Brookens takes blame for Hunter missing cycle

For the second time in July, Torii Hunter missed out on the cycle by one measly hit. Instead of a single, as he missed July 6, he needed a triple Wednesday. He very nearly got it.

Maybe he should have.

Hunter gave it his best shot in the seventh inning dropping a ball into fair territory near the right-field corner. With Alex Avila on the bases, however, third base coach Tom Brookens held him up at third base, something Hunter didn’t anticipate until he was already around second base and the throw was coming in.

Hunter was caught off second base, leaving him with a second double. 

“I told the guys in the dugout, ‘If I hit the ball in the outfield, I’m running no matter what,'” Hunter said. “And I took off running, and I saw Avila slowing down at third. I was like, ‘Forget it. I’m going to keep going.’ I kept running and the non-selfish me just stopped, trying to go back. I should’ve just kept running until Avila had to take it on the chin.”

After the inning, Brookens was spotted in the dugout talking with Hunter. After the game, Brookens confirmed he wasn’t aware he had a chance to hit for the cycle.

“Had I realized, I probably would’ve sent Alex, knowing he would probably be out, but given him the chance,” Brookens said.

Avila, who apparently is dealing with a hip injury the Tigers had kept quiet until somebody spotted him hobbling during the game, said he would’ve done his best to score.

“I was running hard. I couldn’t go any faster than that,” Avila said. “I thought I got a good enough jump off the ball because I knew [Jayson] Werth wasn’t going to be able to catch it. I thought maybe I had a good enough jump where I was able to score, but as soon as I saw Brookie put the stop sign, as fast as I was going it’s not very hard to stop.”

Even on a play like that, though, Hunter could’ve still been credited with just a double if Avila had been thrown out at the plate.

Hunter has never hit for the cycle in the big leagues. He had one in the minors.

“That’s an individual goal, an individual achievement,” Hunter said. “A lot of guys aren’t looking for that. The guys in the dugout knew.” 


Brookens did the right thing, though, if Avila was battling an injury. You dont’ want a collision at the plate if you don’t have to.

The Nationals announcers said Avila looked like Kirk Gibson running out that WS homer. Alex was hobbling and grimacing all day.

If infact Jhonny is suspended I think people are going to enjoy seeing the play of Iglasias ……but really really miss the consistent bat of Jhonny.

Right call Tommy – glad he did not know. I like Torii and would like to see him get the cycle, but not at the expense of a team mate. Boy am I glad we have been winning while Cleveland has been too!

When the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Racist Logos play a 4 game series next week in CLE it might be THE series – as CLE plays the Marlin’s (on the road) over the weekend and DET plays the W. Sox.
I’ll take the tigers 3-1 in that series.

Coaching 3rd base is very tough. How many of you have? The sad part is that Tommy did not know Torii was going for the cycle. Great news about the addition of talent for the Tigers. Too bad it was Garcia that had to go. I am so tired of hearing all this talk about illegal drugs (PED) Why don’t they do random tests for cocaine, marijuana, and pills? Bud (what is his real name?) Selig will play the role of executioner soon! Go Tigers!

The fact that “Tommy did not know” is what irks me.

All of those drugs show up in urine tests and they can be tested anywhere at any time. The players know that.

They do but rules are different. Remember Neftali Perez banned for life for amphetamines.
The first time counseling, then suspension for re incidence. For marihuana ,legal in 19 states including michigan and today in the ballots in Illinois, and hashish treatment and fines never suspensions JDA 7B and 7 C
Players suspended for cocaine, the sole performance enhancer of illegal drugs or “drugs of abuse” include Parker, Willie Mays Aiken and Darryl Strawberry and Howe ( double standard, reinstates and suspended once and again) . but for cocaine they are banned as ” social” drugs not PED. And cocaine is hardly the drug of choice for a baseball player , more fit for a long distance runner.

Weed is legal if you have a card in MI. Otherwise, no. Some cities have started to issue tickets for possession of small amounts instead of jail.

The MLB approach is similar then, fines unless the players represent a danger for his teammates.

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