Tigers front office takes trip to Toledo

In case you haven’t heard this enough over the years, Dave Dombrowski works the trade market as hard as any general manager in baseball. Unless the Tigers are on the road at the trade deadline, it’s rare to see him outside the office unless he’s down in the clubhouse talking with manager Jim Leyland.

So what was Dombrowski — and other Tigers officials — doing at Triple-A Toledo on Monday? That’s an interesting question.

With the Tigers off Monday and the Mud Hens playing a matinee in Toledo, Dombrowski got off the landline, went mobile and headed to Fifth Third Field with assistant Al Avila and pro scouting director Scott Bream (thanks to John Wagner of The Blade in Toledo for the catch).

Whether they were just taking the day to check out their potential late-season options at Triple-A, or whether they were looking at anyone specifically, wasn’t clear. It’s worth noting, though, that Jeremy Bonderman pitched the last two innings, retiring all six batters he faced while striking out two to stretch his shutout run at Toledo to seven innings of one-hit ball with no walks and five strikeouts.

Bonderman has an opt-out date in the minor-league contract he signed two weeks ago, but it’s not clear when it comes up.

Other highlights from the box score: Nick Castellanos had two hits, including a double, to raise his average back to .280. Danny Worth went 2-for-4 with a double and two RBIs. Argenis Diaz, starting at shortstop, went 1-for-4 with an RBI and a run scored.

One thing that the visit does not seem to suggest is that the Tigers are done talking trades.


It’s an exciting time to be a Detroit Tiger fan!!!

You know, it’s very possible that Bonderman would, at the least, be no less consistent than some of our current relievers.
White Sox just good enough to lose. Cleveland walks off. Yet. Again.

let’em get it out of their system before we see ’em next.

Bondo might even be a bit better.

Morosi:”Sources: #Tigers, #SFGiants have continued trade dialogue even after Detroit’s acquisition of Jose Veras”

i’d take Tony Abreu if Peralta is gone

Would Phil Coke and a Class A prospect get us a LOOGY??

yep [hucks loogy onto the ground], there’s one for Coke. I’ve give ya another for Santiago!

Bondo just might be that player that comes out of nowhere that makes a difference.

i am in utter astonishment that i am about to type this. if jhonny is suspended i’d just assume go get Charles Brandon Inge.

this IS the 2006 reunion tour, right?

That would be a cold day in he** that I would take Inge…..Sandiago is better than that

Wasn’t Sandiago the real name of Zorro? No, that was Don Diego? Okay.

Don Diego can try to play SS all he wants but it is an old dirty secret that Ramon turns into a vampire if he plays more than 4x a week. Gene always carries a silver steak just in case.

Polanco. Take a look at how he is hitting.

where you play him at DOK? 3rd’s taken!

In other news…….Chicago is pulling Peavy from his start tonight against the Indians?? Seriously are the conspiring, he hasn’t been traded they just want to get a look at a rookie pitcher in the show???

i thought the low class BS like that would have left when Ozzie left. ‘parently not.

i can just see peavy asking for it “coach it’s a win-win-win”

Tony Abreu DL. Knees.


i am now more thinking javier Lopez anyhow…..

“Want to know where the trade market is? The Giants are asking teams for a major league-ready starting pitcher for Javier Lopez.” They went crazy if so

OOOH lolz lolz…hey tell them about this MLB ready starter we have over here name Phil Coke: with .276/.345/.361/.705 slash line against him and 1.487WHIP and a 4.82ERA

(cokes starter stats from 2011)

The Tribe will not go away. They play great team ball, especially in late innings. Even with the mole we planted there, (Ryan Raburn), they will not self destruct. (Ryan did his very best in the 9th inning last night to relive his carnival days in Detroit.)
The Tiger team will have to be better and play better than Cleveland. I look in those empty stands at Cleveland and I don’t know how it is possible that our tenth man can’t be the difference in this thing. Still the deserving fans of Detroit need a team that can get to a ball and get to a base more than have.
Austin Jackson has to play better. All around play better. He has to do the things that impact leadoff hitters do. he has to absolutely steal runs from the opposition with inspired effort in the field.
Prince Fielder has to quit being a spoiled baby and become a man.
Alex Avila has to accept the fact that being a catcher who is willing to get hurt every game is not enough to help his team win. He has to contribute offensively and improve his throwing game. He has to actually get mad at himself and not be so willing to live the “not too high; not too low” mantra that Leyland has ingrained in him.
Justin Verlander has to adapt.
Those are 4 key players for the Detroit Tigers who have disappointed significantly.
Another question mark will be if Argenis Diaz can make the most of his 2nd chance in the bigs if Jhonny takes a big hit from Biogenesis.

wait, the tribe usually DO go away each year at about this time

Mike Gonzalez is still available. But the prices are going way too high

The thing is, we are in first place, despite the Indians going on some great streaks and walking off and having that great team chemistry. So, if the season just keeps going the way it has, we win. If Peralta is suspended and Infante comes back, we just trade a problem at second for a problem at short, which we have managed to withstand.

Leyland should give Francona a call to inform him that “there is no such thing as team chemistry”.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not:
Andy Oliver has thrown 102 innings this year for Indianapolis; he has walked 93 batters.

“@Joelsherman1: Hear Biogenesis suspensions not today, unlikely tmrw, probably Thurs or Fri, so beyond trade deadline. A-Rod #Yankees”

Interesting. MLB decides to wait till after deadline. Actually seems the “right thing” to me..

Better to affect the outcome of one season than break havoc for years to come. if the they do it today ( as some are still expecting) the teams in contention would be tempted to make deals that they would regret for ever and change the balance of the game. And could put the fight against PED in bad light

the right thing to do – from a business perspective – is to ban ARod for life and take the yankee’s entirely off the hook for his contract. That way the Yankee’s can go back to taking everyone’s best players and starting winning again. PSSSSHH

IMO that is what this is all about

There is a precedent. Jason Giambi., The contract (legally) can not be voided ( but in law everything is possible) . The commissioner has the sole jurisdiction to punish the player.
The team must share the responsibility like every employer must do with his employees.
And that was my point, the Yankees get off the hook today for the rest of the season and they have money to buy another title while the Tigers could end shipping Castellanos for a Ryan like player

ah yes i agree with that

I agree Evan I think the Yankees probably has their dirty little ands in this so they don’t have to pay Arod.

The Tigers are not about to trade Castellanos. I doubt they would trade Avisail either.

It was an hypothetical. An illustration of a team gone mad if they knew today they would lose an important player.

But they Tigers are sure Peralta wont be suspended or DD must be the poker world champion.

I wonder if cruz was like ” i did it and i’m not appealing”? did nelson cruz’s lawyer call anyone who said his client used was a “liar”?

How many times has he surprised us!

There’ll be time to count your trade chips,
When the dealin’ is done.
Let’s make a deal .

get one more bullpen piece and who cares about Jhonny’s bat. The name of the game has always been pitching. And as stated previously, Prince owes this offense some firepower. If he comes online this offense should be fine without Jhonny — if he does we aren’t going to win the WS anyhow.

*correction*…if he DOESN’T we aren’t……

Well, I think losing Jhonny would be a big loss. Huge, in fact.

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