Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Rangers

TIGERS (career numbers off Derek Holland)
1. Austin Jackson, cf (3-for-9, 2 HR, 2 walks, 4 Ks)
2. Torii Hunter, rf (11-for-37, 2 HR, 5 walks, 9 Ks)
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b (5-for-12, 3 HR, walk, 4 Ks)
4. Prince Fielder, 1b (1-for-6, K)
5. Victor Martinez, dh (2-for-9, HR, K)
6. Jhonny Peralta, ss (4-for-10, HR, 2 Ks)
7. Matt Tuiasosopo, lf (0-for-0, 3 walks)
8. Brayan Pena, c (3-for-7, 2 HR, walk, K)
9. Hernan Perez, 2b
P: Max Scherzer

1. Ian Kinsler, 2b
2. Leonys Martin, cf
3. Nelson Cruz, rf
4. Adrian Beltre, 3b
5. A.J. Pierzynski, c
6. Elvis Andrus, ss
7. Mitch Moreland, 1b
8. Jurickson Profar, dh
9. David Murphy, lf
P: Derek Holland


wonder if hernan will continue smashing the ball tonight

because we’re gunna need to fill the void left by Dirks absence from the lineup

You mean Lloyd has been working with Hernan on pop-ups?

pretty much!

Perez has looked seriously overmatched. I’m more comfortable with Santiago regardless of which side of the plate he hits from. Leyland is also good at “contructing” needless platoons.

My first concern is Max. The clock is ticking on how long he can continue this winning streak. Tiger bats are going to have to take care of a LH starter because you can’t expect Max (and bullpen) to shut Texas out. Any stats on how Max has fared vs Texas in the past or how Tigers have done against Holland?.

I couldn’t find it, but Cabby is batting .417/.462/1.250/1.712 off Holland🙂

The way Max has pitched in the past year, looking historically at how he has done against the opposition doe not mean much. That is even more true with left handed hitters.

This year vs detroit
1 0 0 0 4.2 8 4 4 2 3 6 7.71 2.36. 381

Career vs detroit
3 3 0 0 16.1 15 9 6 3 6 20 3.31 1.29 242

The game earlier this year is the one Cabrera hit the 3 homers. But this one makes me nervous because of how we hit lefties even bad ones.

hopefully a hot Victor will change that!

Lifetime numbers…..

Cabrera 8ab …. .375 ba with 2 homers
Fielder 3ab .167ba with 1 double
Hunter 37 ab……batting .297
AJ 6ab…batting .167
Vmart 6ab ….batting .167
Pena 7 ab ..batting .429 with 2 homers and 5 rbi’s
Peralta 6b ….batting .333 with 1 double
Santiago 1 ab no hits or walks
2E…3 walks

i’ll take those numbers!!

Give it!!! To the Max!!!!
I’d really love to see Max take an unblemished record of 14-0 into that ASG. He deserves every little bit positive notoriety.
I don’t mind seeing Hernan in place of Ramon. Ramon really doesn’t hit much and we need to see if this guy has the goods for next year. We are likely going to lose one of Peralta and Infante. I would much rather keep Omar. Better all around player, some speed, less DP’s and K’s. Jhonny may be sitting out the 1st 20-50 games anyway.
Ramon has done pretty darn well the last week and a half. Been very steady defensively.
Holy Cow. Chris Davis hit another one today. 36 now. That is pretty amazing.
Can 2E possibly do it again?

I can’t understand why Max would throw another fastball on 2-2 to Cruz. Thought for sure he would snap off a slider.
Did Austin have a play on Cruz at 3rd?
Great whiff of AJP. He was not ready for that.

Pretty lousy at bat for Prince. Ahead in the count 2-0 and not waiting for something you can drive.

Tired of Prince and those flyouts to left…..pull the ball………he is awfully strong but he hasn’t gone oppo all year.

I’m not sure Max can be much better as a pitcher right now—but as a fielder? Please Max, you gotta work on throwing to 1st base. That lob throw on pick-offs and come-backers is going to end up in RF and cost you a game sooner or later.
Profar is kid that would look real good on our team. Real Good.

Mitch Williams is way off base thinking that shot off of Profar’s bat is going to stop Max from throwing today or ASG.

I’ve been looking at princes player card over at brooksbaseball ( It’s hard for me to tell but i think he’s been having trouble with the breaking ball. He’s whiffing more at it. I can’t tell what is making him pop up so much but you can look at about everything over there.

nevermind i figured it out. Prince has been popping up for curveballs. He’s been hitting his homeruns lately on sliders and curveballs. Hitting groundballs on sinkers and cutters. Whiffing on changeups, sliders, and splitters.

