Benoit jumps to third in AL Final Vote

Don’t write off Joaquin Benoit from the AL All-Star Final Vote just yet. After passing Boston’s Koji Uehara and moving into third in the standings, he’s now on the outskirts of the back-and-forth duel between Toronto’s Steve Delabar and New York’s David Robertson, close enough that he looks like he has a real shot at this.

Benoit clearly seems to be benefiting from the Tigers-Giants partnership for a Benoit-Hunter Pence ticket. A look at the county-by-county breakdown shows that Benoit now is getting most of the vote in central and northern California, in counties that weren’t trending his way Tuesday morning. Pence doesn’t seem to be getting the same bump in Tigers, territory, though; most of Michigan seems to be trending towards Yasiel Puig.

(By the way, as workday time-wasters go, the county-by-county breakdown is excellent. You can lose a chunk of the afternoon looking up random counties where Benoit leads. I had no idea there was an Idaho County in Idaho.)

You have until Thursday at 4pm ET to vote at In addition, you can vote on Twitter from 10am to 4pm on Thursday just by using the hashtag #BackBenoit.

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