Cabrera returns to Tigers lineup

Miguel Cabrera walked into the Tigers clubhouse after a workout Saturday afternoon, looked around, saw the throng of reporters waiting and joked around.

“No lineup yet,” he asked in mock frustration.

He then walked into manager Jim Leyland’s office and gave him the answer the Tigers and the city had been waiting to hear. He’s ready to play.

With that, Cabrera was back in his usual third spot in the Tigers batting order, starting at third base. He’s not at full strength, more like about 70 percent by his estimation, but he’s good enough to play. And as Cabrera has demonstrated over the years, when he’s healthy enough to play, he plays.

As Cabrera has also shown, his 70 percent is better than a lot of players at full strength.

Cabrera missed the previous four games after leaving Monday’s series opener against the White Sox with what was classified a sore left hip flexor. On Saturday, Cabrera said it was more of a left abdominal injury, different than the hip and back issues he had been dealing with off and on for the past month or so.

Cabrera said he tweaked it running the bases Monday. He’s still limited in his running, but he feels fine doing everything else.

“It was good hitting, fielding,” Cabrera said after his workout Saturday. “It bothered me running.”

He’s hoping that a few days back in the lineup, plus off-days in the schedule next Monday and Thursday, get him close to full strength. He does not believe it’ll be an injury that bothers him the rest of the year.

After more than a month of dealing with various aches and pains, he’s hoping to get to some sort of injury-free play for the stretch run.

“It’s hard,” he admitted. “You try, but it’s hard.”

Cabrera returns to action still leading the league with a .358 batting average, 23 points above anyone else in the Majors entering play Saturday. He lost his RBI lead to Baltimore’s Chris Davis earlier in the week, but trails him by only one with 96 RBIs. Cabrera’s 31 home runs still have him six behind Davis.

From a purely statistical standpoint, it’s a better season than last year for Cabrera. He just didn’t have a season like Davis’ challenging him last year.

If he doesn’t win the Triple Crown, he could end up with a historic third consecutive batting as a consolation. He’d be just the eighth hitter in Major League history to do it and the first since Tony Gwynn won four in a row from 1994-97. No right-handed hitter has won three straight batting crowns since Rogers Hornsby dominated the National League from 1920-25.


Beast enough said best player in baseball

Weather doctor!!! What’s up for tonight and tomorrow??

tonight is going to be fine.

tomorrow i think well have rain. I say the chances rain bother the game tomorrow to be close to 80%.

i hope they know what they’re doing.

the grounds crew? probably not this game should have started 20 minutes ago there is not going to be any more rain at the park.

Welcome back Miggy!


5 runs with 2 outs……….nice.

time to replace him with Kelly

Or Santiago

Finally taking that pitcher out. Merciful heaven!

I agree. Also, it might be an idea to let Scherzer go 5 or 6 and give someone some work.
I’ll bet Valdes wishes there were princes on this team!

2E doin it

Evan, I meant management playing Miggy.
Nice to have him back in obviously but he is the franchise and there was an opportunity to give him some time off backed up with an off day..
I presume they have thought all that out pretty well though.

AH yea i agree

Rather unmerciful. That was brutal leaving the poor guy in there for that long. Manuel conceding game and trying to save the pen as much as possible. But that kind of abuse is uncalled for.

Vmarts batting average well above Prince’s now. Yes Vmart has been hot but Prince has been aweful.

4th in the league in RBI, I don’t call that awful.

In July he is batting .233 (not good) 0nly 12 Rbi’s, 4 extra base hits all homeruns. No I don’t call that good for him or someone making that much money. Hopefully he’ll perk up soon, but a lot of the damage he did was done early ths year and recently he hasn’t done much.

VMart last 26 games:365 .405 .538 .944

prince was doing some heavy lifting at the beginning of the year. and if he does some heavy lifting at the end of the season – and in the postseason – there will be no complaints!

When they go to play the Mets, it shouldn’t be a foregone conclusion that Prince plays and Victor sits. Play whoever is getting it done at the time.