Is this ump squeezing Max or what? Holy smokes!

3 innings 52 pitches not good for a long game by Max.

Be a great time for VMart to extend that hitting streak!


Dang wasted opportunity number 2 …..these guys

Lefties and I dont understand why are a huge problem 5 left on base.

Well we’re getting men on and hitting the ball pretty hard at times.
But Holland now has some confidence going for him.
Did not like what I saw from Hernan. Bad swings and no hustle on the K. Hope we are not dealing with an attitude.

Big test for Max now after the leadoff double.

Typical Tigers two innings in a row opportunities to score and nothing……then wham.

Keep squeezing him ump!

dang max

Yes, leave the bases loaded and the very next inning they are down 1-0 after a SF from nemesis AJ Pier

And there goes the game? Down 3-0. Any chance of a comeback?

Not much …….

2E throws it into the ground. Geez, is tonight going to be another one of “those” nights.

2E appearently can’t throw a ball!

well that was def. an out. these umps are changing this game.

That 14-0 is gonna be real hard to get tonight.
It must be frustrating for Max because he has made some good 2 strike pitches.

Home plate ump is screwing Max over…….your right he’s changing the outcome of this game. Even Mitch Williams doesn’t understand the strike zone.

did jhonny just steal or did i just imagine that?

ok lets see if perez can hit a sac fly

BOOM! 1st RBI – nice hit back up the middle young fella!

Interesting first pitch strike call to AJ there in that inning….ball for Max.

totally offtopic but it’s going to be hot and humid as all get out in the SE michigan area this next week.

His first RBI

Good or the kid.

For that is.

Great……throw the ball away….I love ya Pena a gidp and now you throw the ball away.

Lands on the line you gotta freaking be kidding me.

To top it off Cleveland is whooping on KC.

101 pitches. Take him out? or allow him to pitch the 6th and risk putting the game too far away

Good question.
Another quality at bat by Prince Fielder.

The approach our hitters have tonight? No way we get back in this game. Texas hitters are working the plate they are working the ump and they are working Max.
Our RHB are swinging at every damn slider Holland throws up there. On the plate, on the back foot in front of the plate. Doesn’t matter they are swinging at it instead of applying themselves.
Tired of Prince going to LF–it just is not working, at all. He has to pull the ball in order to earn his money.
These Nationally televised games eh?

Horrible at bats…….every single one of them. But let’s face it Holland is getting pitches called strikes that Max was not as lucky.

Hopefully here ths game will get really out of reach so there is no chance of coming back, not that the chances were real great, but still.

Credit where credit is do…..nice job getting the double pay ball Phil.

I know our hitters for some reason stink against left handed pitchers, but seriously after seeing 4 or 5 starters this week you’d think that at some point ths week just seeing a bunch of them it would click, but no….

Oh ya and just so you can get excited about tomorrow’s game another lefty.
Dumb to bunt Torri?…

I have to commend Torii for at least thinking about getting two on in front of Miggy.
The bunt wasn’t great but it shows that he knows how to think the game of baseball.

Well GK, what do you figure the chances of a dramatic comeback victory is here tonight?

Seriously don’t like the chances now for 2 reasons…

1. The bottom of or lineup
2. Joe Nathen who in the billion times we’ve faced him I don’t think we’ve ever gotten to him?

Not impossible but going to be very very very tough.

Actually you don’t need to answer that now. I think it is pretty clear that this one is over and Max has an embarrassing 13-1 record now!

Max was fine…not great but fine. Tigers offense on the other hand disappeared. I’ll give Holland some credit….I’ll give this ump a lot of credit.

Cleveland won…… Cc

Now if the chances were slim now they are none. Tigers pen comes up big again. DD do something because this group of clowns you have assembled has nothing.

I I’d not follow the case , but I just got a pop up on my ipad and they found Zimmerman not guilty. I hope since I know this was a racially charged trial there are no problems.

Regression is one thing but Al 2 allowing more HRs in a week than in three years is preposterous.

Would have been nice to see more effort towards getting runs in. The guys sure didn’t have Max’s back today.

I was blacked out and didn’t see any of it, but it doesn’t appear that having that lefthanded BP pitcher has made any difference. These guys just do what they do, year in and year out.
Strange thing about that business in Florida, I was IN Sanford and driving around the day after that went down last year, never having a clue what had happened. Didn’t know about it till later that day when I reached Orlando.

Didn’t miss much.

I don’t understand why our RHB have so much trouble hitting LHP.
We lost the game early. Stranding runners on, especially leaving the sacks loaded gave all the momentum to the Rangers.

