Quotes on Iglesias deal

Comerica Park was just about empty except for the press box and the front offices by the time the Jose Iglesias trade was announced right around midnight. Most of the media had stuck around hoping there would be some sort of official acknowledgement after rumors for just about an hour.

There was an acknowledgement, all right — not just of the trade, but of the concerns about Jhonny Peralta’s status that led to it. After withholding comment on Major League Baseball’s investigation into the Biogenesis scandal for weeks, Dombrowski — while not wanting to comment on the case — commented on the uncertainty it created to their postseason hopes and the reactions they’ve been having to the news reports about potential suspensions and the chances for an appeal.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty facing the situation which concerned me, especially with our scenario trying to win a championship,” Dombrowski said. “I don’t really know what’s going to happen as far as timing is concerned, but I also think that when there are enough things being discussed, you get a little concerned about those things.

“My problem ends up being that after 4 o’clock tomorrow, I cannot aggressively try to do anything that’s assured. Because after 4 o’clock, if anything happens, and people know we’re looking for a shortstop, there are shortstops that aren’t going to make it through waivers. So it contributes, but we wouldn’t have made a deal that we weren’t comfortable making to this magnitude unless this type of player was involved coming back.

“We’ve had some other people throw some names at shortstop for us that we didn’t see fitting in for us. Maybe they were a short-term solution but not a long-term solution and asking for the same caliber of player. We were not interested in that. It just did not make sense. But we have always thought at some point that we may have to trade one of our young outfielders for another hole that we would have for the future. And so, there were a lot of contributing factors here, but the biggest thing was we got a real good player that we think could play for us a real long time.”

One more telling quote on the investigation:

“I do think there are some things are going to take place,” Dombrowski said, “but what is going to take place, I’m not 100 percent sure.”

More quotes from Dombrowski on how the deal went down:

“We had some contact that went nowhere really this morning around 11 o’ clock and then we started around 2 o’ clock just another something. Then around 3 o’clock, we were not really anywhere seriously discussing things. It didn’t really start taking place until close to game time. You know they are deep at shortstop, they got Drew at short now, they got Iglesias, who they like, they have Bogaerts coming. And so for them they are deeper there, they are one of the clubs that we looked at for the future, at the end of the year, when Jhonny did become a free agent that we kind of identified that could have some depth at shortstop.

“They asked us about a couple other players that we weren’t willing to do, not that we wanted to give up Garcia, but it came along pretty quickly. And Ben was open, as we got to that closer to game time, saying this would be a three-way deal, and would I have a problem with that. And I said basically, I don’t want to see Avisail Garcia play against us 18, 19 times a year for the next 10 years, but if we also come up with a real good player at shortstop, and we’re deeper in outfield, which we are. We still have Castellanos down at Triple-A, [Tyler] Collins and [Daniel] Fields. And we think that we’re getting a real good player, and we traded a real good young player for another real good young player but at a position that which we need right now or potentially could need, and I know that we’ll need next year.”

On trading a very good prospect to a division rival:

“I’ve never been hesitant with that. That doesn’t phase me. And I fully expect Garcia to be a really good player. I don’t really want to watch him play 18 times a year, and I’m sure he’s going to beat us at some times during that time period, and there will times when people say that Dombrowski was not very smart when he does that. But I think it’s more important about the player that you get in return. As long as we get a player that helps us at the same time be a real good player, then that’s what you can get, I hope it helps everybody.”

Dombrowski did say that the Red Sox asked them for another player earlier in talks that he was not prepared to give up. It’s not clear whether or not that might have been Nick Castellanos, or if the Tigers had to choose one or the other to trade. The quote near the top seemed to hint towards that.

Another quote later in the session strongly hinted that the Tigers are not going to mortgage the future to win this year, a quote that some might have suspected but needed to hear someone in the organization say:

“I think for us as you look forward, you look where you have holes, where you have potential free agents, and where you can cover yourself. Without getting into where we are next year, we know we have a free agent at second base, a free agent at shortstop and some free agents in the bullpen, and all of a sudden where I wasn’t so sure where we’d be going with that. I think we’re in a spot where our goal is not only to be good this year and the last couple of years, but to continue to be good for years to come. And I think that this is a situation that all of a sudden if you do lose some players, we’ve got some good young guys that can help us fill those spots and are ready to play right now, just like Castellanos. I think he’ll be ready next year to play. Will he play? I don’t know, because I don’t know how the club will come together. But all of a sudden you start talking about guys such as Perez, Iglesias, Castellanos and Rondon, who we talked about, that’s a pretty good group of young guys that you can complement with some of the veteran players that we know who will be with us that are in the prime of their careers.”

