Boras: No contract talks on Scherzer until offseason

The Monday before the All-Star Game is usually media day for the players, not the agent. When you represent both of the starting pitchers, though, it’s a pretty good day to be Scott Boras, and a great day to talk with reporters.

“We’re pretty fortunate because we’ve got two guys starting the All-Star Game,” Boras said. “One’s a young player, and Max has earned his way to this level. It’s a rare time in his career. And when you have two of those guys on a team performing to those high levels, it’s pretty rare. Not many times in baseball history do you get that kind of production. And Max is very happy in Detroit.”

Boras is very happy with Scherzer being in Detroit right now as well. His success so far puts him in a position to command the free-agent pitching market in a year and a half if he can keep it up. Or, it could put him in position to hold a lot of leverage should the Tigers and Boras enter talks on a contract extension.

That hasn’t happened yet, Boras said, and it won’t happen during this season. Though he has been in touch with Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, Scherzer’s contract hasn’t been a topic.

“Dave and I usually do things like that in the offseason,” Boras said. “I talked to Dave a few days ago about a number of things, but contract things we take care of in the offseason.”

Boras has traditionally favored an open-market approach with his pitchers, using free agency as a tool whether his clients re-sign or go somewhere else. Still, recent history has tended towards teams locking up their young pitchers with contract extensions. Boras isn’t ruling that out in this instance.

“I don’t think Detroit fans should all be scared of free agency,” Boras said. “If I’m not mistaken, I think free agency has been very good to the Detroit Tigers. Again, I don’t think Mike Ilitch or Dave is in any way perplexed about what they know free agency means to a player like Max. He’s a proven owner to go out and do what is necessary to keep the players that Dave and his staff have determined are necessary for his success.”

The question, of course, will be whether the Tigers have too many potential free agents to make it happen. Detroit already has Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez under lucrative long-term deals, and Miguel Cabrera, Austin Jackson, Doug Fister and Rick Porcello all could be free agents after the 2015 season.

For various reasons, Boras said, “There are frankly fewer players in free agency. There’s no pitcher in this marketplace like Max in free agency this [coming] year.”

There’ll be one in the next free agent class after that, of course, if there isn’t extension.


If Scherzer remains the Scherzer we’re seeing this year, they don’t have to necessarily throw big money at the last two names on that list.

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“if ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candies and nuts – oh what a merry christmas” – the late George “Little Dicky” Oswald

[i put the chances scherzer remaining this good in the 15-25% chance range.]

any words on Omar? How about Doh!tel?

Boras is also Austin Jackson ´s agent. Why his extension is seen as guaranteed?

how much do you expect him to make? 10? grandy makes 15 and AJs numbers are better.

He is making 3.5 MM following the rule 40/60/80 for arbitration/ market value, he would be making around 8.5. But Boras is his agent,so we can expect him asking a lot like with Bourn, Swisher/ Werth. Unsuccessfully with two of them in terms of money but they are with new teams,. He does not give home discounts and only Gomez and Andrus signed extensions

right so i see 10M per year!

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“Max Scherzer on the #ASG start: “I can throw one inning. I pitched (Saturday). My arm should be good enough to go for one inning.”

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When Bud Selig hatched his genius idea for the ASG to decide WS home field advantage, did he envision that one league would dominate the other over long periods of time? Because that’s the history of the ASG in a nutshell. It appears to have been a well thought out and carefully planned knee jerk reaction.

can anyone make a convincing argument to who will win tonight? or is that just one huge crap shoot?

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