Game 91: When Cabrera made more history

Before the benches and bullpens emptied, before Jim Leyland made the decision to stick with Anibal Sanchez for the sixth inning, just before Prince Fielder took a pitch up and in from Chris Sale, Miguel Cabrera did it again.

With one swing off what wasn’t a bad 3-2 pitch from Sale, Cabrera reached the 30-homer mark, which is historic in Tigers lore and would be pacesetting for the league this year if not for Chris Davis’ amazing pace. Add in Cabrera’s RBI total, now at 94, and the combination is unprecedented.

No one in Major League history had the combination of 30 home runs and 90 RBIs by the All-Star break until Cabrera hit his 30th homer Thursday. However, there’s a catch to that. Jimmie Foxx had 30 homers and 93 RBIs by the 80-game mark in 1932, the year before the first All-Star Game. He ended up with 58 homers and 169 RBIs that year.

Cabrera is the 35th player to reach the 30-homer mark by the All-Star break since 1933. The previous high RBI total for that group was 87, matched by four players (Albert Pujols in 2009, David Ortiz in 2006, Mark McGwire in 1998 and Willie Stargell in 1971). 

Two previous players to top the 90-RBI mark by the break had 29 home runs to go with it. Tony Perez and George Foster each had 29 homers and 90 RBIs at the break with the 1970 and 1977 Reds, respectively.

Cabrera, meanwhile, has three games left and six RBIs to go to try to become the third player ever hit the century mark by the break. His 95th RBI will tie him with Josh Hamilton (2008 Rangers) for fifth on the list.


And he’s doing this at far less than 100%, just as he did last September. I may leave the room, but I always come back when he hits. Best I’ve ever seen.
Other than that, I’ve heard that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” That leaves me a little speechless at this point in the season, with a club that’s played .500 ball for nearly a month.
My biggest fear these last two months as I watched the White Sox season unfold so poorly, is that they would get their act together in the second half while we play them 19 times. And that 2013 would go down as the season that was destroyed by the Sox. Let’s hope that fear proves to have been groundless.

“(Sale) has been sitting 90-93 mph for most the game, and then all of the sudden the guy corks 95 mph at his face,” reliever Phil Coke said following the Tigers’ 6-3 loss. “C’mon.”
No you C’mon Phil. You should just go in the corner of the clubhouse and put your head between knees and keep quiet. you’ve been bloody awful and there are no excuses for it. If you read more about Phil he will make you sound like because of the incident he couldn’t throw his game.
DD had better find someone to shore up this bullpen. I would prefer a closer allowing Benoit to set up and Smyly to handle the 7th.
Coke Putkonen and Reed are no solutions for our problem.
Coke shouldn’t be handed the ball at all.

Papa Poco had a forgettable outing (inning) for Toledo today.

Back to back bad outings by JV2. The “save” was as ugly as this. Time to shatter his hope and dreams of going back in a month

it’s a good thing because it will shatter management’s hopes and dreams, is more like it…..can you imagine DD saying “well we didn’t get anyone because we felt like we’re going to have dotel and JV2 back soon and Coke and AlBQ are turning it around as we speak….we’ve got faith in this ‘pen”…omg i’d die.
we need 2 arms in this pen STAT. not “hopes and dreams” either DD!

Austin Jackson had a brutally bad game today. This is a guy who is one of the very few on the team that can light a fire under his team-mates. He’s not playing like it.
Peralta has also been playing poorly lately along with Dirks who popped up yet again today. It would be great if we could have more team-wide consistency wouldn’t it?

AJ played today like he was sleepwalking, both at bat and in the field. I took a little criticism about my statements concerning his aversion to getting dirty but I stand by them. Let him make me eat my words with a better performance.

He needs to shave.

AJ is a great player with a lot of skills. But he doesn’t have the drive of a Miggy or a Verlander.. he doesn’t push himself or strive to make himself better in all facets of the game.. Does not play with a reckless abandon.
This may sound like I am not liking the guy. In fact I think we are very fortunate to have him but I don’t like the fact that we have to accept him the way he is. He is going to be that guy who could have been “a great one” but settled for being good.

Basically, you’re saying he’s lazy?

My favorite stat is a tell tale one.
Tigers over the past month: 14-14
Tigers since MAY 8th: 31-30
Not too high, not too low.

Says it all!

what is our opponents average winning percentage over those spans? amount of home and away? IDK how to look it up or i’d post them.

Oh kathy – respectfully disagree on the shaving of AJ – love that look on him! Tough game yesterday, I missed it but caught the fight on the radio when going to a meeting. Boy was Jim Price riled up but good. Still looking for the video of Coke in the post game interview. I think I also disagree respectfully with Dan – Coke seems to be taking his lumps that he knows he is not pitching well, a bit refreshing than hearing about “one bad pitch” that cost him everything like some of the other guys will tell you. I can’t defend Coke for his pitching, but I do think he knows he needs to get right somehow. Ugly ugly game yesterday. I see the rivalry though has been resurrected. We play them a lot the next few months, could get very, very interesting.

I’m a firm believer in ideosyncracies (sp) He was hot when he first started the growth, but now he’s not so hot. Time for a change.