Its inexplicable. ………and down right annoying.

well this year you can’t say it starts with cabby. he’s hitting lefties at a better clip this year than righties (unlike last year).

Miggy’s career split: .321 against RHP and .321 against LHP.

miggy in 2012: 1.027/.913OPS vs RHP/LHP

To be hitting .321 after over 10 years in the bigs is pretty amazing.
Wish some of his talent would rub off.

We really could use JV to step up and be the “stopper” that he used to be on Sunday. Losing 4 out of 6 games to start a home-stand would be ugly.
It’s a bout time we just started to tee off on an opposing pitcher.
There is something bizarre about this team. They go from playing good ball to bad ball so quickly. There are a few guilty parties. Dirks, Fielder, Avila to name a few but Austin Jackson has not looked good at all lately. Seems to “out of it”, distracted or something. I thought he could have made a play on Cruz at 3rd in the 1st but didn’t even try.
He is the spark that lights the fire.

Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder DH, Martinez 3, Peralta 6, Tuiasosopo 7, Avila 2, Perez 4. Verlander is starting.

“#Tigers second half rotation schedule: Sanchez, Verlander, Fister, Scherzer, and Porcello.”
Pitcher/flamethrower/Pitcher/Flamethrower/Pitcher. Keeping bullpen for Porcello.( If Scherzer keep going deep like he did until the recent outings).
Later adjustments are expected , because that schedule rotation could put Verlander out of the rotation for the Divisional Series first three games

Avila against the lefty. Now that IS “hope& dream”.Pena had an atypically poor game yesterday but I’d have him in again. I guess JL is thinking he’s go to “get Avila going”.
I will say that I figured Pena to be bunting with men on 1st & 2nd and nobody down yesterday as he is a quintessential DP candidate. What did he do? He swung away and he hit into a DP.

Would be crazy if Scherzer pitches on the ASG. Not even an inning after 122 pitches with two days of rest.
Feliz Hernandez deserved to start too, leading the league in ERA , but also had 109 pitches yesterday
With Darvish on DL, Sales remains the obvious choice. Now, that is a hard decision.

Read in the Detroit paper that Scherzers wrist is bothering him, where he to hit yesterday.

“Scherzer took the comebacker on his left wrist. X-Rays came back negative”
Nigthengale too

Tuesday would be a day for him to throw a bullpen, so an inning would be ok.

The reason for Avila being in instead of Pena might be as simple as JV prefers throwing to Avila. Doesn’t matter as far as hitting Avila cannot hit this lefty they are facing as well as he reast of them. Yes bad attitude I’ve got regarding this and I completely hope I’m wrong, but that tricky history thing is getting in the way of my positivity today.

Verlander with
Avila:3.79 ERA 3.18 SO/BB BAA:281.335.406.740 54 IP
Peña:3.34 ERA 2.91SO/BB BAA:242.308.379.687 59 IP
Avila was there in the last game also in the game vs Jays.
Peña ask for more breaking balls than Avila and that is good for Verlander.
Only the SO/BB goes for Avila

Chris Iott‏@Chris_Iott
Jim Leyland said Omar Infante’s ankle is not progressing as fast as they’d hoped. Not sure if he’ll be ready Friday as initially expected.

{cough cough} told ya

Bad news…the bottom of the lineup is missing him…………it just stalls.

That could be GK. That, at least would make more sense. I think JV’s problems are more systemic than who is catcher is. But I will agree that giving him a comfort factor in this game (which I think is a psychologically important one) is not a terrible idea. And who knows, maybe Alex “will run into one”!

Perez has a huge range and a great arm . He will be a better Santiago-Worth or in the best case scenario: Everett redux.

I read something about him making a rookie mistake yesterday. I actually thought the play was a good one that caught JP totally by surprise and out of position. I may be wrong. I do think there may may be a it of an attitude that might need adjusting. Again, I may be wrong.
He did have a very difficult time recognizing the slider down and in.
He is in the Tigers’ future though. No question.

Be careful with David Murphy today. This guy has killed us in the past.

alex there ya go

Let’s hope the bottom part of the lineup is not a problem for JV. I don’t think he has got his good stuff back yet. Fingers crossed.
BTW, where is Austin Jackson?

Jurrjens too guys!

what about him?

Not making this guy work at all……quickly and quietly. I seriously have a hard time believing this team ( the Tigers) has such a high batting average and so called “”potent offense” there are so many games they just don’t even bring their bats.

.595OPS in “late and close” situations

was that skill or luck that 2E caught that ball just now…

First pitch…swing away. Geez.