By the way, I would have named the royal baby Fielder but that’s just me.

These Phillie hitters behave as if they’re being paid on a per swing basis.

still broke up bout eat’em up. amazed by miggy. my confidence is growing in 2E. Max continues to be amazing this year. perez quietly showing his potential.
hope all is well, greg.

prince has not been hitting in the clutch at all. Lots of Ks at really bad times.
IMO he is not a clutch hitter and hasn’t been as evidenced by his solitary career grand slam.
JL will never bench him for VMart—-never.

I was wondering what ya’ll thought about this, specially jason: What if Jim just wrote down 5-9 things he wanted to tell the media and ya’ll just T’d up the questions? I think it would just make for a better interview.

to be specific, the questions seem to almost bother Jim… they aren’t great questions (and i’m talking about the FSN post game questions) and Jim responds poorly to them….. so why not just circumvent the problem and let jim ask his own questions – in a sense.

Good to see Leyland sub his stars in a blowout. Wonder how he would have handled things had Ajax caught that line drive by Ruf in the 2nd.
Avi hit a homer on the 1st pitch today. Castellanos 3 hits.
Valverde made a 4-1 game 4-3 before the end but picked up the save giving up 2 hits ( 1 HR) and 2 BBs.

Major League Baseball will announce all the suspensions in the Biogenesis case this week
NY Post

spotty showers today fellas, might have some delays. don’t think it will be rained out however.

Dotel might be able to contribute? Well that’s great!

Rangers discussing Nathan trade says Rosenthal.

1. Austin Jackson, CF

2. Don Kelly, RF

3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B

4. Prince Fielder, DH

5. Victor Martinez, 1B

6. Jhonny Peralta, SS

7. Andy Dirks, LF

8. Alex Avila, C

9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

From The Detroit News:

AJ needs to get his act in gear.

need is a strong word. Although it is hard to watch – its important to have some guys struggling and some guys on fire……to have all on fire is overkill and none on fire the hitting coach is fired. Prince might be THE GUY in september, october. AJ has been hitting well for about 1.5 years – so it’s natural to slump sometimes. Just be glad it isn’t october.

Jackson Babip/avg :
396/ 293 in 2010
340/ 249 in 2011
370/ 300 in 2012
333/ 268 in 2013
While he is headed to his lowest numbers of SO in a season, he is running out of luck.
In 2010 , he had one of the 10 highest Babip since 1945.

That’s it Prince….GIDP.

Phillis just got their first earned run of the series.

How about the Tigers NEED AJ to get his act in gear?

When is Jimmy going to get some cajones and put Fielder on the bench? Who’s the freakin manager??? So what if he whines, he’s killing the team and it sure appears that Prince cares about Prince and not the betterment of the team. At the very least Martinez should be moved up to his spot and he get dropped down.

Miggy gets thrown out?

Dan & Jim are shocked. Now, Leland gets tossed.

These umps are a fricking joke. . What an effing jerk.
— Bob

Fairchild has made a year of screwing over the Tigers………..we’re they strikes maybe bu Jeez nobody came to see you a-hole.

The ump acting like a dictator.

Prince has just been awful in these situations. I gotta admit it.

Are you kidding me???? SIT FIELDER!!!!

Fielder comes threw as usual…NOT…..what a waste these days.

I’ve been saying—prince is not a a clutch hitter or a team player. He’s just a good natured, mild-mannered overweight slugger.

He’s not only not a clutch hitters these days he’s not even a hitter of any kind.

Fairchild from Sandusky Ohio just a hop skip and a jump from Cleveland….coincidence I think not.

Where’d you hear that he was OH. MLB shows he lives in FL.

Wikipedia: born in Ohio , lives in FL.

MLB:PERSONAL: Born in December 1970…is a native of Wakeman, Ohio…resides in Florida..

If Fielder, VMart and AJ all hit over.280 by the end of the year this team will wind the division by more than 10 games.