On Peralta’s status:

“Peralta is our shortstop unless he’s ruled not our shortstop. When I talked to Jose, his agent [Fern Cuza, who is also Miguel Cabrera’s agent] happened to be there with him, and he asked him how much playing time is going to get. Will he be playing everyday? And right now, I can’t answer that question. I don’t really know. We think he will be a very valuable part of our club, we think he’ll be a very valuable part as we go in the long-term. But right now, Peralta is our shortstop, and we’ll just see happens. The value with him also is he can play third, he can play second very well too.”

On whether Biogenesis investigation rushed them into a deal:

“I don’t feel rushed into the decision. It’s not like we’re sitting back there without all of our reports being read and being thoroughly looked at. In fact, we sat down today with [pro scouting director] Scott Bream, Scott Reid, Al Avila and Mike Smith and we figured out all of the young shortstops that Scott Bream would be looking at in the month of August from our list, and there weren’t very many of them. And we didn’t even worry about seeing Iglesias, because we knew Iglesias would fit into that position already. So that’s how highly we think of him.

“We have always thought, at some point, we were probably going to have to do something there. I didn’t want to have to do that for a guy who is here for two months, but a guy who can play shortstop for the next half dozen years here. That’s a very valuable person that we gave up a very valuable player to get.”


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Merry Christmas, Dan!

23 y.o. defensively gifted with a .330/.376/.409/.785 slash line in 234 PAs (in 2013)? Same owar (1.6) as Prince? woah. dave is a God!!!

Boy I don’t see this the same way you guys do. Yes from all reports he is a gifted fielder, but he from all reports doesn’t have anywhere near te bat of JP. Jp with the exception of Miggy has been our mst consistent hitter, that’s a lot of RBI’s to get rid of. Like I said last night this only works if others pick it up.

.308/.363/.460/.822 – peralta
.330/.376/.409/.785 – jose
So it’s not a huge difference.
And don’t forget Max has already said some mean things about people who use steroids…..is it possible Jhonny should leave due to ‘team chemistry’ implications? or is he too quiet/about his business to be a bother…..

Evan, look at his slash line for the last month: .182/.229/.195/.424. This his 1st year at ML level. Never showed much hitting in minors. Boesch had agreat slash line 1st half of his 1st season. Gave up WAY too much.

month of july not including last night: .205/.247/.217/.464 with a .236 BABIP

2 questions: what do you do with Santiago if Jhonny appeals / when jhonny comes back for the playoffs? What does this mean for Omar’s 2B job next year? short-term contract maybe?

Perez will be the one to go down. …not Ramon. I hope Omar will be back next year.

no no when JHonny comes back like in September — who is a) your starting SS, b) your backup INF? Maybe since the rosters will be expanded Ramon makes it as double secret INF backup.

Sept 20/21/22, somewhere around then

What I’ve read on Iglesias is that he has a below average bat and he started out ok this season but he he mired in a very long slump…months. Most of his hits are dribblers and infield hits. From all reports batting average is a mirage…but that’s ok if others step it up.

Oh and regarding Max ….I think what bothered him more than anything was the lying and how he got others fired and soiled their reputation. Braun was indignant and basically blamed it on racism. Peralta has been quiet …..I’ll say this Peralta sure hasn’t been playing like a guy who’s got something on his mind.

If Peralta is not suspended, he remains the SS. If he is suspended, Iglesias is the SS. It really comes down to whether they planned to sign Peralta to a contract after this season, probably a multi-year one. This gives us a glimpse of a future where the SS position will be one of defense and the offense will come from elsewhere in the lineup.
My biggest problem at this early hour is that even when I spell Iglesias correctly, it looks wrong.

