Perez “optioned” to make room for Iglesias

With Jhonny Peralta’s status unchanged for now, the Tigers had to make a roster move to make room for Jose Iglesias. That fell to Hernan Perez, who was optioned to Double-A Erie.

Perez, however, was taking infield practice with the team later Friday, and he wasn’t packing up his locker. So there’s a little juggling going on this weekend.

By rule, Perez has 72 hours to report to the SeaWolves, and they’re on the road this weekend in New Britain, Connecticut. More important to the Tigers, there’s still nothing definitive about Peralta’s status. According to reports, there will now be no announcement on suspensions coming out of the Biogenesis investigation until Monday, about 72 hours after the Tigers made their roster move. If Peralta is suspended on Monday and doesn’t appeal, the Tigers can recall Perez without him setting foot in Erie.

Just as convenient, the Tigers start a four-game series Monday in Cleveland, a short drive away from Erie.

Bottom line, though nobody will say it officially, Perez is expected to spend the weekend at Comerica Park while the Tigers wait out Major League Baseball’s decision on suspensions.


When is Omar supposed to rejoin the team?

we’re still looking to miss that rain to our north and south. fyi

Jim Leyland said there could be good news on Omar Infante. Sounds like he’s very close to a rehab assignment.

At the park. …look for balls to to fly out to left strong wind blowing that way.

You guys are too kind. If the team KNOWS he is getting suspened I wouldn’t even have played him let alone at 3rd. I’d be far more inclined to make a statement to Peralta than to placate him.
I understand everybody’s rationale. And it is wise really. I’m jest a bit cantankerous about this issue.

so far no problems. i see your rationale now. my only problem is the guilty vs not-guilty…if he didn’t do it (which i am sure his lawyer is telling management/ownership) then punishing him is – HOLY COW PRINCE HIT A DOUBLE I GOTTA GO CELEBRATE

Welcome to Detroit, Iggy! Way to go. Great at bat. What a battle after falling behind 0-2.
— Bob

He looks so young. Almost teenager looks.

Is Miggy good to go as a PH?

Fister is dealin tonight!


Hopefully that will get Mr Streaky going eh?

me hopes so

Fister needs to get Uncle Charlie working or he won’t contain the Sox.
They are due and they play their best ball against us. Get it going Doug.

Dan & Jim are comparing Iggy to Ozzie Smith Omar Vizquel. They are extremely excited about his strengths. Also, seems strange to see that #1 on his back.

MNister Fister and Uncle Charlie —good combination.
Big question for JL–do you take Fister out for Benoit?
Short answer:

Think he’ll agree with you’re logic?

Went with your logic. Good Idea!

It’s very important we win here

Fitting that Jhonny makes the last play. Geat game!


I have Colorado-.Pirates. Followed by gameday. That is a pitcher.

listened to a brayan pena post game interview just now. WOW – this guy has a level head – smart responses – good english!

So guys I thought Pena may have got Rios out at 2nd….of course being at the game I have no replay…what’s the verdict

Could have been safe. Tag was high and he does have long legs!!

That Cuban kid Fernandez really shut down the Tribe.

Jim was asked the question about Fister going back out for the 9th and he gave a very good answer. That was nearly as impressive as Doug’s pitching tonight. If you didn’t see it, the answer was that they were beginning to center up some pitches and the top of their order was coming up for the fourth time. I saw that and it appears that you all did too. I also thought Benoit needed to get in there after how this week has unfolded. Of course, if Benoit blows it Leyland is an idiot. 🙂
That’s two consecutive Friday night 2-1 wins. They’re gettin’ it done. Good job, fellas.

But the boys have to hit, not shutdown the offense. 2 runs will not win you many games against the ChiSox

But it was enough to win THIS game………..

But 2 runs won 2 of the 6 in this streak. Sometimes you have to win a 2-1 or 1-0 game they all can’t be blow outs. The offense has been doing remarkably well lately with Miggy missing so many games.