Evan, and click on the team page and the “schedule and results” tab has the kind of info I like, although I don’t think it will get that specific without a lot of work being put in by the user. I like being able to click on any game and get the details of what happened that day. You also see interesting things like the Tigers 6-1 record against Houston canceled out by the 0-6 against LAA. If there is a way to find what you want, I’m not aware of it. Maybe someone is. I’m not exactly the stat guy. 🙂

i gave a few minutes and didn’t see how to do what i wanted to do. however, i did find a cool way to look at team stats on a gamelog basis. thanks.

we are all very fortunate to watch greatness daily

I don’t know about most fans but speaking for myself I’m a tad unhappy when we lose. I get downright upset when we play poorly and I get angry when we lose because of managing.
I don’t think JL managed a very good game yesterday. I won’t go so far as to blame him for the loss as it is very clear he is hog-tied with the personnel he has been saddled with in the bullpen.
As to replacing Sanchez? Well when he walked Gillaspie after being ahead 1-2 I knew he was done. Said as much (on the wrong thread). That is when Putkonen should have been brought in. Certainly after the Beckham single. Phegley had just missed 3 HRs in his two games.. We did not need to face him with a tired arm at that point..
What do they do with this pen? Firstly, It would be helpful if they can get Verlander and Fister right again.
Secondly, they do need to bolster the back end and the front end. Reed came in and got us out of trouble but he is not a fireman, nor are Putkonen and Coke. You can’t have THREE guys out there that are best pitched when the game is clearly already decided. Q is a conundrum, a guy you never know what you will get. Excitement, excellence or exasperation.
Yes, Leyland has some frustration ahead of him with that pen.
There are some good things about it that can taken advantage of. The back end is the strong point and to fix the pen they need to reinforce it from the back end. I think a a closer mentality with a good track record and a currently good season can help immensely. Not Valverde or Rondon. We need certainty out there. We can only drool over guys like Nathan and what they would mean. I’m thinking Perkins or KRod can help fix things. Benoit returns to his comfortable setup role. Smyly is there to remind teams that they have a very difficult task ahead of them for the next 3 innings.
Q can come in at a more relaxed time for him and please use him when you have your starter in trouble and a base open. Perfect time for him.
Rondon being around is not a bad idea either. He is close. I like the fact he is exposed to Jeff Jones who will help him tweak that one pitch he needs to offset the hard stuff. Something more around mid 80’s not low 90’s.
That leaves the front end. How long can you stick it out with Coke? Another couple of years? We need a lefty that can give you 2 innings. 2 good innings, I might add. In my mind that is Alvarez, who will never be a starter in Detroit anyway with Smyly in line for the next spot in the rotation.
Ortega is ready to throw up here. I don’t think you can ever trust Villarael. He will never have command with the way he needs to wind himself up to release the ball.

Sorry about the italics

dan. I stopped at “As to replacing Sanchez? Well when he walked Gillaspie after being ahead 1-2”
Does that mean you’d have someone warmed up in the pen by the time the 6th starts (like start warming him up middle of the 5th)?

Coke & Putkonen were up at the start of the inning.

When the 6th inning started, yes, I have Putkonen warming up. Anibal needed to be on a pitch count outing and not a “feel good” outing.
Part of JL’s problem, as I seeit, is his failure to have someone “ready” or warming up. I think he may be trying to show confidence in the guy on the mound. For two years now it has been appropriate to have someone warm when Valverde was pitching. Now I know you like JL and his managing. There are a lot of things I like about him too. Not so much his game management and definitely not his bullpen management. There is no time for ego salvation (the manager’s or the reliever’s) in the later innings of a ballgame that needs to be won.

yea i agree with you. i’ve always wondered why he didn’t have people warming up more when everyone at home has no confidence in the pitcher.

I kind of thought Jim was ready to go to Coke or Putkonen but didn’t because….it was Coke and Putkonen.
By the way, Jim didn’t hold his postgame presser yesterday. Henning seemed to think that was unprecedented, but I seem to recall this happening when there was an emergent meeting with Dombrowski after a game. All things told, it was a very strange day.

maybe he didn’t get his food and thus how can you talk to media without food in your mouth?

If I’m not mistaken, this is a pretty late AS break this year, so keep that in mind too

Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Avila 2, Santiago 4. Fister is starting.

Ken Griffey Jr. and Edwin Jackson are the best parallel for Jackson. The former was called lazy by many ,other disliked his kid like joie du play. He was that good that his game was always effortless. Jackson gave the Tigers a QS after another, he also influenced JV approach to pitching ,but he was ignored by the fans. Why? he was the quiet player. Too quiet in a time where that is the norm.

Drew Smyly ranks third in our current bullpen in innings pitched at the MLB level!!! And most of us do not want #2, Phil Coke on the team!!! Less than twenty days to the trade deadline. Will we see Valverde before 7/31?? Dotel in September?? The only guys to go after that I see are Jose Veras and Francisco Rodriguez.

I’m taking the opposite view of many, but that’s okay. I think Benoit can close and it would be easier to get other back end relievers. There’s no mysticism to closing games. You get three outs before the other side ties it. Benoit does that, and he has legitimate put away pitches.

How about that 0.84 WHIP in 14 postseason games? That guy has been there and done that.

Yippie Dirks.:(. I want….2E 2E 2E!!!!!!

My just past mid season grade
Verlander C
Scherzer A
Sanchez A-
Fister B
Porcello C
Benoit A
Smyly A-
Coke D
Plutonium B
Reed C
Downs C-
Alvarez B-
Cabrera A
Fielder B
Infante B
Peralta B+
Vmart C + but moving up
Hunter B
Kelly B
2E A
Dirks C-
Santiago C
Garcia C
Avila D+
Pena B

Those grades are accurate IMO. I might raise Porcello to a C+ on the grading curve and his curve, but that’s about it.

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