Is JV getting away with murder until he gets murdered? No idea why he would throw Cruz another sub-par fastball. Every pitch he threw Cruz was a heater. The slider is one of the few pitches he’s got working right.. He was very fortunate that Cruz did not deposit that 20 rows up. I think this is one of the things that fans question when it comes to JV.
He better get the change-up going or he’ll be thumped before this over.


Chris Davis just hit his 37th homer……why does anybody pitch to that guy? Doesn’t appear to get the same kind of treatment Cabby does.
I know we are ahead in this game, but seriously can anybody ob this tem work a count and make this pitcher work? Quickly and quietly….over and over and over again

because he is no cabby!

This inning may tell us a little bit about if JV is suffering from a touch of arm fatigue.Given the situation I would expect him to gas up here if he can.

The middle of the lineup coming up. They can help relieve a little of the pressure on JV by getting us 2 or 3 this inning. Otherwise Texas is still in the game and motivated.

Prince—no weak kneed fliesto left please. Whack it and pull it.

Geez Murphy. Prince has sure been in the middle of a lot of buzz-kills lately.

As long as he can be better than his track record says allow him to play.

That’s a really nice job by Peralta to pick up Victor and Prince. Perez on the ropes and they both swang at pitches they didn’t need to.
Nice job by 2E and nice job by JL in not pinch-hitting for him.

I hope this is the last time JV has to face this part of the order today!

oh man i forgot that was a nohitter going!!!!!! JV giving us a quality performace today. you know he wants to go back out there for the 8th! do you send him out there?

I don’t know. I’m still breathless hoping for the no-hitter.

Oh well. He was just under the wire on his pitch count too. He could have finished that sucker. Good game JV.

Rondon, Smyly or allow him one inning more. The former.

Great game for the fans.

I thought Mario Impemba was very classy and respectful of baseball tradition.
Good on him.

Well now that the no hitter is broken up…..nice job JV.

Well, it would be nice to keep it a shut-out.

“Justin Verlander left today’s game with a tight right quad muscle”

Amazing another lazy fly ball to left for Prince Fielder. …..shocking.

A little over-managing there by Wash I’d say.

I’m starting to think that all these off-field at bats by Prince is because he can’t clear his hips any more.

I’d throw Rondon in the 9th.

Why he does not allow Smyly to end the games?

Probably wants Beniot to get a little work in before the break.

It is not only today but almost every time Smyly starts the 9th. Once with only one out to go.

looking forward to prince perfecting that pull swing to RF in preparation for the HR derby

The Tigers announced during today’s game that they have signed RHP Jeremy Bonderman to a AAA contract. He will join the Mudhens in Buffalo on Thursday.

Toledo needs some pitching desperately.

That’s about as far as JB is likely to go.

Evan, about Jurrjens- Rod and Mario were talking about players from Curacao. The mentioned Profar, Simmons, Gregorius (all shortstops!) as well as Andruw Jones and Randall Simon. I was surprised they somehow failed to mention ex Tiger Jair.

Can JB adapt to being a reliever? LOL

I hope not.

Whatever happened to Jurrjens? Atlanta? Still pitching?

I know, Dan, but the bullpen needs somebody.

Great game today. I hope JV is back on track. Doesn’t need a no-hitter or one-hitter every time but at least better pitching. Torii, Victor and Jhonny (twice) came through big time. Still not much from AJ, Prince, and AA. Will they ever?

ah ok ok. his best shot at pitching in DET is relief pitching – not sure if that conversion is so easy tho. In other news it looks like Papelbon’s stock is dropping

let the PRE ASB splits abound!! Our record against the divisions: east 15-11, central 20-13 and west 13-13. Vs LHP: 10-13, RHP: 42-29.

We need PROVEN bullpen help. Not projects or experiments or hopes and dreams.

Jurrjens released by Baltimore I think.

Miggy can enjoy a well earned rest now. He needs it. Let him play 3 or 4 innings and take him out. That back/hip can use some down time.
Torii Hunter is playing almost inspired baseball right now.
I think JL needs to play 2E till he proves he is only a role player. Then call up Castellanos who might be getting discouraged in Toledo.
Andy is a good guy to have on your side. But, I don’t think he will ever be an All Star.

I’m going to go positive and say that Bonderman, at 30, can become a big league reliever, which he should have become after his surgery several years ago. Spot the fastball and snap off the slider. Don’t need the change except for a show pitch.
He’s not the relief help we’re seeking but he can contribute. Somebody’s got to stick with the guy.

That is pretty darn positive. The only thing i find impressive about Bondo’s right arm is the tat he is sporting on it these days

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