Wednesday’s lineup: Tigers vs. White Sox

Ramon Santiago returns to the lineup after Hernan Perez made his first Major League start last night.

Austin Jackson’s numbers off Dylan Axelrod are very tempting to go with in Beat the Streak, as is Miguel Cabrera’s history off of him. It might be worth doubling down, but I stuck with Miguel Cabrera after picking Matt Tuiasosopo and Torii Hunter Tuesday night. Other beat writers’ picks (Bill Ladson went with Cabrera as well) can be found here.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

TIGERS (career numbers off Dylan Axelrod)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (4-for-5, HR)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (3-for-7, K)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-2, HR, walk)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2, walk, K)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (2-for-4, K)
  7. Andy Dirks, LF (2-for-7, K)
  8. Alex Avila, C (1-for-3, K)
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B (1-for-2, walk)

P: Rick Porcello


Axelrod has looked very very bad this year. If we don’t crush this kid something might be wrong with this offense.

Sure would like to see what Perez can do. I know Ramon has earned it tho.

I agree. Im anxious to see what he can do in the bigs. Especially on defense. Im hoping we get to see him show off that defense before he goes back down.

Tonight i specifically want to see hitting from three guys: Prince, Alex and Andy. Please fellas you have to turn it around – no excuses against bad RHPing.

Evan that has been the key issue all year. The pure LHB on this team have not hit well or mashed the ball. Prince should sit down and talk to Donny K about how to pull the ball. Donny knows where to hit his fly balls.

well Prince was hitting well at the beginning of the season. Andy hit OK in May. But yes overall you are correct.

Let’s hope they can erase the bad taste from Tuesday’s game. The Bad Guys had season highs in runs and hits. Miserable relief pitching from Q and Reed. JV’s dependability is now from 90% to 50% and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

Still some problems that need to be addressed. How long can the charade of Alex Avila behind the plate be allowed to go on? The excuses are getting old. The justification of defense and game-calling doesn’t wash either. It is wonderful to have a sweet swing, a power LHB and all but what does it matter if you are the WORST hitting catcher in both leagues. And given the over 200 plate appearances that is a statistical fact. Toss in the inability to throw anybody out at 2nd anymore and you have to start some longer term thinking about this.
We will sort things out in the outfield next year. But catching remains a problem that can’t be swept under the rug. What is the contingency plan?

since he’s been back: .200/.310/.360/.670 with 1 GDP

Patrick Leyland. 🙂 Another son of management.
Kidding, of course. There is no contingency plan until McCann is ready. Pena should be playing more. Alex came back from injury and hit the ball hard the other way for a few games and now he is right back to where he was.
— Bob

You know, players can turn it around. Avila has certainly been terrible with the bat so far this year, but to suggest either he was never good, or can never be good again would be harsh. Avila is young, and under team control for a few more years. I’m sure they’ll take a hard look at it once the year is over if Avila’s numbers are still this bad, but he still has half a season to turn it around. Fact of the matter is Avila does a lot with this pitching staff, which is what most managers consider a catcher’s primary concern. And I don’t think anyone is making excuses for Avila- many of us simply choose to judge a player on his body of work, and not make brash decisions on a half-season.

And on a side note, Avila can throw ropes to 2B all day every day, but if the pitchers don’t give him time, he’s not doing to throw anyone out. Peralta certainly hasn’t been doing him any favors at second. Add in the fact that Rondon, Villareal, Valverde cannot hold runners to save their lives, the number of double steals, the bench giving the order not to throw, runners moving on pitches in the dirt, etc… the numbers can skew very fast in such a small sample. In his entire professional career Avila has had absolutely no problem with the running game. This year he’s throwing out 20% instead of 30% in half a season. Personally, I put as much stock into CS% as I do in pitcher wins. I’m certainly not losing any sleep over it.

On a previous thread it was suggested I was or some too hard on poor Prince…this is just a small example why…July stats
Fielder ……37ab/ 6 hits/ 0 2B/ 2 hr/ 4rbi/ batting .162
Kelly…. 9 ab/ 5 hits/ 0 2b/ 1 hr/ 1 RBI/ batting .556
2E ….5ab/ 2 hits / 0 2b/ 2 hr/ 2 RBI/ batting .400
Avila…..25 ab/ 5 hits/ 1 2b/ 1 hr/ 5 RBI/ batting .200
Infante….10 ab/ 6 hits/ 2 2b/ 1 hr/ 3 RBI/ batting .600

Look at some of these other players with not nearly the at bats, with not nearly the people on base ahead of Fielder and look how close or better their production has been. Prince has got to do better…I’m not sure why anybody would think why the way he is performing is okay with him or anyone. He to me other than Verlander he is the most disappointing player on this team over the last several weeks. And yes he makes a lot of money and needs to live up to it.