Let’s just call him Iggy, then. 🙂
— Bob

Miggy, Iggy and Biggy lol

Well we do play the white sox 12 more times this year so we prolly assisted in saving ourselves from 2-3 games worth of Jake Peavy. That’s a silver lining for ya.

I really like RF prospects but I do it for a real good ss. The question is can he hit?

Maybe they can save some money by not having to hire some other singer for the national anthem and the 7th inning stretch. That’s only if he inherited some talent from others with the same last name. Iglesias.

Iglesias is not an MLB hitter yet, could develop into one for sure. His glove work is outstanding, heard comparisions to Ozzie Smith and Vizquel. This is a long-term deal for Detroit dealing from a strength (OF depth) for a glaring need (middle IF). Other teams like our OF, and for good reason. Why I like this deal, is that OF prospects are a dime a dozen. With Castellanos, Fields, Moya there is depth. AJax is young. Also, if Peralta avoids suspension, Iglesias can go back to AAA until September. As one poster said, Rick Porcello is the biggest winner in this deal, and Fister as well.

I agree 100%, port.
— Bob

Check out this highlight package on you tube. I could do without the music😉 . This guy is going to save a bunch of runs. He goes into the hole unbelievable and the ball is in and out of his hand so quick. I cannot wait to see this kid flash the leather on a nightly basis. It’s true. Rick and Doug just became better pitchers.

— Bob

Sorry. Only meant to post the link. Not the video.


Austin Jackson CF, Torii Hunter RF, Matt Tuiasosopo LF, Prince Fielder 1B, Victor Martinez DH, Jhonny Peralta SS, Hernan Perez 2B, Ramon Santiago 3B, Alex Avila C, (Justin Verlander P)

Not so sure we can expect management to take Jhonny back in September. They may not want to. The Giants did not want Melky back last year for their playoffs.
Also, 50 games (2 months) is a long time to away from hi-level competition. It’s not like you will be plugging in a .300 hitter with power and expect the motor to start running where it left off.

Re Iglesias and can he hit; this peek into the future also includes Jim Leyland not being the manager. We may end up finding other ways to score runs as the team turns over this time. Obviously, PED baseball is in its final days.
Not to get too Melville-ish, but “cast ye eyes on the Rays.”

I also think there is a part of this deal that DD is very happy about—-salary relief.

Yep. Money to help re-up Infante and/or maybe Benoit at the end of the season.
— Bob

Iglesias over last 365:.279.333.357 .690 with sustainable Babip of 325.
He is owed the remaining of 2.06 MM. Not arbitration eligible until the 2015 off season.
The worst case scenario, Everett redux.

Maybe a bad bat,, but the glove is “Pure Michigan Gold.”

Beck at twitter:”Infante maybe. Can’t see Peralta back”

It looks like Jhonny will be gone. I’m not one of these everything is black or white type persons. Ryan Braun and Melky Cabrera went to great lengths, including calling into question the integrity of test takers resulting in someone losing their job. Ryan Braun lied over and over again until he could lie no more. I would have been much more forgiving if he and Melky had taken their punishment and shut up about how innocent they were.

Jose can play SS/3B/2B so there is lots of flexibility this year and beyond. This may be the end for Santiago as a Tig in 2014. Now the focus for future development is Catcher and BP. Still time for a last minute BP deal from DD?

No Miggy.😦

Tigers still talking to other club.

Tiger could add Javier Lopez.. Iott

do it toit

The elephant in the room is the question, will the new SS turn out to be a lifetime .275 or a .220 hitter, that is still, yet to be determined

losing Jhonny will hurt us, I hope I am surprised and am wrong by that. I was not watching or listening last night but see Alex hit a grand slam – good for him!

For those asking, Luis Marte to DL is a procedural move. It allows #Tigers to move him to 60-day DL and open spot on 40-man roster.
Mayo Smith called it

Now, Iglesias enters for Avisail. So, someone will be called up or they will go for Lopez or another LH.

Or just added to the 40 roster in advance to a call up: Castellanos.

Which Verlander will show up today?? I going for good JV!! Trying to be optimistic.

c’mon good JV!

dangit opened up the game with a WALK

2 and 3rd with nobody out!? my gawd!!!

bases loaded no outs! JV looks like brad penny circa 2010

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