All-Star Monday for Tigers

The All-Star Game isn’t until Tuesday night, but Monday is the busiest day for All-Star festivities, not so much on the field as off of it. The on-field activity today consists of batting practice for the team as a whole and then the Home Run Derby tonight. Eight hitters take part, but most other players hang out for at least part of it to watch from the field. Several Tigers are likely to stick around for Prince Fielder’s bid for a second consecutive derby crown and third overall.

The schedule for the day’s events is below. Full coverage is available online at (we have a roster of reporters here) and on TV at MLB Network leading up to the Home Run Derby on ESPN.

  • 1:30pm: All-Star managers Jim Leyland and Bruce Bochy reveal their starting lineups and name their starting pitchers at a press conference at Citi Field. At this point, it would be a surprise if Max Scherzer doesn’t start for the American League. Scherzer will also take questions here if he’s named the starter.
  • 2:15pm: National League players begin the annual media day scrum. If you’ve never seen highlights from this, think of media day at the Super Bowl, only in a more enclosed space and with fewer celebrity reporters.
  • 3:15pm: Home Run Derby press conference. Fielder will be part of this.
  • 4pm: The American League players get their turn at media day. With so many players taking part, the Tigers will be a major presence here.
  • 5:15pm: National Leaguers take batting practice just as the gates open for Monday’s festivities.
  • 6:15pm: American Leaguers take batting practice. This is about as close as we’ll get to Miguel Cabrera swinging for the fences in a Home Run Derby type of setting. Considering he nearly hit the back windows in left-center field in Arizona in BP two years ago, this is more Cabrera’s style.
  • 8pm: Home Run Derby on ESPN. Fielder tries to join Ken Griffey Jr. as the only three-time winners.


i had a nightmare last night that j. bondo was DD’s sole solution to the pen. You should have heard him and JL talking about bondo to the media. made my head spin.

I like the Bonderman signing. I’ve always thought he would be a good closer. Two plus pitches and the bulldog attitude. Also seems like a stand-up guy as a teamate.

sure but the question is how long would it take you to convert him to a closer…prolly too long for us, ya think?

Benoit wont be used in three consecutive days. Neither Smyly. They need someone that can go two or even three innings or close when needed. That is , another Smyly. Lincecum fits there. In a pinch,he can go 6 or 7 ,or start.

Bonderman pitched out of the bullpen in 2009. 8 games.
They already have a closer, they need someone to pitch 3 innings in a game up by 5 to keep Smyly and Benoit for the next game

out of curiosity – are there any names on the farm that might help at the MLB level in the 2nd half? Ortega, Hoffman, Downs? I think B Real is done.

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