Infante has setback in rehab (updated)

The Tigers sent out Omar Infante on rehab at low Class A West Michigan saying he’d spend a couple days with the Whitecaps and then be re-evaluated after that. Infante’s self-evaluations sounds like he’s going to need more time than that.

Thursday marked Infante’s first game at second base since Colby Rasmus’ takeout slide caught him in the left shin and ankle July 3 at Toronto. The ankle was originally seen as the secondary injury compared to the huge bruise on his shin, but the ankle was slow to heal and has proven slow to get back to game shape.

Infante played four innings at second on Thursday, going 1-for-2 with a single and a strikeout and one play in the field, before being replaced.

The ground ball he fielded apparently brought back the ankle issues that have slowed his rehab the last week and a half.

“I’m feeling a lot of pain in my ankle right now,” Infante told “I’m taking the ground ball, and I was feeling it a lot.”

Infante will be re-evaluated in Detroit on Friday. Even if he checks out all right, it remains to be seen when he’ll resume his rehab assignment.

Infante wasn’t the only Tiger on rehab with the Whitecaps Thursday. Darin Downs needed just 10 pitches to retire the side in order in the sixth inning. The results were nice, but they came against a side of Class A hitters. The more important thing will be how his shoulder feels afterward.


didn’t really hear about Torii’s injury…but it is certainly best to take it slow with omar – his range is CRUCIAL and can’t be limited if we’re going to the WS this year. Anyhow it might give Perez some more experience — he might be around a while if Jhonny gets the axe, no? Santiago has batted .222 in the past 7 days – so at least he isn’t entirely incapable of adding offensively.
If this team plays good baseball and can pitch well — we should be able to get the wins with our 1-5 in the lineup. Let cabby rest by restricting him to PH and DH for him some this next series. The Phillies and Nats aren’t the teams they were – remember it’s not who but when (and maybe where) you play’em.

tough time to have Cabrera, Infante, and possibly Hunter all battling injury. Phils and Nats have some strong starting pitching.

I’m kinda ticked at Colby Rasmus tonight. We had better hope that Peralta doesn’t get suspended.

I want to go to Toronto and kick Colby Rasmus’s butt! Better yet cut his ugly hair off…that would probably hurt him more.
Regarding Torii they said it was no big deal. Cabby continuing to sit out is, Yes it’s the Phil’s and the Nats but we are getting the top of their rotations Strasberg, Gonzales, Lee, Hamels and Pettibone. Not going to be easy.

Any chance of a trade for Clippard?

Does Clippard for Tuiasosopo make sense for both teams?? We need a set up guy and they need all the hitting they can get. Sell high.

Clippard is the best reliever they have. He’d be expensive. Unless Nationals management is as clueless as they appear to be sometimes, they’d laugh at that offer.

The Nats other two back enders are Storen, who they’re about to send to the minors, and Soriano, who came into yesterday’s 9th with a 4 run lead and walked the first two hitters before he was summarily yanked from the game.
The Nats have hitters but before yesterday the number was about 6 for their last 79 with RISP. How’d you like to follow that outfit?

Rich, you should be used to bad RISP from following the tigers

I watched the game vs Pirates ( Tue) and that was made me wonder if they will be sellers.
Brewers asked Castellanos for a rental but after him there are a couple of prospects good enough for a middle reliever . In the end ,they have Soriano and Storen ( he must be fixed next year)

I think the next 2 games will tell us a whole lot about 2E..
I think the honeymoon may be over.

take a good platoon player and trash him by playing him against the splits. I swear I heard lots of begging for JL to do it from the fans. [shakes head] “idiots”
But the 10 days or next 3 series will tell us boatloads about this season, club, MLB and MLBPA, future of the game, etc.

2E has to be effective against southpaws. Pretty simple. He was a huge surprise for us this year but if they can’t get production out of him at times like these then he may drift again into obscurity. Dirks (and his defense has been good, yesterday notwithstanding) has not done enough to justify a regular position on a contending team. As curious as I am to see Castellanos and how he responds to MLB pitching, I think they need to call Avi back up and play him.
We need OBP and RBIs from our left fielder.

If they did put Miggy on the DL, he would be eligible to come back on Aug 5th (by my count). I wonder what they are thinking about this?

Dirks is one of the top defender in MLB but his glove is not enough.
It is puzzling that they have a below average defender in SS for his bat and a struggling hitter in LF for his glove and his left arm.

I think Justin has stunk more often tan not over th last few months…..all that being said yesterday if Andy makes that fairly routine catch 4 of those runs don’t happen. I’ve been good with Andy’s this year, but yesterday he let down hs pitcher and his team, sorry that was an error. The pitch that lead to the hit was horrible so JV is not completely off the hook, poor selection and poor location. I don’t know what the heck hs problem is but he needs to figure it out.
I want Miggy back!

I heard the Braves were “interested” in Coke.
For the life of me I can’t understand why. DD should just let him go.
He has a career ERA of 4.20. A WHIP of 1.38 and a K/BB ratio of 1.67

The last 3 years running has seen those numbers above actually worse than his career numbers.
What’s the point?

IMO, until Downs is back or the trade for a LH reliever , they have to keep him. They cant end with both feet in the air.

Pivotal home series starts tonight. The Phils have lost 4 or 5 straight. Miggy and Infante out hurts. Torii is playing some of the best offense of his life right now.

is it time for the game to start yet – i can’t wait any longer

Yes, it started ten minutes ago. (paraphrased from Homer Simpson’s answer to “are we there yet?”)

🙂 don’t look now but it’s the annual “hey look how concerts destroy our grass” game!

“Still no Tigers lineup. Leyland said he’s waiting on information on Hunter and Cabrera.” Morosi

Well regarding the grass at the park, it’s looked like crap for a few years now, have actually heard out of towners mock it (not this year) we call it typically Detroit Ghetto field or Picasso grass, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t look like you would want a major league field to look like.

No Miigy tonight….just read it on twitter.

Austin Jackson CF, Torii Hunter RF, Matt Tuiasosopo LF, Prince Fielder 1B, Victor Martinez DH, Jhonny Peralta SS, Don Kelly 3B, Hernan Perez 2B, Alex Avila C, Fister.

Dirks instead of Hunter

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