Downs struggles in rehab outing at Toledo

The good news at Triple-A Toledo is that Jair Jurrjens held his own in his first start for the Mud Hens, allowing three runs on seven hits over five innings with a walk and three strikeouts.

The bad news is that Darin Downs had a rougher outing in his second rehab appearance. He retired the first four batters he faced through the seventh, including back-to-back strikeouts, and into the eighth before back-to-back singles and a walk loaded the bases. The Durham Bulls emptied them off Jose Ortega.

Downs was scheduled to pitch two innings unless he hit his pitch count. He threw 33 pitches, 19 of them for strikes, before Ortega replaced him.

Downs could get one more outing for the Hens before the Tigers decide whether to activate him. The Hens are at home into early next week.

UPDATE: According to John Wagner of The Blade, Downs said that if he feels fine, he’ll pitch two innings or a pitch count for the Mud Hens on Saturday.


Please tell me on what Date that Mr. Peralta FAILED the blood or urine test? Untill an actual test is taken and failed he hasnt failed anything. A clinic owner writing names down and tried to blackmail some of them makes it appear the clinic is the liar!

It’s not just failing a drug test. If they have proof that a player bought banned PEDS, then they are in trouble. I believe the player’s union contract states they cannot be in possession They are not supposed to purchase them or have them in their possession.

August 1st Jair Jurrjens pitches at Toledo. Two more good starts could line him up to face KC in the second game of the day night DH on August 16th.

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