Ps in that time he’s left 26 runners on base……that’s 2.88 average per game.

I’d like to see him hit more homers sure but if he I’d be happy if he would drive just drive in runners that’s what I want,I don’t care if its a stinking sac fly..just drive hem in and he’s not doing that to an acceptable level.

Good thing about the Home Run Derby—Chris Davis is in it and this may be helpful to Miggy’s Triple Crown repeat.
Bad thing about the Home Run Derby—Prince’s focus will be on it prior to it and he’ll hit even worse after it.

or maybe it will snap him back into form? who knows!! his problem is he isn’t pulling the ball out to RF – and you know that’s what he’ll be doing in the HR derby!

You are right Evan. I am going through a “phase” here with the Prince. I never thought the signing was a great one. Always wondered why so much was paid to him when, being signed late in the spring, every other team apparently had no interest.
I think it was simply a matter of Illitch being ‘respectful” of his stature so to speak.
I have been more than satisified with Miggy at 3rd but I think it would be nice to have Castellanos there, Miggy back at 1st and Avi in LF next season.
I hope to eat crow on this but I just don’t think Prince is going to do as well here being as overshadowed as he is by Miggy.
He is being paid to hit homers. He isn’t hitting them enough.
His at bats lately have been very, very poor. I am stunned to see Miggy being pitched to at all right now.

If he didn’t have a 9 year average of .922OPS i would be on him more. Reminds me of when Maggs couldn’t hit out of a paper bag and had that amazing 2nd half of the season. If both Prince and Vmart have good 2nd half’s then I think we’ll have good offensive numbers regardless of Alex, Andy, Omar and Jhonny’s contributions.

The Eastern League All Star game is tonight. Hernan Perez was selected to it. Shame he can’t go.
He didn’t look particularly good last night. i would expect he will settle in a bit now and probably play tomorrow against Sales. Tough assignment.
Pretty steady hitter. Similar numbers versus RHP and LHP

DNobler at twitter “:Phillies have been scouting the Tigers’ farm, but be careful about connecting the dots to Papelbon”.

Probably looking at Lennerton?

maybe delmon young. :p juuuust kidd’n

What if Jhonny gets suspended? Who’s our SS?

Probably, Perez – Santiago share duties until a trade .

Love those triples!

Should be dinging up Axlerod more than this.

Well Prince hit a home run. GK, so what if Prince makes a lot of money. Are you paying his salary? Why don’t you root for him instead of calling him a pylon? Isn’t that the same as booing him?

Well, Evan Fielder and Avila have responded to your request. Dirks looks pretty harmless right now. JL should consider the alternatives.

Get the bull-pen ready. Ricky has a habit of giving up those “seeing-eye” singles sometimes.

Way to go Ricky! Go Tigers!

Or 4-6-3 DPs!!!

Why do they show bunt and then not bunt the damn thing.

weeeellll lookin’ there prince stroke’n! 3 steaks!

Victor continues to be red hot! 3-4-5 have 9 hits so far tonight!

david purcey🙂 it’s been too long!

In the middle of the center

Oh, cripes. Bruce Rondon needs more work.

The Hr was not that bad, he was throwing strikes with 5 up. The walk is another story

ugh damn wild pitches. he IS throwing a few sliders and changeups so thats good.

i don’t know why they hit him but they did. he was mixing things up some…

The HR pitch was slow and in the middle

It’s only the bottom of the 7th. The Tigers better pad their lead.

Andy has popped up 4 times today. Ugh.

while 2E rides the pine.

2E might have good numbers because he doesn’t face righties. just sayin.

How much worse could he be?

well defensively – a bit. but yea good point.

Good point Kathy. Actually 2E is hitting as good against RHP as LHP. Has 2 homers and 11 RBIs while hitting .333 against righties.
JL also can run Kelly out there against the odd RHP.

Well, Jim has often remarked in the media that Andy might not be an everyday player.. But he sure plays him every day.

not every day, but enough. “Stamina” was the word Jim talked about.

good win

50 wins on July 10, great job Tigers.

Jim likes to play guys to “get them going”. Trouble is sometimes they never do. Inge, Sheffield, Berry, Boesch, Young, Raburn etc.

