For Tigers, Peralta, the wait goes on (updated)

The Tigers off-day had barely started when Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports put out this tweet that put the vigil off for another day:

So if an announcement on suspensions is going to happen this week, as was reported last weekend, maybe it’s Friday. If it’s not Friday, then the wait goes into next week.

And while the national reports keeping churning out new twists in the Alex Rodriguez saga, the Tigers, Rangers and other teams with players that have been reported twist in the wind.

This is the scenario Dave Dombrowski talked about when he explained the reasoning behind the trade for Jose Iglesias Tuesday night. Had the Tigers waited past the non-waiver Trade Deadline for more information on Jhonny Peralta, they would’ve been scrambling for options in a landscape where multiple contending teams — not just the Indians, but the Royals and the Orioles and the Yankees too — could have blocked a trade for a shortstop with a simple waiver claim. And if the Tigers wanted to swing a trade, they would’ve been left either with a middling option or a veteran with a big enough contract that nobody would’ve dared made a claim and risked taking on all the money.

“I don’t really know what’s going to happen as far as timing is concerned,” Dombrowski said when he announced the trade, “but I also think that when there are enough things being discussed you get a little concerned about those things. My problem ends up being that after 4 o’clock [Wednesday], I cannot aggressively try to do anything that’s assured. …

“I do think there are some things are going to take place, but what is going to take place, I’m not 100 percent sure.”

peralta073113bThe longer this goes on, though, the more games go along. The Tigers now have 106 games played, 56 to go. A 50-game suspension for a player would leave six games left in the regular season after the suspension expires. If the wait continues into next week, the Tigers would have 53 games left, and the math continues.

It has been a long enough saga that Peralta, who had declined comment on the investigation and anything Biogenesis related since reporting to Spring Training in February, is now starting to talk about it.

“It’s difficult to wait and everything like that,” Peralta said after Wednesday’s game. “Nobody wants to wait to see what’ll happen. But whatever happens right now, I need to see what can happen and try to move on.”

When asked if he had been asked to testify by Major League Baseball, Peralta said, “No, I don’t talk to anybody yet.”

That includes team officials.

“I don’t communicate too much with Dombrowski, but my agent talked to him,” Peralta said. “I don’t know too much about what’s happening right now.”

When asked if it’s wrong that he’s caught up in this situation, this wait, Peralta said, “I mean, yes, it’s wrong, but whatever happens right now, I need to fight and try to move on.”

There are a few different ways to interpret that quote, but then, that goes along with a lot of other things that aren’t clear yet and probably won’t be until any announcement comes out. Meanwhile, fans keep wondering in the seventh or eighth inning if that last Peralta at-bat for the game (they haven’t had to bat in the bottom of the ninth in a while, if you haven’t noticed) is his last for a while, his last for the season, his last as a Tiger.

Meanwhile, Iglesias’ role — and the roster move to create a spot for him — remains in question. He’s scheduled to join the team on Friday. If Peralta is active, the Tigers have to send him a player — Hernan Perez, potentially — to open a spot. Once a player is optioned to the minors, he must spend 10 days there unless he’s replacing somebody on the disabled list.

UPDATE: I double checked on the rule regarding roster moves for players suspended under MLB’s Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. For roster purposes, a suspended player is treated like a player on the disabled list. If a team had just optioned a player to the minors, that player doesn’t have to sit in the minors for 10 days before being recalled if he’s replacing a suspended player. I’m not sure if the same rule applies for a player suspended under the collective bargaining agreement, as some reports have suggested MLB might do with Alex Rodriguez.


Just like Harold Reynolds talked about on MLB Network, A-Rod needs to realize that a lifetime ban means he could never coach in baseball, attend events, throw out a ball. I wish he’d take the suspension. But, I guess, it’s all about the money.

Will Peralta be able to go on a minor-league ‘rehab’-like assignment during, but nearing the end of his suspension?

Yes. A suspended player can go out on rehab towards the end of the suspension. The problem with a 50-game suspension at this point in the year is that the minor league regular seasons end around Labor Day, with most playoffs complete by mid-September. So the only minor-league baseball available for a rehab assignment would be fall instructional league.

yes what can Peralta do on his suspension? Can he play ball in Venezuala (assuming that is where he grew up), play ball in the minors or in TigerTown, etc….

That’s a good question. But I would suspect that if he is suspended he cannot be anywhere affiliated with the Detroit Tigers or MLB. I don’t know if he can go home to the DR and play there.
— Bob

I meant to post this yesterday:
Quick release, can throw from “inside” his body, quick to his feet, absolutely superior range.. I’m sure Rick Porcello and Doug Fister will be taking him out fishing lots.

well what about you? How close to being 100% happy are you? You’ve wanted someone like him for a while now…..