Looks like our hitters our sleep walking today….Rick better not give up much more because it doesn’t appear the umpire or the hitters are going to oblige.

Nice RBI for Fielder to add to his stats!

Yes there was an RBI but it was still a weak ground ball that could of easily been another GIDP. Not that I’m not happy he got it, but it wasn’t exactly a well hit ball. Sorry if you don’t agree but the last month he’s really disappointed me. And someone getting paid that kind of money and I believe the most on the team has gotta do something more. Just my opinion.

I was being sarcastic…another one of those stupid stats that pads a player’s stats.

Fairchild may quietly be suspended for a few days.

I would hope so……

Is Avila too close to the plate?

I’ve been wondering that myself. But I also think that as a hitter you gotta maintain some control of that bat don’t ya?

What is this the bunting tigers show?

Bases remain loaded. One out, good luck and light a candle

How bad are the Phillies right now?
AJ is horrible with runners on 3rd and less than 2 out. I used to think he would be better off batting 5th or 6th but he just is not hungry enough to make that work. Great at bat by Kelly. Interesting how are bench players somehow get the job done when asked.
Where was Avila on that play–he should be halfway and able to score on that error.

Here’s another chance for Prince……redemption?

Well it worked out okay because of the Phil’s….but really was a double pay ball. Prince???

Long inning for Rick to be sitting. Would it be better just to bring in someone else?


Prince is right out of it at this stage. how many ducks could he have cashed in today.
speaking of which, if Miggy loses the RBI title by a run or two this year Fairchild will be to blame. There would have been a ton of runs for him to drive home today.

dude we just ate the phillies ALIVE! HOLY COW the past 3 days have been amazing!! Glad miggy was ejected – he’s not 100% right now.
And holy cow Prince is prolly the worse one at the plate right now aside from andy. Bat him 8th, lol!

Let’s hope that is not JP’s last at bat this year.

Wow! Losing is contagious. It is clear Phily has no bullpen. Explains why Manuel left the poor starter in yesterday.

Don’t say it! Regardless even if he does get suspended I bet he appeals it. Most of these suspensions take months and if there are many suspensions and appeals it could be longer.

I dont see Fielder sitting one game with his streak . But 11 LOB? and seven points below VMart

I agree he won’t be sat….but let’s put it like this as further evidence 2E has 1/3 the at bats in this month as does Fielder and only three less RBI’s.

What does his streak have to do with anything but The Prince? Selfish bs act. He knows he’s not helping the team and if he were a teammate, he’d ask to sit out a game or two or three.

Wonder if Coke can hold this lead?

and he goes 1-2-3 no less. was a good time to play him.

Luke is rusty but the last guy was a LHB so i maybe if Coke walked him you try to put in Luke. Luke maybe tomorrow!

The Phillies are lucky they didn’t play this one at home. Booing would have been the least of it.
It appears from his performance today that Chad Fairchild is now the worst umpire in baseball. Congratulations, Chad!
Fielder looks like a guy who used to be on PEDs. That’s all I’ll say.


Glad to see I’m not the only one frustrated by Fielder’s pathetic performance. He seems to be one of those guys that if you look at his stats without watching him you’d think he’s great, but if you watch it day in and day out he isn’t much better than the average player. Bad news is we have him for how many more years?

if you played interleague right now you’d pretty much have to sit prince. I know it would be an issue. but it is what it is. c’mon prince be reasonable dude.
with that said, prince will come around. stay tuned folks.

The Tigers have moved up a notch to fourth best record in the AL, so there’s that. On a 92 win pace, so there’s that too.

Good thing Prince is not hitting, it takes away all the comments toward Avila. So Prince is in a slump. How long did it take Victor to get going? Let me know what is going on when September 1st gets here! Go Team! Go Tigers!

since june 20 alex has been hitting quite well – in fact!

i ment july 20th

There’s Hernan Perez, too. He’s looking MLB ready.

Heck, the game only lasted a little over 2 hrs. Good pitching!

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