Tigers might not be finished dealing yet

The Tigers filled a huge void in right-handed relief with Astros closer Jose Veras, a move that paid dividends Tuesday night. They prepared for the possibility of a Jhonny Peralta suspension by trading for slick-fielding Jose Iglesias. And they still might not be done yet.

The buzz among teams Wednesday continued to include the Tigers checking on more relief help. They’ve been pursuing lefty relief options in recent days, including San Francisco’s Javier Lopez, and there are plenty of other southpaws potentially available. They could also add a right-hander for relief depth, though not necessarily a big-name setup reliever like they’ve been pursuing the last few weeks.

Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com reported Wednesday that the Tigers had been in touch with the Blue Jays on relievers. Toronto has veteran lefty Darren Oliver, who turns 43 this October, as well as All-Star setup lefty Brett Cecil and right-hander Steve Delabar.

Team president/general manager Dombrowski indicated late Tuesday night after the Iglesias deal that he was not expecting anything, but didn’t rule out pursuing another swap. The big question Dombrowski posed Sunday was whether the lofty demands teams had for relief pitching going into the week would drop at the deadline. If someone’s price drops, the Tigers could well make another move.


Phil Coke needs to put a clean outing together today if he wants to guarantee a spot in the pen this august. Time to pay the rent PHIL

as far as i am concerned we have ROOGY’s we can bring up (dotel, bonderman) and darin downs is not particularly better than Phil (albeit his potential might be higher).

Probably teams are still wanting too much. Only about 25 minutes left,.

or DD will call their bluffs! He IS the wizard, you know.. C’mon DD you’re just 1 vet LHP away dude – don’t forget how many “stressful” those innings are on the starters in the playoffs (i.e. they often only last 5-6 innings)!

don kelly in – offense just got a boost. [grin]

Triple? Nope, They should have let him try for 3rd. Brookens, again.

Torii got robbed – perfect example of cloggin’ up the bases for ole’ Avila!

Brookins is an idiot, sometimes.

Brookens never should of held Avila up…..even if Avila out at home Torii still has a triple.

Not necessarily, it would be up to the offical scorekeeper. If Avila get thrown out at the plate, he could score it a double and advanced to 3rd on the throw.

anyone know the numbers on how many men have been left on base and by who this year? I know who leads this team, but i am wondering if he leads the league. Historical context appreciated.

Score is 11-1 and he holds up Avila? Kept him from the cycle. I’m furious with you, Tom. Cycles don’t come around every day. Robbed him!!!!

Source: #SFGiants will not move J. Lopez unless overwhelmed in final 15 minutes. High asking price.Rosenthal
Gonzalez was a better option.

Don’t believe Mr D wants to overwhelm them. But, you never know. Something out of left field could happen in the last minutes.

11-1 game and everybody is going to want to talk to Brookens.

They just showed Mr D at the park. He’s got his computer/computers around him.

“Tigers “never tried” on Javier Lopez according to #source” Bowden

jim price just accused torii of lying about his age (in reference to his baserunning during that triple)


dirks for martinez. good call jim.

Is this the last time we see Jhonny? 😦 sad and disappointed

Evan Reed! Glad to see Jim not letting him rust in the ‘pen

Great game today! That youngster Torii sure is impressive with the bat! Verlander putting in good work, Coke and ALBQ looked good. Reed growing. Santiago wants to hold onto his job. Fielder frustrated but the offense really responded to not having Cabby! And lastly, Alex Avila continues to look good at the plate.
So bring on the BiRoid suspensions! This team can step up when someone has to man up!

Shameless promotion for Mr. Jeff Daniels.
It’s worth a visit just to listen to his song “Longtime Tigers Fan Blues” but there are plenty more.

Now, they need to know if Peralta is suspended before the next game. If not, Iglesias enters for Perez and they will need to call Worth to cover 2b with Santiago once Peratta is suspended. Or there is any loophole?

He’ll probably play SS but that’s just speculation. He can play 3rd, SS and 2nd.

I read somewhere that Iglesias will be joining the Tigers on Friday.

What happens when Omar comes back?

Perez will go down I presume.
I missed the game today but reading the linescore I was very encouraged by reading how hard we hit Gio Gonzalez. Gio is a good pitcher who could have given us fits.
Nice to see Avila stroking the ball. Hunter is playing the best offensive ball of his career at this time.
Fielder and AJ are enigmatic. What is wrong with them?
If they have to DH Miggy—then by golly—-do it. Enough placating of the “Prince”.

That is the problem :Perez goes to Toledo .Then Peralta is suspended before Infante is back. And there is still one spot open and you cant call Perez back.

Perez .

Well– if Peralta is suspended tomorrow or Friday it should not present too much of a proble,.
They could send Reed down. And go with 11 pitchers for a short while. He’ll be going down to replace Downs soon anyway.

I do think they would have been better off with a lefty for that pen but, oh well.


These suspensions……….what are they waiting for? This is like “wait till your father gets home.” Get on with it.

From USA Today: Clubhouse Code

You see, Cruz and Peralta can be as guilty as Braun apparently was, or fight a mound of evidence as daunting as the one facing A-Rod. But if they don’t fight it, they will forever be branded in Major League Baseball.

They will be known as deserters who quit on their teammates in the middle of a pennant race, infuriating the organization and embarrassing the fan base.

That never will be forgotten.

It’s the clubhouse code.”

Doesn’t matter if they fight or not. If these guys are guilty then they have already been disloyal to their team, their fans and their teammates. Jhonny is a nice guy. Low key. Dependable. Mr. Reliable. A manager’s dream. But, if he did what he is accused of he let everbody down and nobody should feel sorry for him.
I hope that we hear that there is some misunderstanding or mistake with his accusation but if he’s guilty he should no longer be a Tiger. nothing to do with second chances. Every player in the game today knows there are none and the consequences.

I read it too, but the writer is ignoring a “fact”? ,supposedly they were made an offer that they couldnt refuse: make a deal or risk a higher penalty for not cooperating.

Supposedly, some players will appeal , so they are dealing with the little” inconvenient”( players that see themselves as not guilty or want to protect the team refusing to close a deal) to announce the suspensions at the same time.

Their hands were tied…..no matter if they were guilty or not they are practically being forced into taking a settlement.

Yes….I also agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees were behind all of this. Scummy organization.
Soxs had a 2 run lead in the 9th and blew it! Figures

That game doesn’t end until Cleveland walks off.
Something I noticed: I have the Chicago feed and that drum is waaay down in the mix. Almost can’t hear it. When FSD carries the game, the drum sounds like it’s right behind the television. What’s up with that?

And they did……Cleveland is charmed right now. They just aren’t going to go away.

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