The Joint Drug Agreement allows a rehab assignment up to 10 days. But by then Minor leagues season will be already over. September 14 based on what Beck said about the PTBNL.
He is from Dominican Republic. Winter leagues does not begin until october. I dont know if there is like in Venezuela a Summer league not affiliated with MLB.

There was controversy about Manny playing in DR while banned but in my reading of the JDA the ban does not extend to Winter leagues. And any attempt to extend that woud be in collision with constitutional norms at least in Venezuela ( even if the Courts have accepted similar action from the soccer federation)

hmmmm ok good call. well if they can figure out how to keep his bat going over the break….might be crucial if we want to use him at the end of the season + playoffs. Would ya’ll use him after his suspension?

do not begin

90% happy I guess. I am keeping my mind open to become 100%!
I was hoping for a leadoff man that can steal bases. Jose is not that guy.
So we will continue to compromise this important element of the game with AJ. I have always thought AJ a candidate to bat in the middle of the order. I am not so sure he is capable of that either. He is awful at getting runners in from 3rd. Perhaps he could bat 7th or (and I know I am gonna take a lot of flak for this—-9th). With all this to say about AJ he could be a dandy leadoff man. He needs to become willing to bunt for hits. To learn the art of base-stealing. To be a little more “Rose-like” and bring some intensity to his game. I look at Austin Jackson and I see a guy who is not sure of how good he could be.
On to Avila—–very encouraging to see him hitting the ball with authority, and some of those times against southpaws. But, I think Leyland is making another mistake with him. He is playing hurt and, fair enough, lots of players do–particularly catchers. But, he is playing hobbled too. He is teetering on the edge of injury. It is OK to give him more time off and spell him with Pena.Brayan does not hurt his team when he is in the lineup. He actually brings a little energy with him.

agreed Jose is no leadoff guy. But AJ must learn how to hit with ducks on the pond or learn how to bunt for hits.

Important points. I believe the Tigers lineup is stronger with Infante batting 9th, because it let’s a quality hitter bat in front of Ajax, Torii and Miggy. IF peralta is out, I think you put Iglesias 8th, when Infante returns.

My, and this is only” my take “. I believe the New York Yankees want MLB to give A.rod a life time ban to get rid of all the money that he will get in the future. I really think they think he is washed up as a super star and want him gone.

that is certainly not only your opinion – it is generally acknowledged as ‘probably whats going on’. And why wouldn’t Bug Seedy and the MLB do such a thing? Why not pander to your biggest money maker? This is a business. THEN a fair and balanced competition.

White Sox getting beat by Cleveland again. There is more than a few reasons to hate that franchise!!

Not me—not “IF” he is guilty.

his guilt will never been proven or disproven – you know that!!

Jose Iglesias will wear #1 when he joins the #Tigers on Friday.

I don’t think anyone has worn #1 since Sweet Lou. Can anyone think of someone who did?
— Bob

No, he was the last One

Jhonny has been in MLB for ten years. Has he saved up any money?? How about a shrewd investment in an independent baseball league franchise??

If we don’t sweep Chicago this weekend it’s our own fault. Not often I call for a sweep.

They will be mad and humiliated or they just might roll over again. We need every win we can get

I’ve watched video of Iglesias and he is something special with the glove.

Well isnt it weird that he hasn’t been contacted yet if he is involved since they were working out these plea deals?

His agent probably was or is as we speak.
Sox played listlessly today and were swept by the Indians. Raburn pounded 2 more today.and pronounced that it is officially summer now!!!!!

Peralta is a client of the Levinson brothers, whom MLB has been investigating as well. They have a few clients in this investigation and others that have tested positive.

i don’t understand the Sox. They have a pretty decent team on paper.

Perhaps they miss the fear of AJ.

how many years has the manager of the hawksox been coaching? that might be your answer.

Kathy, just watched the video on mlive. I like Jhonny and his bat is good this year. I am glad that Inglesias is a Tiger!

Just can’t shake Cleveland and KC, can they? Now the Indians go to Miami with an 8 game streak.

Didn’t get my last message posted. What’s wrong now?

Ahhhh. There it is.

8 and 9 game win streaks…..they are due to lose, I would think but the Tigers are 8-1 lately so their streak could run out too.

as i alluded to earlier, both CLE and DET could play each other as the hottest teams in baseball. Well take 3 in the Jake and crush their spirits! Get those dobbers down ya know? Each year it goes: Memorial day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Xmas in July, Indians implode, Labor day.

Possibly, but this particular Cleveland team has a lot of veterans who know how it all works. While Manny Acta was there to teach, Francona is there to win. I don’t see an implosion happening this year.
It could be a good tough race, which is what it’s all about anyway.

Make no mistake. Cleveland is a good MLB team. Good enough to not take lightly.
Evan speaking for myself!—I don’t know that JP will be proven guilty or not.
Being from France—I need to be shown he is innocent.

