player I like.

Two LHB coming up. Could have left Smyly in though they do have some options on the bench still.
Good luck Sr. Veras.

Leyland just shocked me!!!Smyly still in.

shocked, also.

Oh—and we both look stupid now.

How will Fiesta Tigre weekend end?

We haven’t exactly been very good in close games like this. Maybe that trend will end in this game.

Pretty disappointing…….

I would have left him in with the two leftys due up.

4 singles in 6 AB before today vs Smyly

Why did Smyly pitch to Paulie?

This is the proper time for a bunt, a PR and a PH

Can we not pinch hit for Ramon?


Everyone on here is always upset because he takes Smyly out now criticism because he leaves him in. Might want to be more concerned about 1-9 who couldn’t hit . Sorry

7 runs in 3 games vs the last place team.True

The one guy that you can’t let hurt you is Konerko. Plus there is more help in the pen now!

Extra innings. Not usually a good sign for us this year.
Didn’t expect much from AJ—can’t remember the last time he came through in the clutch.

Criticism? You have a RHP in Veras to come and pitch to Konerko. That’s called good managing!

thought the same thing. That is who I expected to pitch.

Just finished telling my wife (like she’s really listening!!!) for Veras not to throw a 3rd breaking ball because Ramirez would just stick his bat out and chink one over the infield. I was right but wrong!!! Nice play—clutch play by Peralta. Wow.

Veal vs Tigers Who will win?

Nice catch Jhonny. Nice curve Veras. I hope Prince wins this game for us! Evan, are out fishing?

Now, Torii has to try

Why now and not in the 9th?

Yeah Dan, last time it carried to left field!

.220 vs RHP
.317 vs LHP

.Righties bat .233 against

Righties bat .154 against.

Bringing in Veras to pitch to Konerko SHOULD have been a no-brainer. I have no idea WTH Leyland was thinking. Major major managerial screw up.


now, he’s hurt. Oh,, no.

Torii gets a hit.

We need a walk-off..

“Meanwhile, Matt Tuiasosopo grabs a bat and steps on deck. He’ll hit for Don Kelly.” Where is he?

On the bench. Leyland decided he would bunt with Kelly.

Oh Prince, could you geg any worse?

I guess Kelly is not a good bunter

Doesn’t feel good.

Well, Prince has many RBI but we need some of those in the clutch!

“Decision to pull back Tuiasosopo there would strongly suggest Cabrera is not available to pinch-hit.” Jason

Victor Martinez with 121 and Fielder with 120 before today are 5 and 6th, MLB, in AB with RISP. Cabrera: 110.

The camera is on Miggy.

Oh, geez. Jhonny at his last at-bat.


I can’t watch any more.

Rondon still there

How’s that play?

Heavy B and some great D!

What a great Tiger win.

Those last few innings were like pulling teeth, but they got it done.

Bondo up?

Will they go by committee during the second game of the DH?

Bondo will replace Reed until he is send down to call Alvarez vs KC and then Reed will be recalled up?

The Tigers can add a 26th man on the day of the doubleheader per a fairly new MLB rule.

Ok ,I did not know that.

1. Remember, our 5 won’t be 25 until December, and he continues to mature as a solid starter. He will only get better. Way to keep us in the game RP.
2. Oustandng dfense from Iglesias and Ramon today. Defense has really tightened up lately. Again, kept us in the game until the end.
3. Grandfather Torii continues to amaze, with his clutch hitting. Mr. july wins it with a walkoff.

Kudos to Alex, Veras, and Rondon. Glad we could get Benoit that day off. On to Cleveland. Go Tigers.!

Glad to see greg post!!! Hey I went to the game today – got a nice sun burn to prove it. Was complaining all game about the lack of a MLB caliber lineup. Don Kelly at 3rd – really? Sat down LF line —- and got a perfect view of Iggy HOLY COW HES AWESOME!
But UGH what will it take to put Prince at 8th (too slow to bat 9th)? Holy moly what a rally-killer!
and of course Cabby and Torii — really doin it today! eat ’em up. eat’em UUUUUP!

whoever called a home sweep. and whoever called a bondo call up. gooooooood call

biogenesis and jhonny = old news. But Jon Heyman of CBSSports adds there are also three players on the suspension list whose names have yet to become public.

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