Well Prince hit a home run. GK, so what if Prince makes a lot of money. Are you paying his salary? Why don’t you root for him instead of calling him a pylon? Isn’t that the same as booing him?
well DB. The homer was nice (sorry I didn’t see it, got to the ball park to hear the roar but not see it late arrival) but I’m happier he had some nice at bats which he hasn’t had in a while. Yes he does make a lot of cash, and if you don’t think being one of the highest paid players in baseball requires you to not strand 26 players over 9 games. Bat 167 over that time. ..your crazy. I don’t expect him to bat .330, but better. And no I dont think moaning about him on here is the same as booing him at the park..not close

And yes since I do pay for season tickets and have for many years, spend money on stuff, food, parking, cable and what ever else, so yes I do help pay for his salary as you do when you go to the games and spend money on the tigers

How do you like your seats and surrounding season ticket holders? I had season tix in 2003, 2004 but haven’t gotten them since…. it was fun!

I loved the catch Torii made. He’s a master of hitting the ground and rolling with it!

Anibal, the surgeon, tomorrow! Go Tigers!

Hope you got to watch the game, Greg!

greg would have lots of things to choose from tonight to put in his 3 positive take-aways! get well dude!

I was thinking about how boring and predictable Tiger base-runners are and lamenting that even AJ doesn’t ever try to steal. When–whammo AJ takes off and tries to swipe 2nd. I think I can see much more clearly now why we don’t steal much. That was a horrible jump he got. He’s just not into it. It’s too bad because this team could really use that injection of energy and alternative way to score runs. As poor a hitter as Berry was he was exciting when he got on..
To my knowledge we have no “burners” in the minors.
Perez can run but I have no idea how well.

I thought that play was just putting the runner in motion again and not a steal attempt?
I remember the old poker question, “when do you play to an inside straight?” Answer: never.
“When should Jim put runners in motion?” Answer: the same.
It rarely works for this team. The hitter swings and misses a garbage pitch and the runner is a dead duck. Or, the hitter swings at a garbage pitch and hits a weak grounder than Rod compliments Jim on staying out of the doubleplay that would have happened. But only because the hitter swung at garbage.
Any thoughts on this from people who know the game?

Yes, I think you got it spot on. Still, AJ has to get a better jump regardless. And he does not seem to be very adept at reading pitchers’ moves or habits. I still pine for rangy speedy shortstop who can hit .300 and steal 40 bases and hit leeadoff.
Nothing wrong with hitting AJ 5th when Victor leaves. Or 2nd for that matter.

Weaver had no sign for hit and run. For him , it was as bad as bunting.

Why do they show bunt…?
They never intend to do it.Mostly , it is like the continuous “adjusting ” of the batting gloves or the helmet.A few are trying to look smart and will answer that they want the opposition to think they are bunting.

At BYB there was a post about Jackon and stealing bases, The main idea: why risk an out with Hunter, Cabrera, Fielder coming up? They can take him home most of the time from 1B.
The low number of xbases is more worrisome. He is projected well below in 3b and second lowest 2B for his career. Still , he will top his best number in runs scored.

Well he did just miss over a month of baseball. He was doing well before the injury and hes doing well after the injury. By the end of the season his numbers will be right where they should be. Just give him some time to catch up.

Mud hens got spanked last night by none other than Armando Gallaraga.

How about jacob turner. Hes doing really well for the marlins. Hes sllowed 2 runs or less in 6 of his 8 starts and hes even got a complete game shutout.

Fair trade: give value and receive value.

Oh i agree. Im happy with that trade. You gotta give to get. I just didnt think he would be this good so soon. Plus i like following old tigers prospects and players to see how they are doing

If he was to fail like Maybin and Miller, it might get harder to trade with the Marlins.

I still think we got the better of the deal. Sanchez aka the surgeon is just hitting his prime and having a breakout season. Infante is just straight up solid. He can hit for average, hes got a little pop, he can run, and hes been playing great defensively.

AJAx missed time with hamstring issues, that should explain why he should be asked to steal less and less. As was pointed out, our 2-5 hitters have great chances of bringing him home, even from 1st. AJax needs to get on base and play his stellar D and things will be fine. Leave the SB title for someone that won’t make the playoffs.

Leyland doesn’t know it of course, but Anibal is done here in the 6th.

Now Beckham has singled too. Phegley has been just missing hitting the ball out of the park, yesterday and today. This is big trouble.

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