Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Rangers

Left-handed hitters are batting .308 with an .888 OPS against Justin Grimm this year. Right-handed batters don’t exactly suffer either, not with a .292 average and .819 OPS. The Tigers didn’t take advantage against Grimm May 18 in Texas, where he held to Detroit to two runs on seven hits over 6 2/3 innings. They hit him for six runs on eight hits in an inning plus last June.

I had a few people asking me on twitter what Matt Tuiasosopo has to do to earn some starts against right-handed pitchers again. I know things were headed in that direction before Tuiasosopo went on the DL last month, but I’d be surprised if anything happens this weekend with that. I’m not sure where things will head out of the break next week. If they were going to make any tweaks to the lineup, that would probably be the time.

The Rangers have Jurickson Profar starting in left field for the third time in a week.

Back to square one on Beat the Streak, so I doubled down with Cabrera’s history against Grimm plus Fielder’s potential to leverage Grimm’s lefty struggles.

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TIGERS (numbers off Justin Grimm)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (1-for-2)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-3)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (3-for-5)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-4)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2, walk)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (2-for-4)
  7. Andy Dirks, LF (0-for-3)
  8. Alex Avila, C (0-for-3, K)
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B (1-for-1)

P: Doug Fister

RANGERS (career numbers against Doug Fister)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-22, HR, K)
  2. David Murphy, DH (9-for-20, 4 HR, walk, K)
  3. Nelson Cruz, RF (8-for-22, HR, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (8-for-20, K)
  5. A.J. Pierzynski, C (2-for-19, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Elvis Andrus, SS (6-for-22, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Mitch Moreland, 1B (1-for-12, K)
  8. Jurickson Profar, LF
  9. Leonys Martin, CF (1-for-2, K)

P: Justin Grimm


i’d rather get dirks going anyhow. more skills IMO. not by much tho.

We need a much better start from Mister Fister. No more 4-run innings.

If Tuiasosopo played more, his numbers would drop, but I do like having him in there. He’s a real longball threat this time around the big leagues. Impressive. The very definition of a sniper.

Matt is country strong like Thames was.
Here’s hoping the Tigers are fired up for the series. I am ready to see them win and watch Miggy repeat the magic.

Funny when media members preach to the Tigers about avoiding distractions yet ask the players for quotes regarding yesterday’s rhubarb. I love the psychological aspect of this game.

The Tigers must be the only team in any sport with fans and press corp that sides with the opposing team when they are seen as fair game by three teams in a road.
I still want to know why they expected Verlander to bean Rasmus when was Scherzer the pitcher that day. Had Scherzer hit Rasmus, no brawl yesterday. There is blood in the water.

By the looks of it (no shock) tonights line-up vs Fister, is hitting around .360 off him lifetime. Tex slays us on a consistent basis.

they’d better turn it on soon lol

Double, double, 1-0

Dirks, 235, last 10. Last 30 : 236

JL is determined to “get him going”. (Dirks)
Did Hunter tag up on Miggy’s fly ball? He must have as Moreland was trying to tag him going back to 1st.


(did ya’ll see that slide?)

Torii, Torii, Torii.

Castellanos slumping now in Toledo. Didn’t his wife just have a baby? Avila had one earlier this year. The “Baby Blues”?

didn’t rugburn have a baby 6 months prior to being cut?

Dirks last 7 at bats —– 6 pop-ups and a K.
“Play on!”

AJ was mad! wonder why? 😉

I thought the Tigers might have gone after AJ Pierzinski.

thrown at him?

As a catcher for the Tigers.

Some people don’t like him, but I do.

absolutely not kathy are you bananas? Heck no never ever that’s a crock that guy can suck an egg heck no no way. sheesh. gross.

Agree.He is great when he is in your side. The last year surge was the only point against him.

Nothing gross about him to me. I like him.

Agree about:As a catcher for the Tigers

Fister ,one inning more.

doug fister figuring things out late! He has really battled tonight! Good job Dougie! Sorry your fastballs were moving as well tonight dude.

At the game guys what were the umpires just huddled up about?

Whether the ball hit Martin or not.

Rondon’s best outing in the majors.

Lobstein doing a good job

I’ve been watching his stats lately too ELTIGRE. Looks like he graduated to AAA and is doing well so far. We need some starting pitching depth for sure.

I’ve always thought AJ to be one of the smartes hitters around. I would worry about him defensively but the way Avila is not throwing anybody out—-
AJ gets the job done.

I would not use Benloit tonight. Why not save him for Saturday & Sunday?

Agree. But he just got the dramatic save. Drew could have finished it off.

They play to the competence

No biting of fingernails. Tigers win!!!

competition, sorry. Almost the same in spanish

Drew was having to throw too many pitches thanks to Fielder. …too many more and he’s lost for the weekend.

Pretty decent pitching today. Benoit should be able to go Saturday and Sunday after all.
Good to see Rondon take care of business. His slider was very effective.
Forget about getting Dirks going. Just give a couple of more days off prior to the ASG. Maybe he needs to actually NOT play to get right.
2E and Kelly are there.
We didn’t do very well against the southpaw today. Bats kinda died
Holland won’t be any easier for us.

feel better greg buddy! I know he’d put that awesome outting by rondon in the positives list.

Tyler Collins for Oliver Perez??? (Not a rumour). Just me supposing!

“every GM I’ve talked to say the Mariners want premier prospects for LHP rel. O. Perez, Furbush, B. Moran”

Still think we could use Alvarez in our bullpen.

Just saw that Red Soxs just got Thorton from the white soxs in a trade.

Yes ,for Jacobs:244/.334/.440 in A league

that’s dirt cheap, isn’t it?

As expected, relievers are not worth a starter or a premium prospect.Seattle wants them but they are trying to profit on the despair of a GM,a
Rondon’s minor league career game log. I think you can see that it takes him a minute to figure out each level and once he does he goes on to master that level. He took some lumps, worked on it in AAA and is now looking better. We might have a MLB-level dominant pitcher in Rondon by the end of this regular season.
Doesn’t mean we don’t a NEED to pick up both a RHP and LHP for the pen at the trade-deadline. If we want to win the WS that is..

“As for the Tigers, Jim Leyland, ever a master of constructing bullpens, has eased Joacquin Benoit into the closer roles. Dave Dombrowski undoubtedly will find one or two additional pieces”
DD not concerned about closer::

jim leyland is a master at constructing bullpens? didn’t know that. he just doesn’t know how to use them or something? lolz

That’s an example of how he’s viewed by people who don’t watch him on a daily basis.

jose hasn’t walk a guy in 4 innings in Toledo and has a 0.33ERA, but he is getting hit at .313 clip. not sure what that means. hah.

I don’t defend JL or DD very often but who, including all of you and myself, could have predicted so many problems in the bullpen all at once? VV, Coke, Dotel, Villareal, AlAl, Downs. I’m not denying that something more could have been done or that JL doesn’t handle the problem well. It will be interesting to see what DD can do to help. Brandon Lyon and Carlos Marmol are interesting cases but there must be others available.

Is toronto going to be a seller at the deadline? How about San Diego or the Mets? These teams seem on the bubble in that arena. If they are sellers – it could drastically change a) the price for relief help, b) the options available. I don’t know about you, but I am rooting against these teams right now.

Austin Jackson CF, Torii Hunter RF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder 1B, Victor Martinez DH, Jhonny Peralta SS, Matt Tuiasosopo LF, Brayan Pena C, Hernan Perez 2B.

Marmot was already picked up by the Dodgers a few weeks ago, he is in their minor leagues.

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