Raburn hitting .292 vs. LHP. Jeff Baker hitting .396 vs. LHP for TEX. Proof can do right thing (as #Tigers did last yr) & still doesn’t work

Allowing Baker to play a couple of games could have make history different. Also for Huff and Pauley.( the one from Seattle). And Raburn is not in the second spot everyday but 7th or 8th were he belongs. So someone did things the wrong way and were the Tigers

This is for those of you not using Twitter:
Jose Iglesias‏@JoseIglesias_SS3h
And thank you @DetroitTigers for the opportunity to join a great city and for having the faith and trust in me. Let’s go! #DetroitProud!

And yeah I know it’s up there on the right from Jason’s feed.

Bondo: 2 2/3 of perfect ball last night. 9 2/3 1 hit 0 bb 0 R

It might be time to bring him up…….could he be an x-factor in the pen?

I agree GK. Gotta be better than Reed, Putkonen

bring him up, GK!

I’ll make the call.

Going to be interesting times in the AL Central.The Tigers are by no means a lead pipe cinch. The Tribe and the Royals are putting pressure on a team that has Miggy injured, Peralta gone, Fielder not hitting, leadoff hitter not hitting and a platoon of sorts in LF. I’m not even counting a banged up catcher hitting.200.
No——-this is not a lead pipe cinch.

so there’s lots of room for improvement? With the bullpen fixed i think we can could on better late innings games too!

Iglesias already added to the 40 roster.
Alex is slowly getting it going or is an illusion? 379 .438 .690 1.127 but a 529 Babip.
Batting 9th :.333.371.606.977 but 429 Babip. His swing for GS was a textbook swing but he is suddenly way too lucky. Im more worried about him there after day . The numbers with Peña are not bad,. The SO/BB is better. The ERA is .5 higher but that and the W-L record: 17-18 are misleading:. He plays mostly against LH so they play with the team B and the Babip with him is higher( he cant control the fielding)

Very good insight!

El Tigre, I too feel that Pena is not used enough. Alex amay or may not be ‘coming out of it” but regardless, he is playing hurt too often. His mobility is hindered and they are running the risk of more serious injury.

Just read a report on Twitter that suspensions are imminent….meaning today.

good—-get it over with.

gotta wait till your father comes home!

and i’ve been told him comes home on monday

….and boy are you ever gonna get it!!!!

Just heard conflicting report, now Monday. ..just get it over with. …jeez im tired of this.

Sounds like it’s being held up because of Arod………

Sunday at most.
They probably want to do it today to stop ARod from playing his rehab game in front of 150 journalists.He is becoming a martyr (and Selig painted himself into the corner).
The consensus in twitter is that they must do it before Monday because Texas have 50 games from then on, a delay and Cruz suspension will drag into the next season unless Texas go to the playoff. The Tigers still have 53 games after Sunday.

You know, if we wanted to follow this deadline crap, we’d just follow congress. It feels very much the same.

Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Pena 2, Iglesias 4. Fister is starting.

But the webpage shows no roster change yet

Do you think they are waiting till the last minute because of the looming suspensions?

They were waiting. But they already did a move, Iglesias is playing.” Perez not in the lineup card” just twitted by Jason

Miner recalled by Phi

Perez is optioned but not reporting. He has 72 hours to do so. By then we’ll know what’s happening. It does put Iglesias at 2ndbase for tonight, however.

what does not reporting mean? we lost him?

He has 72 hours to report to Erie, who are on the road anyway. As soon as Jhonny is suspended, Perez can step in. So where does Hernan watch the game from?

Not reporting? Didn’t realize about the 72 hours. Interesting.
As to Iglesias as far as I can tellhe has played but 3 games at 2B. Played none in the minors. Of course, I may be wrong.

I am keeping an eye on the skies — I feel pretty good about our chances tonight (in playing)

Mike Gonzalez on waivers

Cabrera wont play

Iglesias to third.

Ramon Santiago to play 2B.

It’s getting very concerning with Miggy. Would have been better for him to have rested during that all star break.

IMO—they should move Peralta to 3rd not Iggy. Peralta is on borrowed time and is a bretty good chance he won’t be back with the club.
Peralta may have been the impetus to get Iglesias but he is also the reason that we don’t have Garcia.. He hurt his team and he’s smart enough to know better.

I wouldn’t stick JP at third for a game or two. Jhonny is gone, it’s just a matter of when.
Miggy not playing after all this rest is very concerning. So far the club has done well without him but that won’t last.

Peralta hasn’t played there in 2 years it doesn’t make sense…..

And yes Miggy is very very concerning.

miggy – it is what it is….give him rest. How many days has he spent on the dL as a tiger? exactly.
Peralta at 3rd? Naw Iggy has played there many times already this year and jhonny hasn’t since coming to det.

Miggy keeps aggravating the injury in the field. Those slow rollers that he charges and throws under hand are hurting him. You could see him in pain on Tuesday after the play.

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