Dombrowski: We’re not looking for a bat

Not even a shortstop, it appears.

As reports pick up about potential suspensions Major League Baseball has planned for players involved in the Biogenesis investigation, Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is avoiding comment, saying Tuesday that it’s a Major League Baseball matter. Even a question about whether the team has made contingency plans in the event of a suspension was a question Dombrowski didn’t want to touch.

When asked about what depth the Tigers might have in the middle infield if they needed a shortstop in a pinch, Dombrowski listed his internal options.

“We have depth in the infield,” Dombrowski said. “Argenis Diaz is an outstanding defensive shortstop. He can really pick the ball at short. [Danny] Worth is playing second base; we know he can play shortstop. [Ramon] Santiago can go over there and play.

“You’re not going to get the offense from any of them that you would get [from Peralta] on a regular basis. So we have some depth in that regard.”

Both Diaz and Worth have spent the season at Triple-A Toledo. Worth has spent several stints in Detroit as a reserve, while Diaz has been in Toledo since 2011.

The option not listed there was Hernan Perez, the rookie who has filled in at second base the last couple weeks with Omar Infante on the disabled list. Perez has played nearly as many minor-league games at shortstop as he has at second base, including 27 at Erie this season before fellow prospect Eugenio Suarez was promoted.

“Can Perez go over there? That’s a good question that I don’t really know the answer,” Dombrowski said. “He’s played primarily second base this year. He’s played shortstop in the past. We switched him over to second. I think he’s going to be an outstanding defensive second baseman, all-around second baseman.

“Is he a shortstop for the future? I don’t really know that answer. Could he be? Maybe.”

At this point, internal options are the only options the Tigers have. As Wednesday afternoon’s nonwaiver Trade Deadline approaches, Dombrowski all but ruled out a trade for a fill-in. The Tigers are not pursuing a deal for a position player of any kind, it appears.

“We’re not looking for a bat,” Dombrowski said. “Again, if somebody drops something on your lap that you’re not anticipating being there, which happens sometimes in the last 24 hours … you never can tell what happens. But we’re not aggressively seeking that.”

They’re not looking for a bat. They already have a glove.


Verlander could learn something by watching the kid and Anibal tonight.
Thank you Ramon–nice play to get us out of that 6th inning. we were in trouble there.

My internet and TV cut off right when Alex came to the plate. But, Dan & Jim gave it justice on the radio broadcast.

That’s right, you never know what might happen.

Devon Travis has 3 hits tonight. He is hitting .398 this year. Dustin Pedroia type IMO
We may have Suarez and Machado in the minors but Hernan may have a little shortstop in his future..

Good spot to use Veras. I hope that slow breaking ball that he throws over the middle of the plate doesn’t get figured out. Quirky delivery may help. Throw strikes young man and you will be fine in the AL.

Unexpected for sure! Awesome!

Cleveland pulled another one out of their butts,…..thanks to Ryan Raburn!

Avisail called up?

Just precaution it seems

If he comes up, who goes down?

The Peavy deal is a three-way deal with the Tigers. Jackie Bradley is not a part of it. Jose Iglesias is.
a joke?

MLB Trade Rumors says the Tigers are involved in a trade!

Exec’s speculation: Peavy to BOS, Iglesias to DET (to cover for Peralta suspension) and A. Garcia to CWS. Just speculation at this time.

Sounds like Jhonny will have to take the suspension.

That is true

peavy deal is a 3-way deal, reported @weei with iglesias being passed on to #tigers.Heyman

He’s only 23. Defected from Cuba.

Santiago best game was his last

You think so? For real?

Im just speculating. Iglesias plays SS and 3b. Unless he plays 2b until the suspension so Perez go back to Erie, replacing Santiago is the only option for him on the roster

Never play poker with DD

“Never understood how Tigers could keep claiming they didn’t want to trade for a shortstop. Iglesias is great fit, now and into future.”

They got a glove not a bat

I’ll miss Jhonny.

“Iglesias to Tigers, 2 or 3 lesser prospects to White Sox, Det OF Avisal Garcia to White Sox, pitcher from Det also coming to Boston”

I’m depressed. This only works if people like Fielder Avila and Dirks start getting their collective acts together. I’m depressed!

Don’t know much about Iglesias but i sure don’t like losing Garcia.

Villareal traded too

When Iglesias signed with the Red Sox, the NYY scouting report on him even then was: Best hands in baseball since Omar Vizquel.

Im so dissappointed that peralta is going to be suspended. He is having a great year and i believe would be a key piece in upcoming playoffs.

I am too.

Iglesias might play 3B tomorrow.

Iglesias, 23, is hitting .330/.377/.410 in 231 plate appearances for the Red Sox this season. While those numbers look terrific, Iglesias’ bat has drawn been questioned, and he’s been mired in a dreadful slump of late, hitting .212/.248/.222 with just one extra-base hit in his past 105 plate appearances. However, Baseball America ranked him ninth among Red Sox prospects prior to the season based largely on his glove, calling him perhaps “the best defensive shortstop prospect in the game.” In a small sample of 452 1/3 Major League innings at shortstop, Iglesias has 22.2 UZR/150 and grades out as seven runs above average according to The Fielding Bible. He will provide the Tigers with an insurance policy in the event of a Biogenesis suspension for Jhonny Peralta and can take the reins as Detroit’s full-time shortstop in 2014 should the club let Peralta depart via free agency.

Iglesias report friday. Iott

Rondon is gone,too. To Chicago?

I thinks is Cleuluis Rondon. A venezuelan in the Boston Farm

Knobler:”Big deal has now been announced: Peavy, Villareal to Red Sox, Iglesias to Tigers, Garcia and Wendelken, Montas and Rondon to White Sox.”
Another Rondon.Cleuluis

Leave it to Mr. D.

I’d be a little happier if Iglesias was burner and a leadoff man. Fingers still crossed on Jhonny that it isn’t 50 games. At any rate how will his staus be affected for the post season? I thought he was required to be on the roster as of the end of August.
Suspensions must not be included in that criteria.
With Suarez and Diaz around I am a little surprised with this move. The cost of Avi was steep IMO. Villarael doesn’t bother me. He’s a human catapult not a baseball player. The end of the road for Worth.
DD has measured these kinds of trades well in the past. I hope he is right on this one as Garcia has it all. He would have been a treat to watch in RF and might have been a real source of energy with Miggy.

He needs to be part of the organization as soon as there is someone injured to replace
He would be back with 6 games remaining

Right, not Bruce Rondon.
So we got the slick fielding SS that many people wanted. Funny thing is that Jhonny was having a better year defensively, but that does no good if he’s suspended.

Not sure how management will feel about JP after this. He hurt the team if he is guilty and suspended. He caused the team to lose a top prospect. They may not want him back much like the Giants did not want Melky back Iast year. I felt Avi might need to be called up to replace Dirks. 2E can fill in there offensively and Kelly defensively but Avi would have brought both aspects to the table.
The added range at short may be what the doctor ordered for this rotation though.
Kudos to DD for having the guts to make the trade and best wishes to Garcia (and, OK, Villarael too).

Melky created a fake website to substantiate his claims. At this point, we don’t know anything We don’t know if it’s because he tested dirty or if his name turned up too many times at Biogenesis. They all cut a deal except A-Rod.

Some of the Bostonians are crying a river over losing Iglesias.

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