So far this season we have won FOUR 2-1 ball games. We have lost none with this score. Not so good when the score has been 1-0, 2-0, 3-1, or 3-2. Be happy it’s our lucky score!!!!

Santiago batting sub .200 makes me quake at Perez being sent down. We know Peralta and Infante are FAs at the end of this year. Infante can also play all three IF positiions. Perez can play all three, and so can Iglesias. Perez and Iglesias are the future (Hated giving up Garcia, but w/ Castellanos getting Iglesias was phenomenal. Great Job DD) I would prefer waiving Santiago; keeping Perez and Iglesias in sub-roles for the remainder of this year. Infante, Perez, and Iglesias can platoon, and be ready in the event Jhonny suspended; if not… you have the four best IF options, and the future playing in Detroit. With only 30 days left of the Minor league season; no reason sending Perez down, and the experience he gets at the ML level for next season is great.

yea you make good points.

Perez hasn’t really been sent anywhere. He’s off the roster until Monday when Peralta gets suspended. A decision may have to be made when Infante returns, but it appears Cabrera’s time at 3rdbase is limited, or he goes on the DL. Regarding Santiago, hitting .304 over his last nine games of regular starts, he’s a veteran who may be in his final year as a Tiger. With Detroit trying to win it all now, I think I’d rather play the future in the future, like next year.

Great post Robin but keep in mind that Ramon has been in the team photo every year since 2006.

heck he was the starting at SS one year i had season tickets. but that doesn’t mean a lick right now. If he can’t hit without regular at bats he isn’t worth a darn – he IS a backup.

Ramon is playing very well in that role. Surprisingly well. He is a guy that JL will stick with and reward. And when he does put him in he gets the job done. We have another one of those with kelly. There will be a decision to make in August. This club will need to replace JP’s RHB for the post season and the run up to it. I doubt Tiger brass will be welcoming Jhonny back ( )
and I suspect Castellanos will be introduced to the club later this month to see if he can pick up the middle of the order.
The “of again” and “on again” status of Miguel is not helping the team and appears to be not helping him much either. It’s too bad (in hindsight) that they didn’t have the foresight to put him on the DL prior to the ASG. You can’t blame them at all for this realistically, but a completely healty Miggy is very important for this team.

You all do realize that Iglesias and Perez won’t hit much either, right?

well at least you can test them out at the mlb level before you go into an offseason with INF depth questions. we know what well get from santiago already and it is not a starting SS or 2B

What you get from Santiago is a veteran presence that has been through many tough division races. That kind of experience is what sets the Tigers above the competition this season. Next year is next year, and there’s no reason to believe that Iglesias and Perez won’t get it done if they don’t bring back Infante.

Hopefully one of those guys will be able to come up to near Infante-like numbers. Perez may develop some pop in his bat. I don’t think you will see that from Jose.
We’re OK for this year but an ominous cloud hangs over the eventual DH/1B situation. VMart has another year yet but they need to get Prince used to the idea sooner or later. If Miggy is to be preserved as long as possible he will need to move back to 1st. The aggravating injuries he is suffering may well be an indicator of this.

If Henning is right ( and he is always wrong) and they pretend time sharing DH/1b between Fielder and Cabrera , Cabrera´s time with Detroit could be over soon. If I were him , I would not sign an extension . He almost lost and eye( he feared that after the bad bounce) and he is risking his career playing willingly a position he is not fit to ( Beltre is similar to him and saw two seasons shortened by injuries) and he does not deserve to end as DH at 32.

Is Victor going to be able to catch at all this season?

Perez was not supposed to join the team until 2014. While he has been better than expected with Erie and the Tigers, for what I have read he is a Golden Glove version of Worth or Everett. The same for Iglesias whose Babip is high.( Perlata´s Babip is way too high so his bat avg. was due to regress anyway)

Jackson with RISP:.262.378.443.821 61 AB
Fielder with RISP:275.371.458 .829 121 AB

Perlata and Infante are above Fielder in SLG

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